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     The chord charts on these pages are listed by the year they were played at the HIM Conference.  Please use the links to go to the list of the appropriate conference. 

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2007 HIM Conference


He Calls it Worship

I Know He'll Make a Way

A New Name in Glory


I'm Going Up to Zion's Hill

All at Once

I Need You

I Get Excited

All I Need is Christ

New Wave of Glory

I am Forgiven

Nobody Knows Like I Do




2005 HIM Conference


Isaiah's Song (High and Lifted Up)

Church on Fire

I Choose the Cross

Baptize Me Lord

Holy Like You


When the Battle's Over

Calvary Conquers it All

Let the Holy Ghost Fall Again

Send the Rain

Sold Out

Change Our World




2004 HIM Conference


Magnify the Lord with Me

Let the Rocks Keep Silent

You've Been Good to Me

Thank God for the Miracle

Preach the Word

In the I of the Storm

I Love to Say Jesus

Keep On the Firing Line

Come to Me

My Life is In Your Hands

I Won't Trade It

A Higher Calling


2003 HIM Conference

The Glory of the Lord (Call to Worship)

House of the Lord

I Fall in Love

Free At Last

Couldn't Keep It to Myself

As We Enter In

Holy Ghost Power

You Are My God

Strong and Mighty Tower

There is a Cause



2002 HIM Conference


Worthy To Be Praised

We Are Washed

We've Come Together

Give Me Drink of This Water

Hold To God's Unchanging Hand

Call On the Name of the Lord

River of Grace

God Is Up To Somethin'

For Such a Time As This

Send the Wind

What Took You So Long?

Just Like He Said He Would


2001 HIM Conference

Before Your Throne

Keep On Lifting Him Up

He's In the House

Living Sacrifice

If the Lord Build a House

Portrait of Forgiveness

Higher Ground

We Shall See Him Again

Stand Up and Be Counted

God Will Provide

Give Me This Mountain


2000 HIM Conference


It Only Takes One

It Is Well

The Unseen Hand

I Am Broken

Prayin' For the Rain

Worthy (Anthem of Revelation)

Five Smooth Stones

Weary Traveler

I've got a Reason

Take Up the Mantle

Let It Begin In Me


1999 HIM Conference


Come On In

When We Sing Around the Throne Eternal

Jesus Is Greater

I Feel the Wind

How Could I Ever Not Love the Lord

Glorify the Lord

I'm Redeemed

Reach the World

I See the Blood

Living Testimony


1998 HIM Conference


I've Got a Song

We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles and Trials

I Know It Will Be Worth It

The Impossible

Stand Up

Making a Difference

I Want To Be With the Saints

Can We Stop To Hear Their Cry

Sending Up an Invitation




1994 HIM Conference


Give the Praise to Jesus

I Never Shall Forget the Day

Only By Grace

Gotta Go Back

Break Up the Fallow Ground

Let's Have Our Own Pentecost

Peace Be Still

I See the Ark

We Need to Hear from Heaven


1993 HIM Conference


When I Got a Hold of the Lord

Holy Anointing

I'll Be Home

Old Gospel Ship

Harvest Where You Are

I Can't Help It

Sweet Liberty

For You

What Would Happen?

Old Path


1992 HIM Conference


I've Got the Joy

Sing 'Till the Power of the Lord Comes Down

Shake This House

I Surrender Now To You

I Have a Place I Can Go

Don't Take My Jesus

Closer To You

Building Up the Wall

After the Rain

We Give You Praise


All songs copied and used with permission.  Songs may not be recorded without consent of writer or copyright holder.