All I Need is Christ

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© HIM Music


Key: F/G



Chorus:           F2    Bb/F    Bbmaj7 Bb6 

                        All I need is Je    -   sus


                        Gm7 A7sus4  A7/C#  Dm2    F/C

                        All I need      is        Christ


                        Bb                   Abdim(b7)   F/C D7

                        There’s no one else who    satisfies


                        Gm7  Bb/C  C7 F2       Bb/C

                        All I  need   is  Christ



Verse 1:            F                  C7             F

                        I searched for joy in life’s pleasures


                        Bbmaj7           C7                 F

                        I searched for true peace of mind


                           Bb                         Abdim(b7)

                        I searched this world over


                                 F/C                 D7

                        For a love that would last


                        Ebmaj7            C7sus4    C7

                        I found it all in Christ


Transtion to 2nd verse:  F   F/A  Dm/Bb  Bbm6/Db


Verse 2:          F                C7               F

                        Now I have more than I dreamed of


                        Bbmaj7      C7                F

                        I have the pearl of great price


                               Bb       Abdim(b7)

                        No longer a beggar


                                  F/C             D7

                        But a child of the King


                        Ebmaj7                                C7sus4   D7sus4   D7

                        With a key to an endless supply


Ending from    Am7   D7      Em   Em/C#

         chorus:   All I need is Christ (2x)


                        Am7   D7      Ebmaj7

                        (All I need is Christ)



                        All I need is Christ


                        Eb    F/Eb   F/D Gm7

                        All I need,  all I  need


                        Eb    F7sus4  F7  Bb

                        All I need     is   Christ