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October dates for 2010 and October 2011

January 1 New Year's Day. If you still celebrate New Year's Day in April you're a fool
1/1/42 born Country Joe McDonald, singer & Vietnam War protestor
1/1/44 US Strategic Air Forces in Europe activated 
1/1/62 The Beatles audition for Decca Records in London but Decca decides to sign another
       group instead, the Tremeloes
1/1/80 Keith Richards awarded MBE by Queen of England. A singer since 1957 with 22 hits in England, his 
       biggest in America were Devil Woman (1976) and We Don't Talk Anymore the previous year (1979)
1/3/66 Experimental B-70 bomber hit 2000 mph for 3 minutes
1/3/64 The Jack Paar Show plays a video clip of The Beatles, predating their 1st live US appearence by a month
1/3/45 born Stephen Stills singer
1/4/41 Maureen Reagan born on Jane Wyman's 27th birthday
1/4/42 born John McLaughlin, singer
1/4/57 Military Air Transport Service brings 10,000 refugees to US
1/4/54 Truck driver Elvis Presley meets Sam Phillips & records a 2-sided demo record in Memphis
1/5/23 born Sam Phillips, record producer who met truck driver Elvis Presley in 1954
1/5/75 The Wiz, a soul-music version of The Wizard Of Oz, opens on Broadway
1/5/79 Briefcase Full of Blues by the Blues Brothers (Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi) inc. the song
       Soul Man goes platinum, reviving sales of the original version by Sam & Dave
1/6/1893 Great Northern Railway drives last spike at Scenic, WASH
1/6/57 Elvis Presley sings 7 songs in 20 minutes on the Ed Sullivan Show
1/7/29 "Question Mark", a Fokker C-2, flies a refueled record 150 hours 45 minutes
1/7/48 born Kenny Loggins, singer "Sittin' In"
1/7/82 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra gets a platinum record in America for "Hooked On Classics,"
       a blend of 18th, 19th and early 20th century music to a disco beat
1/8/33 Ronald Reagan gets 1st job as radio announcer, Davenport, Iowa
1/8/35 born Elvis Presley (died 8/16/77) gold records for rock, gospel and Christmas music
1/8/41 "Little Anthony" Gourdine born, 1950s singer
1/8/57 Elvis Presley passes the Army pre-induction exam
1/8/64 Air Force Cross awarded posthumously to Maj. Rudolf Anderson Jr., shot down during 1962
       Cuban Missile Crisis
1/8/47 David Bowie born, dropped real last name Jones to avoid confusion with actor Davy Jones of The Monkees
1/9/12 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
1/9/15 born Les Paul, record holder for shortest song ever released, 2 notes long, as "Magic Melody, Part 2"
1/9/44 born Jimmy Page, singer and a founding member of Led Zeppelin
1/10/1863 London Underground opens
1/10/43 born Jim Croce singer (died 9/20/73, just 1 year after his 1st hit) Time In A Bottle went gold in 1973
1/10/45 born Rod Stewart singer
1/10/46 Army sets world helicopter high altitude record, 21,000 feet
1/10/81 Pirates Of Penzance, the only operetta written specificly for America by Gilbert & Sullivan, reopens
 on Broadway starring pop singers Linda Ronstadt & Rex Smith, who later reprise their roles for a movie version
1/12/62 USAF begins spraying defoliants over Vietnam in Operation Ranch Hand
1/12/63 Bob Dylan records a play for BBC Radio as a hobo, including a song never released on a record
1/13/42 Army Air Force test flies its 1st helicopter, the XR-4
1/13/79 Donny Hathaway (34) fell or jumped from 15th floor hotel room, sang themesong for TV-series "Maude."
