Give the Praise to Jesus

Words and Music by Jim E. Davis

1994 HIM Music


Key: F





Bb/C C   F         C/E        Dm           Gm          F/C   C

Give the praise to    Je - sus,          praise to Je  -  sus


                     C7                       F

All that hath breath give Him praise


Bb/C C   F         C/E        Dm           Gm          F/C   C               Amb5      Eb/A D7

Give the praise to    Je - sus,          praise to Je  -  sus,          praise to Je  -  sus


Gm F/A Bb6  F/C     Bb/C C7   F

All that hath breath give Him praise



Verse I:


       F                     C/E             Dm                 F/C

The earth, His creation,          bows down before Him


Bb   Bb/C     F/A                      Fm/Ab                Eb/Bb     C7

E  ven the waters          and lands give Him praise


        F                 C/E                               Dm               F/C       

And were no exception          when we stand in His presence


Bb       Bb/C       F/A                Bb Bb/C       F/A

Young men and women,         old men and children


Bb/G  C/G Bb/G C7                         F

All     that hath  breath give Him praise



Verse II


F               C/E                               Dm           F/C

How can I praise Him          when Im so unworthy?


Bb    Bb/C F/A                    Fm/Ab             Eb/Bb     C7

How can I lift up          His precious holy name?


       F                C/E                       Dm            F/C       

But I just cant help it          when I feel His Spirit


Bb Bb/C   F/A                   Bb   Bb/C     F/A

I    lift my hands up          Je - sus fills my cup


         Bb/G C/G Bb/G C7                F

With all     of     the    blessings of praise