Peace Be Still

Words and Music by Debbie Stacey

© 1994 HIM Music


Key: C



Verse I:


C                                      F          C/E  G

Have you trials and temptations



Is there trouble everywhere


E7                                   Am      G   D7

Put your trust in Christ Jesus



You will find a refuge there


C Gm/E                                      C

If you feel your world has been shaken


C     Gm/E F

And your  life is turned around you say


               F            G                    E7             Am

God can give you peace in your struggle


D7                                                        G7    Am/G   G7

He’ll make the dark black night turn into day



Verse II:


C                                           F          C/E  G

He never said life would be easy



He never said we’d always win


E7                                        Am          G   D7

He only promised He’d be with us



And what He’s promised He has been


C Gm/E                                      C

If you feel your heart has been broken


C     Gm/E F

And all you feel is guilt and shame


               F            G               E7             Am

God can give you joy in your sorrow


D7                                                               G7    Am/G   G7

He can heal your hurts and take away the pain





C                    Gm/C              F

Can you hear Jesus saying “Peace be still


G                              C                                

I am the Lord and I will


Esus4                Amsus2

Take away you fear and doubt


D7                                          G

I have a plan and I’ll work it out


C        Gm/C    F             C

Peace be still, peace be still


C        Gm/C    F             C

In your storm peace be still”