He had been attempting a comeback by singing duets with Roberta Flack but suffered from psychological problems
1/14/66 David Bowie releases his 1st single since dropping his last name Jones
1/16/12 Martin Luther King Day observed
1/16/1756 French & Indian War turns into the Seven Years War between Britain & France
1/16/1868 William Davis patents the refrigerator car to ship perishables by railroad
1/16/57 The Cavern Club opens in a former wine cellar in Liverpool, England
1/16/72 David Sevile (Ross Bagdasarian) died, creator & voice of "The Chipmunks" and Witch Doctor novelty records
1/17/1871 The cable car patented, and still going in San Francisco
1/17/1957 BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) formed in San Francisco
1/17/74 Singer Dino Martin, son of Dean Martin, arrested for selling an AK47 machine gun to an undercover cop
1/17/82 Song writer Tommy Tucker (48) is overcome by fumes & found dead, refinishing floors in his home
1/17/91 Gulf War starts with F-117A fighters and B-52 bombers at night
1/18/41 born Bobby Goldsboro, one of opening acts for Rolling Stones in 1964
1/18/57 Three B-52s make world's 1st nonstop jet flight around the world
1/18/82 L.A. Mayor Bradley declares Bob & Doug McKenzie Day in honor of the comic SCTV characters
1/19/1910 First bomb run by an airplane, using 3 two-pound sand bags
1/19/39 born Phil Everly, singer with his brother Don, "Wake Up Little Suzie," 
        smashed his guitar onstage when Don quit
1/19/43 born Janis Joplin singer (died 10/4/70) Ball & Chain
1/19/49 born Robert Palmer, singer with Genesis before he and Phil Collins went solo
1/19/46 born Dolly Parton, singer/actress "9 to 5"
1/20/1889 born Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter, died 12/6/49) singer "Goodnight Irene"
1/20/65 Alan Freed (42), the top ten DJ destroyed by the payola scandal hearings, dies of uremia
1/21/41 born Richie Havens, singer
1/21/59 Civil War folksong "Tom Dooley" becomes a gold record for the Kingston Trio, their 1st
1/21/66 George Harrison marries model Patti Boyd, for whom Eric Clapton later wrote "Layla"
1/21/82 Blues guitarist B.B. King donates his 7,000 rare records collection dating back 40 years
        to the University of Mississippi
1/22/35 born Sam Cooke (died 12/11/64) singer equally popular on R&B and Pop charts "You Send Me"
1/22/59 USAF determines that less than 1% of UFO sightings are of unknwn origin in report
        later known as Operation Bluebook
1/22/66 These Boots Are Made For Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra hits the Top 100 pop chart, & eventually #1
1/23/12 New Moon completely dark, werewolf threat low
1/23/73 Philadelphia radio station WMMR plays 12 minute of bells tolling to observe the Vietnam War cease-fire
1/24/41 Neil Diamond born singer
1/24/78 Randy Newman's "Short People" goes gold, his musical spoof of prejudice
1/25/55 British Railways announce plan to abandon steam engines
1/25/71 Charles Manson & 3 female followers convicted of murdering Sharon Tate and 6 others in 1969
1/25/76 An all-star Houston rock concert to benefit huricane victims produces no net proceeds after expenses
1/25/90 The SR-71 "spy planes" retired by Strategic Air Command, replaced by satellites in orbit
1/26 Australia Day
1/26/40 Ronald Reagan marries Jane Wyman
1/26/57 Last P-51 fighter plane retired from service, donated to Air Force Museum
1/26/57 Eddie Van Halen born, called "the 1st guitar hero of the Eighties" by David Lee Roth
1/26/81 Autoamerican album by Blondie goes platinum, inc. singles The Tide Is High and Rapture,
        introducing reggae & vamp rap to the Top 100
1/27/67 Apollo 1 catches fire inside capsule on launchpad, killing all 3 astronauts
1/27/58 Singer Little Richard enrolls in college after finding God when his plane caught fire over the Philippines
1/28/45 The 8th Air Force launches 1000 plane raid on Nazi Germany
1/29/58 Instrumental "Tequila" by Jim Seals & Dash Crofts, as The Champs, released
1/29/79 A San Diego teenager shoots up her high school, killing 2, saying only "I don't like Mondays."
        It is immortalized in song by the Boomtown Rats
1/30/69 The Beatles last appearence, on the rooftop of Apple Studios playing for the movie Let It Be, 
        is cut short by police due to complaints of the noise by neighbors
1/30/73 KISS plays its 1st live concert, though Paul Stanley says that 1st makeup looked more like New York Dolls
1/30/82 I Can't Go For That by Hall & Oates hits #1 on the Disco, Pop and R&B charts, only
        the 4th record by white singers to hit #1 on the R&B chart since 1965
1/31/35 Union Pacific's M-10000 enters service as City of Salina, a 3-car V-12 diesel powered train
1/31/51 Phil Collins born, his Genesis began in 1972
1/31/58 1st US satellite launched, Explorer 1
1/31/81 "Sukiyaki" the only Japanese song to hit #1 in America (1963) hits #1 again, this time by
        female duo "A Taste Of Honey"
