Words and Music by Lanny Wolfe

© Lanny Wolfe Music Company


Key: Eb/F



Verse 1:          Fm/Eb      Eb         Abmaj7/Eb  Fm7/Eb      Fdim7/Eb            Eb

                        Lord we ask what can we       give to the one who made it all


                                Fm/Eb      Eb      Abmaj7/Eb   Fm7/Eb      Fdim7/Eb                 G7sus4

                        The world the sun the moon and   stars, everything both great and small


                        Abdim6/B  Cm                                 Baug                          Eb/Bb           Cm

                        Then a      still small voice whispers sweet and low, saying I desire your praise


                                     F9                 F9/A                       Fm7                 Bb

                        Itís the only thing that you can bring, that I the Lord canít make



Chorus:          Fm/Eb  Eb                     Fm7/Db  Eb/Db

                        We      give you praise, we        give you praise


                        Fm7/C   Eb/C      C7/E                      F9   Bb

                        We       give you praise Lord youíre worthy


                        Fm/Eb  Eb                 Fm7/Db  Eb/Db    C7sus4   C7/E

                        With   hands upraise, we         give you praise


                        Fm7  Eb/G  Ab6 Ab/Bb       Ebsus4   Eb

                        We  give    you glory and   praise



Verse 2:          Fm/Eb        Eb            Abmaj7/Eb  Fm7/Eb    Fdim7/Eb                  Eb

                        Lord You gave Your only            Son, with love You gave Your best


                             Fm/Eb     Eb         Abmaj7/Eb   Fm7/Eb   Fdim7/Eb               G7sus4

                        So how can we offer any      -      thing to   you that would be less


                        Abdim6/B  Cm                    Baug                     Eb/Bb          Cm

                        Lord we  bring our just the lesser things of the labor of our days


                               F9                        F9/A                     Fm7            Bb

                        But Lord we bring our very best, and our very best is praise



Bridge:                    B                      Db                    Eb                 Cm

                        Dear Lord we all are instruments that You desire to play


                              F9                            Fm9                    Fm7              Bb   C

                        So play us now make us all to Christ, in a symphony of praise



Chorus:          Gm/F   F                       Gm7/Eb  F/Eb

                        We      give you praise, we        give you praise


                        Gm7/D   F/D       D7/F#                    G9   C

                        We       give you praise Lord youíre worthy


                        Gm/F   F                   Gm7/Eb   Fb/Eb      D7sus4   D7/F#

                        With   hands upraise, we         give you praise


                        Gm7  F/A   Bb6  Bb/C      Fsus4   F

                        We   give   you glory and praise