HIM History


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How did it get started?

In the early 1980's music directors Jim and Darla Davis were always looking for ways to improve the music ministry and realized the only conferences were hosted by large churches in large cities and by other denominations.  They felt overwhelmed and out of place.  A dream was born and in 1991 the first HIM Music Conference was held using the Riverdale High School Auditorium. Thirty-five people from other churches registered for the classes and each year it increased.   In 1994 the church was faced with a serious crisis.  God laid his hand of judgment on the ministries and many departments were halted immediately including the HIM Conference and choirs.  After four years of prayer, fasting and restoration, the Conference was restarted in 1998 with a whole new focus and purpose. Last year nearly 200 people from 13 states and over 30 churches attended HIM and returned to their home churches with a renewed fire in their hearts to accomplish more for the Kingdom.

Why Riverdale...of all places!

God has raised up an oasis in the desert.  This is not an uptown mega-church in an American metropolis.  Riverdale is a small western dairy community of 2500 people.  Yet here in the middle of nowhere is a strong Pentecostal church of 450 with a youth group of 80-100, bus ministry that averages 100 kids each Sunday, Christian school with 130 students, and a church that is still packed on Wednesday nights.  Our goal is to open the church ministries to you and say....you can do it too!


The above was excerpted from the HIM Conference newsletter of 1/19/03.