1/31/56 born John Lydon, singer (known as Johnny Rotten only when he was with The Sex Pistols)
February 1 National Freedom Day
2/1/59 Ballistic Missile Early Warning System becomes operational 
2/1/39 born Don Everly, singer with brother as The Everly Brothers until he announced onstage that he was quitting
2/1/52 born Rick James, singer
2/1/53 Holland's famous earthen dikes breached by storm surge, 1800 people drowned, newer dikes never breached again, and hundreds more drowned in southern England along the Thames
2/2 Groundhog Day, just ask Bill Murray
2/2/55 Petula Clark has her 1st hit record in UK, but won't catch on in America for a decade
2/3/59 Buddy Holly, Richie Valens & the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) killed in a plane crash while on tour
2/6/1911 Ronald Reagan born in Illinois
2/6/50 born Natalie Cole, singer
2/9/13 New Moon, werewolf threat level green
2/9/42 born Carole King, singer
2/10/13 Chinese New Year, Year of the Snake
2/10/1908 1st Army contract with Wright Bros. for airplane, they thought view from air would prevent all future wars
2/10/39 born Roberta Flack, singer
2/10/54 The Glenn Miller Story starring Jimmy Stewart premieres, movie soundtrack of actual Miller music is also
        a best-selling album
2/12/13 Mardi Gras
2/12/1809 Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, no longer an official holiday
2/12/1934 Union Pacific's diesel-powered 110 mph M-10000 passenger train begins national tour
2/12/1973 USAF C-141 lands in Hanoi to pick up 1st returning POWs
2/13/13 Ash Wednesday, Ted Turner's least favorite observance
2/13/1741 First magazine published in American colonies
2/14 Valentine's Day
2/14/1855 CB&Q (Chicago Burlington & Quincy) railroad formed
2/14/1564 Galileo born
2/15/51 born Melissa Manchester, singer
2/16/35 born Sonny Bono, singer. Though Sonny & Cher ended after their divorce, Cher spoke at his funeral service
2/16/1923 King Tut's tomb opened, despite warnings of a curse
2/17/63 Michael Jordan born basketball player
2/18/13 President's Day, replacing Washington & Lincoln Birthdays as government holidays, Family Day in Canada
2/19/1912 First Cracker Jack prize
2/20/46 born Jerome Geils, of the J. Geils Band
2/20/62 born John Glenn, astronaut and later Senator and later Space Shuttle astronaut
2/22/1732 George Washington's birthday, no longer an official holiday
2/23/13 Purim begins at sundown
2/23/1896 First Tootsie Roll candies
2/24/49 USAF reveals new jet rocket plane, XF-91
2/25/13 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
2/25/45 B-29s begin night bombing of Tokyo, destroying 28,000 buildings the 1st night
2/25/43 born George Harrison, singer with the Beatles and a fan of the Beach Boys and Spinal Tap
2/25/1841 born Pierre-August Renoir, artist
2/26/32 born Johnny Cash, singer
2/27/1879 artificial sweetener Saccharin discovered
2/28/1827 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad chartered
2/28/1854 Republican Party founded
2/28/47 F-82 set record, flying non-stop Hawaii-New York in 14 hours 33 minutes
2/28/42 born Brian Jones (drowned 7/3/69, less than a month after leaving the Rolling Stones)
2/29/12 Davy Jones died, British rock & roll singer with The Monkees
3/1/1918 Congress finally passes Standard Time Act, recognizing Standard Time Zones created by railroads
3/1/61 Peace Corps founded
3/1/46 General Spaatz designated Commander, AAF
3/1/57 Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat Song (Day-O) hits the British chart & sets off a British calypso craze
3/1/65 Petula Clark's 1st US hit "Downtown" goes gold
3/1/44 Roger Daltrey born, volitile lead singer for the Who and star of movie "McVicar" (1980)
3/2/64 The Beatles begin work on their 1st feature film "A Hard Day's Night"
3/2/67 Grammy Awards include Frank Sinatra's Strangers In The Night, two Paul McCartney songs, New Vaudeville Band's 1920s-tyle Winchester Cathedral, and Neal Hefti's Batman TV themesong
3/2/74 Stevie Wonder wins 5 Grammys for Innervisions, Superstition, and You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
3/2/65 The Sound Of Music opens, eventually grossing more money than any previous movie
3/2/65 Rolling Thunder offensive begins in Vietnam War
3/2/50 Karen Carpenter born (d. 2/4/83) of singing duo The Carpenters "Close To You" until her death from weight-obsession
3/2/44 Lou Reed born, singer once bitten on his butt by a fan onstage, the fan was ejected from the concert
3/3/54 The Drifters' 2nd hit Such A Night hits #5 and is also released in April by white singer Johnie Ray, then is banned in May for the sexually suggestive "Just the thought of your kiss sets me afire, I reminisce and I'm filled with desire"
3/3/23 Time Magazine first published
3/4/52 Ronald & Nancy Reagan married
3/4/66 F-4c Phantoms attacked by MIG17 in 1st air combat over Vietnam
3/4/66 John Lennon tells a London newspaper "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink...We're more popular than Jesus Christ right now."
