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Character Profile:
Series: The Department of World Justice


A martial artist supreme, Magnus has the ability to rapidly attack his opponents with great speed, faster then any of his other companions in the DWJ.

Dressed in a chromium armor, his mere appearance makes him the target of evil organizations such as the Coven or the Syndicate.

Even though Magnus himself doesn't truly believe that he has superpowers, his ability has been beneficial to the DWJ in stopping the crime of the world.



Vitals and Essential Information:

Tony Gluwchynski is the Player who role plays Magnus. 
Click here to see his Bio.



Real Name: Unknown
Alais: Magnus.

Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 275 Lbs.
Eyes Color: Yellowish / White
Hair Color: Black
Age: 27

STR: 179 
INT: 100
REF: 100
WIL: 95
CON: 92
MOV: 200
DEX: 100

Powers: Super Skills (Martial Arts)(10).

Advantages: Super Advantage (5) <Athletic Ability>(2), Super Advantage (5)<Toughness>(4), Superhuman Attribute (8), Ambidexterity (2), Eye/Hand Co-ordination (3), Stamina (2), 
Acting Ability (2).

Disadvantages: Secret Identity (3), Vindictiveness (Coven)(2), Weird Volurnability (Wood)(8), Gambling (2), Allergy (Nuts)(1), Vindictiveness (Syndicate)(2), Ego Signature (Poker Chips)(2).

Level 15 Martial Arts      (Multi Attack, Multi Defend, Stun, Leap)
Level 5 Machinegun
Level 5 Pistol
Level 0 Electronics
Level 0 Stealth
Level 0 Lockpicking
Level 0 First Aid
Level 0 Climbing
Level 0 Throwing
Level 0 Driving Automobile
Level 0 Driving Motorcycle
Level 0 Driving Truck
Level 1 French
Level 0 Escape Artist
Level 0 Area Knowledge (World)
Level 0 Acrobatics
Level 0 Swimming
Level 0 Radio Operator
Level 0 Japanese
Level 0 Acting
Level 0 African
Level 0 Driving Off Road
Level 0 Survival (Jungle)
Level 0 Survival (Arctic)
Level 0 Survival (Desert)
Level 0 Survival (Bush)
Level 0 Survival (Temperate)
Level 0 Orienteering
Level 0 Computer Programming
Level 0 Kama Sutrian







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