I Know It Will Be Worth It

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1998 HIM Music


Key: Bb





  F/Eb      Ebmaj7 F/Eb  Ebmaj7     Dm                        Gm

I know it will be worth it when I hear Him call my name


  F/Eb      Ebmaj7 F/Eb   Ebmaj7        Ab                        Eb/G    

I know it will be worth it when my loss becomes my gain


Gb                     Gb/Ab                 Bb/F        Gsus4  G

If by grace Iím standing when eternity begins


      Cm                                 Eb/F F7  Bb

My journey will be worth it in    the end



Verse I:


         Eb2                                     Gm       F/G    Gm

They said Iíd never make it, no matter how I tried


       Eb2                                                      Ab                        F/A

Itís much too hard to walk the line, someday youíll compromise


                 Cm                        F                       Dm7                     Gm

But Jesus said ďMy yoke is easy, and youíll find My burdens lightĒ


   Eb/C                Bb/D                 Bb/F   F

I know it will be worth it to live right



Verse II


   Eb2                                                Gm            F/G      Gm

I canít afford the pleasure that this world has offered me


        Eb2                                              Ab                         F/A

The price is always higher than they promised it would be


                  Cm                    F                 Dm7                        Gm

But Jesus said the road is narrow that leads to Heavenís gates


   Eb/C                    Bb/D                Bb/F   F

I know Iíve got to make it all the way