3/5/1770 British soldiers attacked by mob, open fire on them, The Boston Massacre
3/5/66 Sgt. Barry Sadler's The Ballad of the Green Berets replaces Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking as #1 pop single
3/5/63 Patsy Cline & 2 other country singers killed in single-engine plane crash enroute from St. Louis, where they had performed a benefit for the widow of Cactus Jack Call (killed in a car crash)
3/5/82 John Belushi (33) dies of drug overdose after 2 flop movies in which he played non-comedy roles, not living to costar in the sequel to his popular Blues Brothers movie
3/5/58 Andy Gibb born, singer with older brothers Barry, Robin & Maurice, (the Bee Gees) released his 1st solo album in 1978
3/5/48 Eddy Grant born
3/6/1836 Fall of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas
3/6/44 600 bombers attack Berlin in 1st major raid of the city
3/6/70 The Beatles' album Hey Jude goes gold, Charles Manson releases his own record album to finance his defense in the Tate-LaBianca murder trial
3/6/72 The Immigration Dept. cancels John Lennon's visa, the following month New York's mayor demands that his deportation be halted
3/6/76 The Very Best Of Slim Whitman album hits #1 on British pop chart
3/6/44 Mary Wilson born, founding member of The Supremes
3/6/82 Willie Nelson's version of Elvis Presley's Always On My Mind (1972) enters the pop chart & later hits #1 on C&W chart, winning a Grammy
3/7/33 Game of Monopoly invented but game manufacturers not interested so is self-published
3/7/56 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes becomes the 1st Country & Western song to also be a hit on the R&B chart
3/7/70 Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water is #1 album on pop chart in both US & Britain
3/7/46 Peter Wolf born, singer The J. Geils Band
3/8 International Women's Day, congratulations to international women
3/8/69 The Beatles self-titled album is replaced as #1 on pop chart by Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman, it went gold the previous November
3/8/45 Mickey Dolenz born, singer The Monkees and actor "Circus Boy" TV-series, "Piranha 2" movie
3/8/73 Pigpen McKernan, founding member of The Grateful Dead (27) died of cirrhosis from heavy drinking
3/9/1775 Daniel Boone begins to cut Wilderness Road to Kentucky
3/9/45 Over 300 B-29s firebomb Tokyo in night raid, by morning 1/4 of city is destroyed and over 100,000 dead
3/9/69 The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour is cancelled after on-air censorship of singer Joan Baez
3/9/72 Barbra Streisand, Carole King & James Taylor perform a fund-raiser for Democratic candidate George McGovern, starting a trend by pop stars
3/9/76 A Night At The Opera is Queen's 1st gold record in the US, inc. 6 minute song Bohemian Rhapsody
3/9/42 Mark Lindsay born, lead singer for Paul Revere & the Raiders (Indian Reservation)
3/10/59 Elvis Presley's "I Need Your Love Tonight" sells a million copies within 24 hours of release, RCA sends the official gold record to him in West Germany c/o the US Army
3/10/72 "America," album by America (two US "Army brats" who grew up in England), goes gold. Two weeks later their top single also goes gold
3/10/1876 First telephone call, no busy signal
3/11 Daylight Saving Time begins just after midnight early this morning, turn your clock sideways. In a recent poll, most women said they plan to sleep an extra hour and most men said they want an extra hour of sex. So try not to wake her up
3/11/13 New Moon completely dark, werewolf threat low
3/11/68 Otis Redding's Dock Of The Bay goes gold & hits #1 on pop and R&B charts 3 months after his death
3/11/71 TV's Partridge Family gets the 2nd of 5 hit records when "Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted" goes gold
3/11/11 Massive tidal wave hits Japan causing widespread damage inc. a nuclear power plant
3/11/1818 Frankenstein first published, no book publisher was interested so she self-published first 1000 copies
3/12/69 Paul McCartney marries Linda in a London Register's office with McCartney's brother as best man
3/12/74 John Lennon ejected from a Los Angeles club for heckling comedian Tommy Smothers
3/12/1896 "Lone-Cat" Fuller born (d. 1976) according to Rolling Stone mag
3/12/48 James Taylor born, singer
3/13/64 The top 4 rock & roll singles are all by the Beatles. Billboard magazine estimates that 60% of single sales are by The Beatles
3/13/39 Neil Sedaka born, singer/song writer
3/14/65 The Beatles are replaced as #1 on the album pop chart by the Mary Poppins movie soundtrack album, which itself is knocked off #1 the following week by the Goldfinger movie soundtrack album
3/14/81 Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, used in the movie, hits #1 on the pop chart
3/14/33 Quincy Jones, music producer born
3/14/1879 Albert Einstein born
3/15/56 Col. Tom Parker becomes Elvis Presley's manager. Had previously handled Hank Snow, Gene Autry & Eddy Arnold
3/15/66 Grammy Awards include Roger Miller's King Of The Road and A Taste Of Honey album by Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass
3/15/72 Robert John's verion of The Lion Sleeps Tonight goes gold, previously a hit for The Tokens and The Weavers
