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Hello, and welcome! I'm glad to see you are interested in finding out who I am. Well, I don't have much to offer. But here's some stuff for you.

Just for fun read my Rap Sheet. It's good for a laugh.

Name: Erin

Nicknames: Spooky

Home State: New Jersey

School: New Jersey City University

Age and Birthdate: 21...December 7, 1979

Occupation: Web Design, college student, radio DJ

Favorite Bands: The Misfits, Type O Negative, Dead Kennedys, Dropkick Murphys, Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Platters, The Undead, The Vandals, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Favorite Movies: Night of the Living Dead, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, I Spit on Your Grave, Scary Movie, Spaceballs, House of Wax, Frankenstein, Christine

Hobbies: Web design, collecting CDs [700 and counting], being with my friends, a little ghost hunting here and there, horror movies

I got the idea for Weird USA about a year ago while flipping through a copy of Weird NJ. I realized that none of the things I knew about could go in there, since I spend so little time in NJ. So I thought about doing a magazine of my own for the entire country, and maybe eventually beyond.

On June 19, 2000, I decided to go for it. I run a Halloween/Horror site and was originally going to do it as a piece of that. But as I got going, I realized it was getting out of hand and it was taking up too much space on my server. So I opened a new site and started re-creating. You guessed it...this site was built one day!

As I stated, I am very heavily into web design. Weird USA is my 12th child now [out of 17], although not the best looking.

More pictures below.