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Also go to Invisible Heroes to read stories about the Civil War ghosts.

  1. The Red Glow on the Lake at Clinton Rd.
  2. The Ghost of Margret Williams
  3. Pen Ryn
  4. Another Trip to Sea View
  5. The Haunted Bar
  6. The Ghost Brother
  7. Cry Baby Bridge
  8. Loyal Beyond All Means [or Why Dogs are Better Than Cats!]
  9. The Electrician and the Weird Happenings
  10. I Dream of Great Grandma
  11. Hawiian Ghost
  12. Spooky Hospital
  13. Horror Hotel
  14. The Lady in Her Room
  15. The Weird Lady and a Need for Some Help!
  16. Haunted Ouiji
  17. The Haunted Park
  18. We Have Ghost Pictures!
  19. Pitcairn
  20. A Case of One Bad Poltergeist
  21. Staten Island has More Freaky Streets
  22. Hey, Where's my Stuff?!
  23. Case of the Man at the Window
  24. What Do You Think?
  25. The LumberJack
  26. The Richardson House
  27. The Baldwin Street Ghosts
  28. Amanda's Ghost
  29. The White Lady's Castle
  30. Thumpy
  31. Haunted Suburbs?
  32. Her Four Haunts
  33. The March of the Invisible Soldiers
  34. The Tale of the Invisible Dog
  35. A Non-Believer Joins Us
  36. Maybe It's Haunted!
  37. Ghosts of the White House
  38. The County Home
  39. Theatre Ghost
  40. The Ghost of University of Northern Iowa
  41. A Ouiji Story
  42. Ghosts at North Carolina State University
  43. An Evening With my Dead Grandpa - writen by the editor
  44. Stone Quarry Road, Waterloo Iowa
  45. Indian Cabin Road
  46. Univerity Bell Tower, Kansas
  47. Group of Stories by Rebekah

Also go to Invisible Heroes to read stories about the Civil War ghosts.

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