3/15/47 Ry Cooder born, 1st rock performer to release a digitally recorded album or song
3/15/41 Mike Love, singer/song writer, The Beach Boys
3/15/1767 Andrew Jackson born
3/16/64 Capitol Records announces advance sales of one to two million each for the Beatles' next two singles
3/16/26 Jerry Lewis born
3/17 Saint Patrick's Day
3/17/51 Scott Gorham born, a founding member of Irish rock band Thin Lizzy (1974)
3/18/45 Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman adopt son Michael
3/18/54 1st B-52 rolls out of Boeing plant
3/18/65 Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) arrested for relieving themselves on the wall of a gas station after being refused permission to use its restroom
3/18/41 Wilson "Boris" Pickett, singer "The Monster Mash"
3/19/1920 Railroads returned to their owners after being nationalized by President Wilson
3/19/80 Elvis Presley's autopsy is subpoenaed in trial of his doctor for over-prescribing drugs, for which he will be found guilty
3/19/82 Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist and two others killed when plane crashes after buzzing Osbourne in his tour bus
3/19/30 Ornette Coleman born, avant-garde jazz performer
3/19/37 Clarence "Frogman" Henry, singer/song writer
3/20/37 Jerry Reed born, singer/song writer/actor
3/20 First day of Spring
3/20/59 A site inside Cheyenne Mountains in Colorado approved for NORAD operations
3/20/69 John Lennon marries Yoko Ono, then they start a "bed-in for peace" at the Amsterdam Hilton
3/20/71 Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida goes triple gold, on the pop chart now for 138 weeks
3/21/1685 Johann Sebastian Bach born
3/22/1765 Stamp Act, 1st direct tax only on British colonies, touching off violent protests 8/26/1765, repealed 4/26/1766
3/22/63 The Beatles' 1st album released, hits #1 in 3 weeks
3/22/56 Carl Perkins injured in car accident, never fully recovers
3/22/78 The Rutles "All You Need Is Cash" spoofing the Beatles airs on ABC-TV with a cameo by George Harrison. He was also a fan of the satirical rock group Spinal Tap
3/22/43 George Benson born, jazz guitarist, his "Breezin" (1976) is one of all-time best-selling jazz albums
3/22/48 Andrew Lloyd Weber born
3/23/1858 Patent issued for the streetcar
3/23/53 Chaka Khan, singer
3/24/13 Palm Sunday
3/24/1874 Harry Houdini born, illusionist and escape artist
3/24/1873 Mary Ann Cotton executed by hanging after at least 18 family members died, 12 of them children, from arsenic "stomach ailments" including her mother and 3 husbands
3/24/54 Ray Charles' 3rd hit "It Should've Been Me" hits #7 on R&B chart
3/24/58 Elvis Presley (23) becomes Army recruit #53310761 for 2 years; Sgt. Presley will be released 3/5/60
3/24/72 Paul Anka's hit "Puppy Love" goes gold also for Donny Osmond 12 year later
3/25/13 Passover begins at sundown
3/25/38 singer/actor Hoyt Axton born
3/25/61 Elvis does his last live performance for 8 years, a benefit raising $62,000 in Pearl Harbor for the USS Arizona Memorial
3/25/1807 World's first passenger train run, Swansea to Mumbles, U.K.
3/25/70 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's only studio-recorded album goes gold, inc. song Teach Your Children
3/25/72 America have #1 single & album on pop chart A Horse With No Name and "America"
3/25/34 Johnny Burnette born (d. 8/1/64) singer "You're 16" (1960) which was later a #1 hit also for Ringo Starr (1973)
3/25/42 Aretha Franklin born, gospel & pop singer daughter of Rev. C.L. Franklin, recorded 1st gospel songs at age 14
3/25/47 Elton John born, singer
3/26/44 Diana Ross born, singer
3/26/49 1st US ten-engine bomber makes 1st test flight, the B-36
3/26/70 Peter of Peter Paul & Mary pleads guilty to "immoral liberties" with a 14 year old girl
3/26/74 Rock On by British teen idol David Essex goes gold, Essex is best known in US as Jesus in movie Godspell
3/26/74 Tubular Bells by teen prodigy Mike Oldfield goes gold, song is later used for movie The Exorcist
3/26/65 The Yardbirds replace Eric Clapton with Jeff Beck. Clapton objected to commercialization of their songs
3/27/13 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
3/27/68 The Bee Gees perform at Royal Albert Hall with a 67-piece orchestra, the RAF Band, and a large choir
3/27/71 One Toke Over The Line by Brewer & Shipley is banned by radio stations for its drug references
3/27/72 Elvis Presley records his final hit song "Burning Love"
3/27/51 Tony Bank born, founding member of pop group Genesis (later to include Peter Gabriel & Phil Collins)
3/27/52 Singin' In The Rain released, musical spoof of silent movie era, Gene Kelly
3/28/58 Blues composer W.C. Handy dies (84)
3/28/48 John Evan born, keyboardist for British group Jethro Tull, which they named for a farm implement inventor
3/28/1881 Master showman P.T. Barnum merges his museum of oddities with the Bailey Circus 3/29/13 Good Friday
3/29/77 Swedish group ABBA gets their only US #1 hit gold record, for Dancing Queen, their "Knowing Me Knowing You" is #1 in Britain
3/29/1990 Warning labels first put on records, voluntarily
3/30/60 Congressman Tip O'Neill denounces rock & roll as "a type of sensuous music unfit for impressionable minds" and demands the FCC investigate radio stations for payola
