We Need to Hear from Heaven

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1994 HIM Music


Key: C





F/G         G7 C

We need to  hear from Heaven


                             F/C       C

The sound of the rushing wind


                                 F/C  C

We need to feel the fi  –  re



The kind that burns out sin


                   F                    F/D

We need a Holy Ghost revival


      C                      G/C F9sus4        F

To turn the hearts of     men


                    C/G  F/G  C/G       G7    C

We need to hear from Heaven once again



Verse I:



There’s a famine in our land


                    Fm/C                 C

We feel the hunger deep inside


          Em                             A7                       Bb

It has been too long since we have felt the rain


                       Dm                           G7

But there’s a price that must be paid


             C7            C7/E      F9sus4        F

Give us patience, Lord, to wait


     C                               F/G                  C

Until we’ve heard from Heaven once again



Verse II:



If the church called by His name


           Fm/C                                 C

Would humble down up on their face


        Em                    A7                     Bb

And turn away from all their wicked ways


                          Dm           G7

Then He would heal their land,


              C7  C7/E  F9sus4        F

And forgive every sin


        C                                F/G                   C

And they shall hear from Heaven once again