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The Difference Between Hauntings, Re-enactments, and Time Rips

This is a tough one to explain, but this info is of good use if you should ever run into the paranormal.

Hautings - These are the least common of all paranormal activity. A haunting is just that. It's the typical horror movie, camp fire tale type thing, and the most widely known. A haunting is a "ghost" that remains behind after the body as died. Usually, this is caused by unnatural death [murder, suicide, etc.] or the "ghost" needed to finish unfinished business. However, some "ghosts" don't realize they are dead, and they continue to rome around with no problem. These are the ones usually found in homes.

Re-Enactments - This is when a scene from the past is re-enacted by those who have died. People report seeing a murdered person where the murder takes place in that house, in that room, on that date, every year. That is a re-enactment. Back to Gettysburgh, this happens a lot there, and is the most commonly reported activity. It is probably the most common type of "haunting." The people doing the re-enactment do not know what is going to happen to them, and probably do not see you there. They see things as they saw them when the original act took place.

Time Rips - This is also a common site. This occurs when there is a "rip" of sorts in the "time." You can tell this by things such as a woman walks in out of thin air, looks around, and walks out off thin air. She can't see you. Again, she sees the sites around her at the time. The explanation for this one is a bit unclear.

Poltergeists - This is the typical tossing of glasses, moving of furniture, and turning on of lights. Usually, no aparition is spotted, things just happen alone. Again, I am not too sure what the cause is; it may be a haunting, or something else.

The Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit

A ghost is an aparition of one who has passed on, one who once lived. These are the most commonly seen. A spirit is one who was never born, yet walks the earth. To believers, these iclude such things as guardians, tree spirits, angels, etc.

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