3/30/78 Paul Simonon & Topper Headon of rock group Clash arrested for shooting pigeons from a London hotel roof
3/30/81 A deranged loner attempts to kill President Reagan with a stolen gun
3/30/45 Eric Clapton born, guitarist
3/30/42 Graeme Edge, a founding member of British rock group The Moody Blues
3/30/64 First broadcast of TV gameshow Jeopardy
3/31/13 Easter Sunday
3/31/54 Fats Domino's 10th hit "You Done Me Wrong" hits #10 on R&B chart
3/31/37 Herb Alpert born, Grammy Award winner "A Taste Of Honey"
3/31/1889 Eiffel Tower
April 1 - If you're still celebrating New Year's Day today, you're a fool
4/1/54 Bill creating the Air Force Academy signed by President Eisenhower
4/1/89 Congress proclaims National Model Railroad Day
4/1/1894 The French Ripper, Joseph Vacher, considered cured & released from an asylum, went on a killing spree
4/1/2010 Ed Roberts died, developer of the calculator and computer kits, employed young Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the 1970s
4/1/2010 John Forsythe died, actor "Bachelor Father", Dynasty, and Charlie's voice in Charlie's Angels
4/2/39 Marvin Gaye born, singer "Sexual Healing" hit #1 on pop chart 13 times in 17 years
4/2/1805 Hans Christian Andersen born "The Little Mermaid"
4/3/66 Folk singer Peter Tork plays at The Troubadour in Hollywood after auditioning for NBC's TV series The Monkees
4/3/74 a series of 148 tornadoes hit 13 states leaving damage over 2500 miles
4/3/26 Gus Grissom born, first man to fly twice in space as an astronaut, died along with Ed White when Apollo One caught fire inside the capsule on launchpad 1/27/67
4/4/68 Riots break out in 30 cities after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
4/4/1915 Muddy Waters born (d. 4/30/83) singer
4/4/2013 Roger Ebert died, movie critic
4/4/2009 Jody McRea died, played Bonehead in several of Frankie & Annette's "Beach" movies
4/5/39 Ronnie White born, singer
4/6/37 Merle Haggard born, singer
4/6/45 Bob Marley born (d. 1981) singer
4/6/44 Michelle Phillips born, singer The Mamas and the Papas
4/5/1900 Spencer Tracy born (died 10/6/67) actor, Captains Courageous, Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
4/5/12 Thomas Kinkade died, "painted lights" artist
4/7/12 Mike Wallace died, newscaster for "60 Minutes"
4/7/13 Holocaust Remembrance Day
4/7/49 John Oates born, singer Hall and Oates "Private Eyes"
4/8/74 Chris Kyle born, US Navy SEAL and author of American Sniper about his Iraq War experience (died 2013)
4/8/73 Pablo Picasso died, painter, printmaker and sculptor (born 1881)
4/8/75 Minnie Riperton gets a gold record for Loving You featuring her 5-octave singing and bird calls
4/8/2013 Margaret Thatcher died, former Prime Minister (UK)
4/8/2013 Annette Funicello (70) died, singer actress from Mickey Mouse Club to the Beach movies
4/8/2010 John Schoenherr died, artist who painted hundreds of sci-fi book and magazine covers inc. "Dune"
4/9/2011 Sidney Lumet (director) 12 Angry Men, Network, The Verdict
4/9/32 Carl Perkins born, don't step on his blue suede shoes
4/9/2010 Meinhardt Raabe died, the Munchkin coroner who pronounced the witch's sister dead in 1939's Wizard Of Oz
4/9/45 Dietrich Bonhoeffer executed on order of Hitler, was a Lutheran pastor and vocal anti-Nazi
4/10/13 New Moon, werewolf threat level green
4/10/56 Nat King Cole attacked and severely beaten by white segregationists while onstage in Birmingham, Alabama
4/10/2010 Dixie Carter died, actress "Designing Women" TV-series, wife of Hal Holbrook
4/10/62 Stuart Sutcliffe died (21), bassist for The Beatles for 2 years
4/11/57 "Hellcats Of The Navy" premieres, starring Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis
4/11/70 Paul McCartney leaves the Beatles citing differences with John & Yoko Ono
4/11/13 Jonathan Winters died (87) actor/comedian 4/12/54 Bill Haley and the Comets record "Rock Around The Clock," later used in two movies
4/12/50 David Cassidy born, singer/actor The Partridge Family
4/12/40 Herbie Hancock born, singer
4/12/25 Tiny Tim born, singer Tiptoe Through The Tulips
4/12/2009 Marilyn Chambers (model/adult star) died, star of some Ivory Snow TV-commercials before they found out she was a porn star inc. Joe Bob's favorite Behind The Green Door
4/13/1846 Pennsylvania Railroad chartered
4/13/60 Maj. R.M. White is 1st to pilot X-15 rocket plane
4/13/65 The Beatles get a Grammy as Best New Artist of 1964
4/13/46 Al Green born, singer
4/13/12 Jonathan Frid died, star of TV-series Dark Shadows
4/14/35 Loretta Lynn born, singer
4/15/1986 US planes bomb Libya in retaliation for terrorist activities
4/15/2013 Terrorist from Saudi Arabia and two Chechens set off two bombs at end of Boston Marathon, 3 dead and over 100 injured
4/16/47 Most of Texas City, TX, destroyed by fire when ship carrying ammonium nitrate exploded, 3500 dead or injured
4/16/49 Berlin Air Lift delivered 12,940 tons of supplies in 24 hours during Soviet blockade
4/16/63 Jimmy Osmond born, youngest of the singing Brothers
4/16/39 Dusty Springfield, singer
4/16/2013 Pat Summerall (82) died, sportscaster for CBS and Fox Sports for over 40 years and 16 Super Bowls
4/17/2011 Michael Sarrazin died, actor The Reincarnation of Peter Proud and They Shoot Horses Don't They?
