Only By Grace

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

© 1994 HIM Music


Key: F


F       Bb/F  F  C                 Dm    C/D Dm  Am

On  -  ly     by grace,          on  -  ly     by  grace


Bb Bb/C       Bb    F/A  C/A

I    am          what I      am


F/A  Bb/G              F/C   C    

And not what I deser  -  ve


F        Bb/F F      C                            Dm     C/D Dm  Am

No  -  thing Iíve done          could reserve me   a    place


Bb      Bb/C F/A     C/A F/A Gm7 C7Bb/C  C7 F

On  -  ly by mer  -  cy,   and o    -     nly     by grace



Verse I:



I stood before the judge


       C/E        A7     Dm

Condemned in my sin


Bb        Bb/C   F/A

Guil  -  ty without a doubt


       G7                      C7

For me this was the end


Gm              C7          Bb/C       A7          Dm

Oh, but my judge became my Savior instead


        G9               G7

And held out my pardon


Gm        F/G Bb/C

Written in    red



Verse II:



Someday before the throne


      C/E    A7       Dm

Iíll stand face to face


Bb    Bb/C        F/A

And give Him the glory


       G7               C7

For mercy and grace


Gm           C7  Bb/C              A7       Dm

Ten thousand years in that city beyond


       G9               G7

His grace so amazing


Gm              F/G Bb/C

Will still be my  song