I Am Broken

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 2000 HIM Music


Key: D



Verse I:


                 A/D                      D

She came searching for the Master


                G/D                       D

From the wrong side of the town


    F#m7               Bbm7

A heart full of devotion


                   C                              A

Behind the gift that she poured out


            A/G       F#7/A#  Bm

At His feet her gift was broken


              A     A/G       D/F#

And the sacrifice she made


     C2              G/B

Became a testimony


       Em7                       A7sus4        A7

Of a life that had been changed





Gmaj7/A  A7 D2                 F#m7 Bm7

I             am broken, I am bro - ken


Bm7/G  F#m7/G  D/A  A7     D2

Bro  -  ken         at     Your feet


Gmaj7/A  A7  D2    A/C#      D7/C                  B7

All          I     ever was; all I am and hope to be


    F#m7     A7 G/A  D2

Is broken at  Your feet



Verse II:


            A/D              D

Itís an act of desperation


        G/D                     D

That brings me to my knees


F#m7                    Bbm7

Longing for your mercy


       C                    A

The answer to my need


    A/G       F#7/A#  Bm

In humble ador  -  ation


          A     A/G  D/F#

I will offer up to you


    C2                        G/B

A life that has been broken


           Em7                     A7sus4        A7

Ready for the Masterís use