4/17/1970 Paul McCartney releases his 1st solo album after his temporary break with the Beatles
4/17/2013 Explosion at fertilizer plant in West, Texas, over 100 injured, some dead
4/18/1775 Paul Revere rides to warn the militia that General Gage is on the move
4/18/1880 Marshfield, MO, destroyed by 24 tornadoes in one day
4/18/1934 Burlington Zephyr dedicated, later renamed California Zephyr
4/18/1942 Lt. Col. Doolittle leads 16 bomber raid on Tokyo in retaliation for Pearl Harbor
4/18/2012 Dick Clark died, host of American Bandstand and annual televised New Years Day from New York
4/18/2012 A motorcycle lost in Japan's tidal wave over a year earlier washed up on the west coast of Canada in its storage container 4000 miles away
4/19/1919 1st non-stop flight Chicago-NY
4/19/33 Jayne Mansfield born, actress known as "The Blonde Bombshell" in 1950s & 1960s, died on 6/29/67 in a car crash
4/19/1775 Skirmish at Lexington, then Concord, Minutemen ambush redcoats & blockade Boston
4/19/67 Somethin Stupid goes gold, the only hit duet by Frank Sinatra and daughter Nancy Sinatra
4/19/72 Former school teacher Roberta Flack gets her 1st gold record for The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
4/19/95 Truck bomb in Oklahoma City damaged over 200 buildings and killed 168 people, 2 were convicted for the bombing
4/19/2011 Elisabeth Sladen died, actress in Doctor Who TV-series for 40 years as Sarah Jane Smith
4/19/2010 George Scithers died, editor of Isaac Asimov Magazine and the new Weird Tales
4/19/2009 J. G. Ballard (author) died, "Empire Of The Sun" novel & movie were based on his life in WW2
4/20/1769 Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa is murdered
4/20/1893 Harold Lloyd born (died 1971), one of most famous comic stars of silent film era
4/20/59 Puppy Love released, 13 year old Dolly Parton's first song single
4/20/2010 Dorothy Height died (98), civil rights activist with Martin Luther King
4/22/38 Glen Campbell born, singer
4/22/50 Peter Frampton born, singer
4/23/1866 Westinghouse patents first railroad air brake
4/23/56 Elvis Presley debuts in Las Vegas as opening act for comic Shecky Greene but is fired after 1 week for poor reception, Elvis refuses to return to Vegas for 13 years. Heartbreak Hotel hits #1 on the pop chart the same week in 1956
4/23/36 Roy Orbison born, singer
4/23/2011 Norio Ohga died (born 1930) inventor of the music CD, later president of Sony
4/24/62 USAF used an orbiting satellite for 1st time to transmit TV images
4/24/59 Final broadcast of radio's "Your Hit Parade" featuring popular music since 4/20/35
4/24/72 John Lennon releases single "Woman Is the Nigger of the World" but radio stations refuse to play it
4/24/74 Bud Abbott died (76), of comedy team Abbott & Costello
4/25/13 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbot in his room
4/25/1507 Mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller names the new world "America," the 1st map to show it as a separate continent
4/25/2010 Dorothy Provine died, actress in movies inc. It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
4/25/1972 George Sanders died, starred as The Saint and The Falcon in several movies, as Mr. Freeze in 1960s Batman TV-series
4/26/42 Bobby Rydell born, singer
4/26/73 Irene Ryan died, movie actress and Granny in TV's The Beverly Hillbillies (born 1902)
4/26/86 Soviet Russia denies anything unusual at Chernobyl nuclear plant until radioactive cloud reaches western Europe
4/26/2011 Phoebe Snow died (born 1950) singer "Poetry Man"
4/26/70 Gypsy Rose Lee (stripper, actress, writer) died, musical Gypsy based on her life, toured with the USO
4/27/1865 Boiler exploded in Mississippi River boat Sultana near Memphis, over 1500 dead
4/27/1931 Warmest temperature on record for state of Hawaii, 100 degrees F. in Pahala
4/27/59 Sheena Easton born, singer
4/27/44 Cuba Gooding born, singer "Everybody Play The Fool" (1972)
4/28/54 Big Joe Turner's sexually suggestive "Shake Rattle & Roll" hits #3 on R&B chart. A cleaned up version was later a hit for Bill Haley & the Comets
4/28/2011 William Campbell died, actor best known to Star Trek fans as "The Squire of Gothos"
