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  • 1/25/04

    I have been toying with some ideas to bring this site back to life. We're not getting a whole lot of submissions anymore, mostly just things on Byberry and Crybaby Bridge. So I am going to toss some things your way. Keep in mind, these are not set in stone, just some ideas. More ideas are welcome, so send them in.

    First of all, I am thinking of buying a domain name. I think it would help out a lot.

    I'm thinking of moving the site elsewhere, so I can revamp the whole thing from scratch. This would make it easier for me to organize things better and it would make it easier for you to navigate.

    Adding up sections dedicated to states, and also dedicated to catagories, so you know what I am looking for and we're not strapped down for months with updates on one thing at a time.

    Adding a section of my own original photos and things I have written up, which would be added to as time went by. Anything else coming in as far as photos and stories would be added seperate in the majority of the site. I have already begun a photo project, some of which will be added here.

    I have lots of ideas I am toying with right now. Not sure when they will take affect, but I am hoping soon. I am currently working on a website project for the company I work for, so it's taking a lot of my time. But once that has been straightened out and tightened up (which is in the near future, that project is almost complete, at least the bulk of it, which will free up time), some of these ideas, as well as any you have that are good, will be implimented. So please hang in there with the site. I know not much is going on right now, but soon there will be a lot more. And that includes a lot more stories and photos, from many different places. A lot of the USA is not represented here...so represent!

    Feel free to continue sending in any photos or stories you have. They will be added here, and if the site moves (a big if) it will be moved over.

    Thanks for hanging in there. Things are in the works to keep this place alive, I promise.

    get this gear!

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