Dragonlance humor

And Other Fun DragonLance Activities

    With DragonLance being such a funny place, complete with kender, geriatric mages, elves ripping their robes off and being hit in the head by falling objects, and neurotic bar maids, we figured that someone ought to laugh at them.  And so this page came into being, respelendant with all the mocking of the DragonLance characters we so love.  Included are:

1)  Quizes to find out which DragonLance character you'd be best married to (we could actually advise that they're all a little unstable, but what would be the fun of that?)
2)  Profiles detailing how married life might be like to the above mentioned characters (just in case you don't  believe us or want more depth)
3)  Quizes to determine various things about what you'd be like in the DL world, including the sort of God, Magician, or Villian that you'd be, along with your fantasy race.
4)  Obligatory fan fiction (but only of the funny type, no lemons allowed)
5)  Astrology (just since you've always wanted to ask Raistlin what his sign is)
6)  Our "you fight back" place where you can sign our guestbook or take polls as to which characters you'd like to marry, kill, etc.

Good huntings!

                    ~  Julia, the Blonde necromancer  and   Anna, the Red Haired Witch with     Chrit the Confused Conjurer 

Now onto:
DragonLance Marriage Prospects:  Who Would be Best for You?
If you're daring, take our quiz to find out who you're truly after, then read their profiles along with any others you'd like.  ; )

Quiz of Male Characters (Normally for women, but whatever)
Quiz of Female Characters (Again, normally for the opposite sex, but it's great fun to take both.)

Fascinating, yet Scary:  Raistlin's Marriage Prospects
Warm and Lovable:  Caramon's Prospects
Would you Want a Kender (Tasslehoff)?
Good, but too much baggage--Tanis
Are Dark Elves Worthy, huh Dalamar?
An Honorable Marriage with Sturm
Stable:  Riverwind
Heart of Stone or No? Flint
Hunk of Burning Love, Fizban
Cute Kid:  Palin
Do you want to be the Bride of the Dead?  Lord Soth
Head Hurting, but Brains Not Gone Yet...Gilthanas
Dark Honor:  Steel
Wild Woman, or Slut of the North, Kitiara
Beautiful Barmaid:  Tika
Puritan Priestess: Crysania
Mistress of Magic:  Jenna
 Take me, Please! Usha
Pretty, Pretty Princess Laurana
NPC Queen: Goldmoon
The Only Two for You:  Bupu

But wait, there's more:
Decide who you are?  DragonLance Quizzes
Which DragonLance Magician are You?
Which Race are You?
Which Villain Are You?
Which God Are You?

Well, why not?
Characters and Our Feelings on Them
Character's Stats and What We Think About them.  (Some of these are hysterically funny...like Dalamar having a strength of 16 and Tasslehoff having an alignment of neutral good.  We were sure to point this out.)
Our Feelings on DragonLance Characters   with special interactive, if you're willing to post a comment on a guestbook, you can leave your feelings about the characters too!

You knew that it was coming some time, didn't you?
DragonLance Fan Fiction
No, no, wait, don't go away. It's not that sort of fan fiction.  None of us actually wants to be in anything that we're writing, and we certainly don't want to be married to any of the above characters.  Naw, this is stuff where we make fun of all of the DL characters, just like above!  Doesn't that sound great?
Conclave Notes, Part One  We found these notes on the floor of Wayreth after the famed meeting where we learned that Raistlin just might be trying for godhood, rather than merely trying to take over the world.
Conclave Notes, Part Two  Our second generation answer to the first notes.  These were found on the floor after the conclave discussed in Kitiara's Son where Justarius is the head of the conclave.
To Tanis  We found that Kitiara really likes writing letters which, as she always struck us as as semi literate, seems strange.  But then, she writes to Tanis, had a whole passing letters back and forth thing going with Dalamar, and received updates on Steel via mail from Sara Dunsten.  We were curious, needless to say, and so we intercepted this letter that was fated for Tanis.  Warning, we *did* edit for content.
How did it cross?  DragonLance interpretations to the age old question of "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
We actually have more, we're just not getting it up, so check back later if you actually *enjoy* this page.

You didn't think we'd stop with that, did you?

DragonLance Astrology
Just a new way of us telling you what we think of the characters,,,in case you didn't have enough already. We typed them to astrological signs according both to what we think their characters are and according to what we think the signs are and then explained why.  After that, we check cosmo for how the matches ought to have turned out.  Scary how similar some were...

Note, we did this according to personality, not actual sign. Therefore, the fact that Raistlin and Caramon do not share signs makes *perfect* sense.

Fire Signs: First of the Zodiac, if not first in our hearts...Kitiara, Tanis, Alhana, Tika, and Tasslehoff
Earth Signs:  Solid and Stable?  We'll see...staring (no pun intended) Caramon, Sturm, Steel, Palin, Dalamar, Jenna, and Flint
Air Signs: Or the DragonLance lite:  Usha, Justarius, Par-Salian, and Crysania
Water Signs:  Or, if you're read this far, you must actually think we have a sense of humor...that or be very bored...with Laurana, LaDonna, Raistlin, Goldmoon, and Riverwind
What Cosmo Thinks?  Or, did we actually get anything right up top.

And now for something completely different...
Tell us what YOU think...(or don't.  It's not as if you went to a lot of hard work to create this lovely page and will be crying when no one even bothers to even say hello after enjoying the fruits of your labors.)
Reward us for trying, or condemn us for our bad taste...sign our guestbook
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