Take Up the Mantle

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 2000 HIM Music


Key: G



Verse I:


G2                                         Bm7                                          

He was just a simple man; accustomed to the toil


     C2                                 Am7                               Dsus4 D

Of following a dusty plow       and breaking up the soil


G2                                                               Bm7                                          

But when the prophet passed his way, he heard the Spirit call


       C2                                         Am7                    Dsus4 D

The mantle fell upon his life; he arose, and left it all


Em2                  Em/D                   C2

He left it all to serve the man of God


Em2                           Em/D               C2

And travel down the lonely path he trod


Am2                                         D9

Determined in his heart, that when they had to part


Am7                                           Dsus4    D

He would have the courage to say:





         D/G             G         D/G          G

I will take up the mantle laid at my feet


         D/E            Em            D/E              Em

I will march into battle and face the enemy


              C2             G/B            Em/C#      A7

And the God of my fathers will carry me through


               Em                     A7/C#

Donít be afraid, donít be afraid


C/A              D7sus4    G

Take up the mantle today





Verse II:


G2                                Bm7                                          

Just an ordinary man; faithful in the field


            C2                                                       Am7               Dsus4 D

Where God had placed him long ago; in the center of His will


G2                                                  Bm7            

His steps are getting slower, the eyes are growing dim


C2                                           Am7                         Dsus4 D

Who will step into his shoes        and carry on for him?


Em2               Em/D               C2

Carry on the work that heís begun


Em2                        Em/D                  C2

And enter into the race that he has run


Am2                                        D9

The Spirit always calls every time a mantle falls


Am7                                         Dsus4    D

Who will have the courage to say: