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Character Profile:
Series: The Department of World Justice


A martial art master from Japan, he found his calling with the DWJ with his two abilities; to turn invisible and to leap very high into the air.

Even though his costume has changed numerous times during the years, he now wears a costume of a samurai. 

Many of Shadow's enemies are not of this world, but of another dimension and he vows to bring their crimes to an end.



Vitals and Essential Information:

Chris Lee is the  Player who brings Shadow to life every week. 
Click here to see his Bio.



Real Name: Ken Sakata
Alais: Shadow.

Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Male
Race: Asian
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 174 Lbs.
Eyes Color: Deep Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Age: 30

STR: 180 
INT: 94
REF: 84
WIL: 81
CON: 91
MOV: 192
DEX: 89

Powers: Invisibility (6), Jumping (2), Super Attribute (1 - STR) (1 - REF).

Advantages: Super Advantage (5) <Athletic Ability>(2), Super Advantage (5)<Toughness>(4), Superhuman Attribute (8), Ambidexterity (2), Eye/Hand Co-ordination (3), Stamina (2),  
Luck (4), Acute Hearing (2), Acute Vision (2).

Disadvantages: Weird Volurnability (Ice Cream)(8), Weird Volurnability (Carrot Juice)(8), Allergy (Beef)(2), Ego Signature (Throwing Stars)(2), Phobia (Carrot Juice, Deep Holes)(2, 2), Moral Qualm (Killing the Defenceless)(2).

Level 0 Basic Tool Use
Level 0 Carpentry
Level 0 Metal Working
Level 0 Computer Programming
Level 5 Knife Trowing
Level 0 Slingshot
Level 0 Basic Firearms
Level 0 Pistol
Level 0 Rifle
Level 0 Sniper Rifle
Level 0 Submachinegun
Level 0 Shotgun
Level 0 Grenade Launcher
Level 0 Basic Heavy Weapons
Level 0 Machinegun
Level 0 Basic Melee
Level 0 Club / Axe / Blackjack
Level 0 Knife
Level 5 Sword              (Multi Attack)
Level 0 Spear / Staff
Level 5 Martial Arts      (Multi Attack, Multi Defend, Stun, Throw)
Level 0 Demolitions
Level 0 Booby Traps
Level 0 Lockpicking
Level 0 Shadowing
Level 0 Stealth
Level 0 Tracking
Level 0 Acrobatics
Level 0 Climbing
Level 0 Driving Automobile
Level 0 Driving Truck
Level 0 Driving Motorcycle
Level 0 Driving Off Road
Level 0 Driving Boat
Level 0 First Aid
Level 0 Horsemanship
Level 1 Musical Instrument (Flute)
Level 0 S.C.U.B.A Diving
Level 0 Swimming
Level 0 Throwing
Level 0 Escape Artist
Level 0 Traps
Level 0 Skating
Level 5 Japanese 
Level 2 English
Level 2 Gargoyle
Level 0 Kama Sutrian
Level 0 Arabic
Level 0 African
Level 0 French







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