Closer to You

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1992 HIM Music


Key: F



Verse I:


F                                                   Bb

With your precious blood You purchased my soul


        G7                                    C7

And just like a shepherd You led to the fold


       F                         F/A                Gm             Bm/Eb

But there’s a higher place in your footsteps I trace


            F            Dm            Gm/C  C7 F

Where I will be closer and closer to  you





C    F               C            Dm7

Closer to you, closer to you


Dm7 Gm   Dm                  G9           Gm7

I      long to be so much closer to you


C     F                          C     Dm7

You voice is so clear; drawing me near


Dm7 Gm   Dm                     Dm7 Gm    Dm

No   need to fear, there is no    need to fear


           Gm                   C7     F      

To be closer and closer to you



Verse II:


F                                                     Bb

The mountains are high and the valleys are low


         G7                                   C7

Sometimes I stumble and my steps are slow


       F             F/A                 Gm                       Bm/Eb

But Lord, so patiently ever time you wait for me


         F      Dm             Gm/C  C7 F

Until I am closer and closer to  you