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  1. The Mushroom House of Bayonne, NJ
  2. The Abandoned Asylum of Philadelphia
  3. More info on Byberry
  4. Staten Island's Abandoned Block
  5. Pennsylvania's Odd White Vans
  6. The Abandoned Wing...Ohio
  7. Satan Has Entered the Church!
  8. The Warlock House
  9. Dead End in Audubon
  10. Exploring the Abandoned in Garrett Mountain
  11. Bayonne's Swastika House
  12. Abandoned in Union, NJ
  13. Another Hospital?
  14. Bloody Hand Remains Mystery in Farmingdale
  15. School's Out!
  16. Rocky Point, Utah
  17. A Child's Dream Come True!
  18. Interesting Snow Sculpture
  19. Legend of the John Doe Morgue
  20. Abandoned (and soon to be abandoned) places in Selma, Alabama
  21. TB Hospital, Indiana

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