Magnify the Lord with Me

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© Centergy Music Group


Key – G/Ab


Intro    D/G   Am/E   G   F   G   Bb   G   G/D (4x)




            Magnify the Lord with me


                     A7                      D7

            Magnify the Lord with me


                     G            G7/B    C        G/B  Am

            He is worthy of honor, worthy of     praise


                     G/D       E7sus4  E7/G#          Am G/B  Am/C  C2/D   G

            Magnify, magnify,                   magnify   the   Lord    with    me



Repeat chorus (at end of chorus piano octaves both hands)

                          G F G Bb G D E F F E Eb D Bb A




                G                                             F  F  D (octaves)

1. Lift up your voice in the sanctuary

            2. Stand up and shout oh hallelujah


            G7                              A7       D7

Sing and rejoice in     one    accord

            Out of your mouth let praises ring


                  G                G7/B           C             Am7

            He promised to live in the   praises we give

            Don’t be           ashamed glorify that    name


            G/D       Am/D  Gm7/D         C/D

            Magnify the      Name of the Lord

            Magnify the      King of all    Kings





Repeat chorus (key change beginning of second chorus )


            G        G    Ab

            Mag – ni – fy the Lord with me


                                                        Eb (octaves)

            Magnify the Lord with me


                     Ab          Ab7/C Db       Ab/C   Bbm      

            He is worthy of honor worthy of        praise


                     Ab/Eb        F7sus4  F7/A          Bbm  Ab/C   Bbm/Db Db/Eb  Ab

            Magnify,      magnify,                 magnify     the      Lord      with    me





                     Ab           Ab7/C  Db      Ab/C  Bbm

            He is worthy of honor, worthy of       praise


                     Ab/Eb                   F7sus4 F7/A         Bbm7  Bbm/Ab      Gb7

            Magnify,                magnify,               magnify,                magnify


            F7   Gb7   G7  Ab7

            The Lord with me



Piano octaves (Ab Gb Ab B Ab Eb F Gb Gb F Gb Gb F Gb A Ab)