Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© Centergy Music Group


Key – Bb




(All music)   Bb   Ab   Gb   F   Ab   Bb   Ab   Gb   F   Ab   Bb




Bb       Eb7    Bb      Eb7

Shout, shout, shout, shout

Bbm        Cm/Bb  Bb     Ab     Bb

Shout ‘till the       walls come down

Bb                        Eb7

March around the walls again

Bb                  Eb7

Make a joyful noise

C/E   Bb      Eb7    Bb      Eb7

Then shout, shout, shout, shout

Bbm/D   Cm/Eb  Bb/F  Ab/F  Bb

Shout till the      walls come down



Verse 1

        Bb           Bb/Ab

Like Joshua at Jericho

      Gb               F

I’m up against a wall

       Bb                Bb/Ab    

But just like him I know by faith

       Gb             F

I’m gonna see it fall


‘Cause I believe the promise


God said it would be mine

             Bb                   Eb

There’s milk and honey flowing

         F                  Bb

Over on the other side




Verse 2

        Bb                 Bb/Ab

My feet are getting weary

                Gb                      F

Marching ‘round this wall again

       Bb               Bb/Ab    

I’m ready for the Lord to lead me

Gb                      F

To the Promised Land


It’s time to life my voice in praise


Above all fear and doubt

            Bb              Eb

There’s power in obedience

        F                  Bb

And victory in the shout




Bb                               Ab2

Praising the Lord is so easy to do

Gb           Db/F                  Bb

When the victory has been won

       Bb                           Ab2

But God loves to hear us lift up His name

     Gb       F+                     

Before the battle has begun, so



Repeat chorus


Ending (fadeout)