Animal rights activists, stay back! Welcome to the Road Kill Hall of Fame! We've all been on normal road trips, and even weird road trips. Somewhere along the line, we have seen some pretty weird things. This is the place to submit the pictures of weird things you have seen on the road. Stories are more than welcome here as well, with or without the picture.

Submissions can include weird road kill, but weird meaning if you see a dead llama on the side of the road in NYC and have a picture [I wouldn't be surprised]. Mainly, these are weird billboards, houses, trucks, cars...anything you pass on the road that strikes you as weird! [Stories submitted and added before this Hall of Fame was built shall remain where they were originally placed.]

NBS Trucking Company

I was a witness to several trucks on my way from NJ to Michigan that carried proud the logo of the NBS Trucking Company. This was the weirdest bunch of trucks I have ever seen! The logo for these trucks was a red circle with a line through it, and inside the circle was a bull doing it's business. The slogan for this company was "We care for your load!" As you can probably figure, NBS stands for "No BullShit!"

Don't believe me? Visit NBS Ltd.

And the truck itself:

Nessie's Not Alone!

We have all heard the tale of the Loch Ness Monster [aka Nessie] and have heard at least one person's tale of having spotted it. And, if you watch enough TV, you may have seen the video clips that caught it on tape. However, every place on the globe has it's own monster of sorts, enough to spark legend and start getting people on their feet to look for the damn things! Well, here are a few of those monsters to keep your eyes open for the next time you are driving for a few hours on the highway.

  1. Kongamato - The flying demons of Africa. They are described as large, flying creatures without feathers, and some consider them to be the last of the winged dinosaurs alive.
  2. Chupacabras - The Latin American Goat Suckers. There are numerous sightings of these creatures and "attacks on livestock" that have left farmers terrified. I myself have gotten several stories of these creatures being sited and what they look like. The descriptions seem pretty similar...who knows!
  3. The Jersey Devil - This creature is spotted very often in New Jersey, however, I have heard several descriptions of the thing that are not totally consistant. However, he is very strong legend, especially in the wooded areas of New Jersey, and many people have reported seeing him.
  4. The Mongolian Death Worm - This is a bright red creature that supposedly sprays lethal venom that has no cure. Gobi Dessert tribes are the most frequent to report spotting them.
  5. The Bunyip - Australian aboriginal legends speak of a rhinoceros-sized creature with a shaggy mane and fierce, scaly claws. Recent witnesses compare the fearsome beast to an animal thought to be extinct for 10,000 years.
  6. The Kraken - This is a tentacled sea monster that was greatly feared the world over, even though it was only a myth. Only a myth until one washed ashore.
  7. The Mothman - This creature was spotted several times in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It is a silent creature with glowing red eyes and a 10-foot wing span.
  8. The Lake Monster - These creatures are being searched for in deep, dark fresh water deposits all over the world. They are supposedly real life dragons.

Progressive Universal Life Church in Sacramento, CA.

I wasn't sure where else to post this particular story that was submitted to me, but it was fitting for the site indeed!



Sacramento, CA--Clergyman Pastor Jack J. Stahl, D.D., of the Progressive Universal Life Church, will make anyone a legally ordained minister, regardless of faith. He will also award a Ph.D. to anyone, regardless of education.

"I believe in religious freedom. I believe everyone has the God-given right to be a minister and have a degree," says Pastor Jack.

Stahl's ministry awards Ph.D's in such fields as exorcisms, UFOlogy, pet psychotherapy, parapsychology, astral projection, feng shui and hypnosis, just to name a few. Stahl will also issue a certificate that states you are a "saint".

Pastor Jack J. Stahl has personally ordained more than 50,000 people worldwide, including celebrities Tammy Faye Messner (Formerly Tammy Faye Bakker), and porn legend Annie Sprinkle. Stahl says,

"A person's reason for wishing to become an ordained minister, or wanting a degree, is between them and God. It is nobody else's business."

Pastor Jack J. Stahl, 37, has been called to teach and minister abundant life by the supernatural power of God. He is a respected spiritual advisor and gifted psychic. He is also the Executive

Director of Education and Ordination at the Progressive Universal Life Church in Sacramento, California. Stahl founded the P.U.L.C. in 1990.

If you would like to become a legally ordained minister or get your degree, contact:

Progressive Universal Life Church, Dept. of Education and Ordination

P.O. Box 276265

Sacramento, CA 95827

Or visit the site!

