Five Smooth Stones

Words and Music by Dale G. Spencer

© 2000 HIM Music


Key: G



Verse I:



They were stalled in the desert with a giant facing them


                   C7                                                   G7

They were sure to loose the battle; there was no way they could win


          D7                                                C7

Then along came little David with five stones and a sling


      A7                                           D7

He said, ďStep aside, boys,Ē and he began to sing:






Take five smooth stones, and let God do the rest



Take five smooth stones, and let God do the rest


D7                                      C7

Donít be afraid of that olí giant in your way


          G7                                   D7

Take five smooth stones, and let God do the rest



Verse II:



The storyís so familiar; Iíve heard it all my life



How David killed the giant that faced those Israelites


       D7                                    C7

But in it thereís a message I just can not ignore


      A7                                               D7

Of how he faced the battle with the Spirit of the Lord



Verse III:



But your stone could be a sermon; your stone could be a song


      C7                                               G7

Or maybe just a Scripture from the precious Word of God


             D7                            C7

It could be a testimony or a prayer in the night


        A7                                               D7

Just leave it to the Lord and He will help you fight your fight





          G7                                      F

Your giant may be a sickness or trouble in your home


          Eb                                           D

Your giant may be a weakness you cannot overcome