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- Just because a site is listed here, that does not mean that you have an invitation to tresspass or vandalize. If you visit one of these places, you do so at your own risk. But don't ruin it for everyone.

- I am not responsible for any personal injury or lost/damage property if you visit any of these places.

- I am not responsible for harrassment if you choose to place your e-mail address on the site.

- When you submit, your stories become my property. Upon sending me a story, you grant me the permission to reprint it here, although you do have the right to reprint them elsewhere.

- All stories posted here are, to my knowledge, either true or very strong legend. This does not nessecarily mean that everyone believes them, or that they do in fact happen.

- If you go ghost hunting from info on this site, it is not my fault if you do not see anything.

- This site is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Weird NJ. It was my own creation.

How to Submit

- Send an e-mail here with the subject Weird USA.

- Tell your story with as much description as possible.

- Any pictures sent must come in attachment form, and must be in either GIF of JPG format. My server does not take anything else. Please make sure the pictures aren't server only has so much space, as does my e-mail. Pictures must be sent to this e-mail. My other e-mail service does not have enough space for files. Feel free to send your story here as well if you are including the story.

- Please be patient with my adding stories.

- If you found a story in a Haunted --- book, please send me all copyright info and copy the story exactly. These are, however, frowned upon if you did not write it yourself.

- Feel free to send stories about places outside the USA. Also, stories from NJ are welcome, but please consider also submitting them to Weird NJ.

- Please, in your e-mail, state which catagory you are submitting to [ex. Ghosts and Hauntings, Weird Sites, RoadKill Hall of Fame].

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