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Snake Eyes

Character Profile:
Series: The Department of World Justice


A soldier from the US Military, he was sent to the DWJ to help establish the Superhero Team. His powers of Involurnability makes him impervious to small arms fire and hand to hand combat.

His knowledge of war has helped save his companions and bring a successful outcome to his assignments and missions.

His costume is either camouflage or snakeskin, depending on the assignment.



Vitals and Essential Information:

Marc Guenette pits his Snake Eyes character against the forces of Evil on Saturday Nights.

Click here to see his Bio.



Alais: Snake Eyes

Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 200 Lbs.
Eyes Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 26

STR: 120 
INT: 86
REF: 100
WIL: 79
CON: 85
MOV: 170
DEX: 93

Powers: Involurnability (7), Super Skills (Martial Arts - 3).

Advantages: Super Advantage (5) <Athletic Ability>(2), Super Advantage (5)<Toughness>(4), Ambidexterity (2), Eye/Hand Co-ordination (3), Luck (4), Acute Vision (2), Night Vision (2), Friend (U.S. Army)(4).

Disadvantages: Weird Volurnability (Bug Spray)(8), Gambling (2), Greed (Money)(3), Addiction (Caffine)(2), Secret Identity (3), Unmistakable Feature (Special Forces Earring)(1).

Level 0 Basic Firearms
Level 0 Pistol
Level 0 Submachinegun
Level 0 Shotgun
Level 0 Basic Heavy Weapons
Level 3 Machinegun
Level 0 Basic Melee
Level 0 Knife
Level 0 Club / Axe / Blackjack
Level 4 Martial Arts      (Multi Attack, Multi Defend, Stun, Throw)
Level 1 Concealment
Level 3 Demolitions
Level 0 Booby Traps
Level 0 Stealth
Level 0 Driving Automobile
Level 0 First Aid
Level 0 Throwing
Level 0 Climbing
Level 0 Piloting 1 engine
Level 0 Pilot Helecopter
Level 0 Escape Artist
Level 0 Area Knowledge (USA)
Level 1 Rifle
Level 1 Sniper Rifle
Level 0 Lockpicking
Level 0 Japanese 
Level 0 African
Level 0 Swimming
Level 0 Survival (Jungle)
Level 0 Ballistics
Level 0 Tracking
Level 0 Parachuting
Level 1 Driving Motorcycle
Level 0 Driving Boat
Level 0 Silent Kill
Level 0 Instrument Flying
Level 0 Flamethrower
Level 0 Mortar (Rocket Launcher)
Level 0 S.C.U.B.A Diving
Level 0 Radio Operator
Level 0 Basic Tool Use
Level 0 Shadowing
Level 0 Kama Sutrian
Level 0 Driving Truck
Level 0 Driving Off Road
Level 0 Basic Mechanic
Level 0 Interrogation
Level 0 Recoiless Rifle
Level 0 Driving Heavy Machinery
Level 0 Driving Tank
Level 0 Grenade Launcher
Level 0 Driving HoverCraft








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