Break Up the Fallow Ground

Words by Dean Close and Music by Debbie Stacy

© 1994 HIM Music


Key: C





G7                    Fm      Gm/F  C

Break up your soulís fallow ground


G7               Fm       Gm/F        C

Soften your heartís hardened soil


                           Em  Gm            A7

Godís righteous rain will bring blessing


        Dm                                   G7

If in faith in your field you will toil


                         Fm     Gm/F   C

Break up your soulís fallow ground


                 Fm               C

Soften the soil of your hearts


              Em   Gm       A7

You will soon have a harvest


     Dm         Dm/G  C/G G7   C

Of holiness when  the   rain starts



Verse I:


          Fm                                        C

If the field of your faith has grown fallow


Fm                                   C

Hardened by seasons of sin


         Bb                F                   C

If the soil of your heart wonít allow


       Eb                            G

The water of life to flow in


          Bb                     F

If the seeds of Godís Word just gets stolen


     Bb                                     C

Before its growth in your begins


               F                 G             Ab

Put your hand to the plow of repentance


        Ab/F                                       G7

And break up your ground once again



Verse II: 


                          Fm           C

God wants your life to be fruitful


      Fm                                     C

He wants His grace in you to grow


       Bb              F                        C

He wants your friends and your family


          Eb                                     G

To be fed with the fruit of your soul


           Bb                         F

Godís able to give you a harvest


               Bb                         C

That will meet oneís every need


       F                     G                                  Ab

But first you must break up your heartís soil


        Ab/F                              G7

And fill it with Godís fertile soil