Here is some information about me & my controversial ministry: Oregon Live: The Edge -- It's an Odd Odd Odd World -- PASTOR JACK J. STAHL, D.D. Progressive Universal Life Church

Submitted by: Pastor Jack J. Stahl, DD

Cement Trees in Bayonne


Bayonne Park may have it's fill of ghosts, but it also has it's fill of things that make you scratch your head and wonder. In some areas of the park, trees with holes in the seem to have been "repaired" with cement. The tree in the picture is located by the childrens' area of the park. No one is sure what the cement in the trees is really there for, or who put it there. But either way, it's really funny showing it to your friends and watching the looks on their faces!

In Search of the Jersey Devil

by Vince Chesner

After studying various monsters over the years, particulary the Jersey Devil, I feel I've discovered what these strange beings just might be. I've read numerous books on the subject and beleive that not one but a legion of Jersey Devil type creatures are in exsistence and have been moving around all over the world in different forms threw-out the ages. They, in most cases are part man and part animal, I guess then they could be called manimals.

To beleive my theory here you must have a beleif in God and other forces beyond, a beleif in some sort of spiritual world. I beleive that man is trying to say something universal when he tells tales of seeing ghosts or U.F.O.'s or monsters. It's not a question of beleiving one person but when hundreds of cases are being reported there just might be something there that needs some serious explanation. Ghosts and U.F.O.'s could explained simply, could we possibly be seeing glimpses of the other side of life? The powers of the Ouija board have been proven to be non-spiritual because it only gives a random series of nonsense letters when both people close their eyes! Could it be that the answers to some of our unexplained mysteries may just be simple to solve?

Some say the Jersey Devil was some sort of wild man-beast on the loose but seems to have lived on longer then a humans life span. Others claim they saw some sort of altered, deformed wild animal on the prowl known to terrorize South Jersey with it's pitiful cries and fowl odor. He was known to have attacked peoples pets and eat their livestock but never was known to attack any human being. Explanations of what he was range from him being some insane wildman or some new found animal species to some fantastic mentions of him being a stranded visitor from another planet. Born supposedly in 1735 outside Atlantic City in Leeds Point to Mother Leeds his true origins are unclear and vague. His origin sounds as fascinating as anything found in supermarket tabloids and is met by the majority of people as a bunch of bullshit. Whatever he was though made many, many appearences threw-out N.J. in different forms threw the years, usually right before a major war. His most popular appearences was during a week in January 1909 and was seen around N.J., Pennsylvania and Delaware. During this time many law bidding citizens had seen him running rampant and even had some local patrolmen actually shooting at him. Were these people all part of some mass hysteria? Were they all just part of some elaborate hoax or were they part of a true Twilight Zone adventure? I don't know..... but something did happen back then.

So what exactly is the Jersey Devil? I remember reading a book called Summoning Spirits: the Art of Magical Evocation, Llewellyn's Practical Magick ser. by Konstantinos. It told of a way to contact unearthly entities to help you in different ways in life. It's some pretty weird magick that reads like a manual to some Dungeons and Dragons type game that uses real daggers and strange symbols to call upon these beings. It tells of the creature and it's name, which is given in some weird satanic like symbol and what it's powers are and what it will look like. Some are supposedly very scary looking and discriptions sound like discriptions of the Jersey Devil or Goatman or the Chupacabre.

Remember: this is from a true book of magick, again to beleive in the powers of God you must also except the power of darkness. This is stuff you don't fuck around with unless your serious because it can mess up your mind up for good. This book strongly advised not to call on demons because they lie and will give you what they promise. It also tells how to send these entities back to where they came, this is important because they are not of our time and space and will be stuck on our plane of exsistance if the ritual is not properly finished. Over time it would obviously become frustrated and angry searching for a way to get back home.

People have been practicing magick for ages. Of course there are those who properly practice the art of magick and others who dabble in it and may release a creature like this in fear, not finishing the ritual out of fear and horror of what they witnessed. I recently called upon an entity to see one for myself and ask if my theory here is correct. It had a ram like head and a human bearded face, the breasts of a woman, no arms but hands sticking out at the shoulder and two kangaroo type legs and tail. What it told me is basically personal but did say to share my theory with others and let them decide the truth. I don't know why but I didn't send it back to it's realm, I simply blew the candle out and left. I now carry the dagger with me where ever I go in fear of meeting it again.

Submitted by: Vince Chesner (The Super Unknown)

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