There Is a Cause

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© Centergy Music Group


Key – G



Verse 1

G                                    Am/G

What would case Moses to walk away

               Adim/G         G

From the palace of the king

G                                        Am/G

What would cause David to leave the sheep

        Adim/G                  Em

And trade his harp for a sling

B7sus4                      B7/D#

Why on earth would twelve common men

             Em   Em/D      C

Leave it all    to follow Christ

Am7                       G/B       Em

There was a cause so much greater

Am7              Dsus4     D

I offer up my life




Am/G       G       D/F#             Em

There is a cause worth fighting for

Am           G/B            A/C#           D

There is a cause in the house of the Lord

C        D               Em                      D

I will arise and say yes to the call

C                 Cmaj7/D        Am/G  G

I will give my all                for the cause




Music interlude


Gm/F      F      Fm/Eb      Eb      Dsus4      D






Verse 2

G                                Am/G

Look on the fields the harvest is white

             Adim/G           G

But the servants are so few

G                               Am/G

Why do I linger in the house of the Lord

          Adim/G                                Em

When there’s so much work yet to do

B7sus4                   B7/D#

This is the day and now is the time

     Em        Em/D          C

To answer the Savior’s cry

Am7                   G/B       Em

There is a cause so much greater

Am7              Dsus4     D

I offer up my life




            Bb                         F/A

Let the world fade away behind me

                   Bb               F/A

Increase my vision of the cross

           Eb                    Bb/D

May I never forget the glory

             Eb                  Dsus4        D

And the passion of the cause



Ending (from within chorus)

C        D               Em                     D

I will arise and say yes to the call

C                  Cmaj7/D

I will give my all

Am/D   G

For the cause

Am7/G      G

There is a cause