4/29/1918 Lt. Eddie Rickenbacker shot down 1st enemy plane
4/29/1873 Railroad knuckle coupler patented to replace dangerous link-and-pin couplers
4/29/1899 Duke Ellington (jazz great) born, died 5/24/74
4/29/70 George Harrison of The Beatles releases his 1st solo album
4/29/76 Singer Bruce Springsteen jumps the fence at Graceland wanting to meet Elvis, he is ejected by security
4/29/47 Tommy James born, singer
4/30/1900 Casey Jones tells his fireman to jump while he attempts to stop train
4/30/91 A cyclone hit Bangladesh killing over 130,000 and leaving 9,000,000 homeless
4/30/33 Willie Nelson born, singer/actor
4/30/70 Inger Stevens killed herself, star of b/w TV-series The Farmer's Daughter
4/30/74 Agnes Moorehead died, frequent costar with Orson Welles inc. as Margo in radio's The Shadow, mother-in-law Endora in TV's Bewitched
5/1/12 Holocaust Remembrance Day
5/1/25 Astronaut Scott Carpenter born
5/1/39 Judy Collins born singer
5/1/44 Rita Coolidge born singer
5/1/67 Tim McGraw born, Country singer
5/1/41 Orson Welles' Citizen Kane premieres in New York
5/1/57 Larry King's 1st day on the radio, is the caller there?
5/1/65 Nine records were set by a YF12A interceptor that hit 2062 mph at 80,000 foot altitude
5/1/71 Amtrak begins operations
5/1/54 Alan Freed hosts his 1st rock concert inc. the Clovers and Muddy Waters, sells out at $2 per ticket
5/1/67 Elvis Presley marries Priscilla, daughter of an army colonel he met while serving in Germany. She had moved to Graceland at age 16, in a separate house
5/1/79 Elton John becomes the first pop music star to perform in Israel
5/2/36 Engelbert Humperdinck born singer
5/2/23 1st non-stop transcontinental flight NY to San Diego started
5/2/56 "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis Presley hits top 10 on R&B chart and #1 on both Pop and Country charts
5/2/80 Pink Floyd's song Another Brick In The Wall banned in South Africa after black children begin chanting it
5/2/2011 Navy SEALs assassinate Osama bin Laden at his secret compound in Pakistan
5/2/1519 Leonardo da Vinci died (67) in France
5/3/1919 Pete Seeger born, folk & pop singer
5/3/26 Ann B. Davis born, the maid in TV's The Brady Bunch
5/3/33 Alex Cord born, actor Air Wolf TV-series as the agency's boss
5/3/37 Frankie Valli born singer
5/3/50 Peter Gabriel born singer
5/3/52 World's 1st successful landing at the North Pole, by a USAF C-47
5/3/68 The Beach Boys play a concert then have Maharishi Yogi lecture the audience for the 2nd half,
       it is not received well and half their concert dates cancel
5/3/77 Eric Church born, country singer
5/4/59 Dick Clark announces his 1st movie production, Harrison High, with himself playing a teacher
5/4/59 winners of the 1st annual Grammy Awards inc. Peter Gunn by Mancini, Tequila by the Champs, 
       Tom Dooley by the Kingston Trio, and 3 Grammys to David Seville for The Chipmunk Song
5/4/70 Nat. Guard troops fire on Vietnam War protestors at Kent State University, killing 4. Studebt 
       unrest closes down 400 colleges by May 7 and 2 more students are killed by police at Jackson State
       University (Mississippi) May 14
5/5/12 Cinco de Mayo in US, though not official holiday in Mexico
5/5/62 Cliff Richards gets a Gold Record for the title song for movie The Young Ones
5/6/1912 1st group cross-country flight, by 3 Army planes
5/6/32 President of France assassinated in Paris
5/6/37 German airship "Hindenburg" burst into flame and fell like a lead zeppelin (later used as one of
       Led Zeppelin's album covers)
5/6/41 Stalin became Premier of Soviet Russia
5/6/31 Willie Mays born, Baseball Hall of Famer
5/6/61 George Clooney born, actor "ER" sitcom, "ER" dramatic TV-series, several movies
5/7/1763 Chief Pontiac rallies Great Lakes tribes against colonial incursions, Pontiac is killed in 1769
5/7/15 German U-boat sank the British passenger liner Lusitania, dead include Americans
5/7/45 Germany signed unconditional surrender at Allied headquarters in France
5/7/63 US launched communications satellite Telstar 2
5/7/75 Pres. Ford announced end to Vietnam War as Viet Cong took over Siagon & renamed it Ho Chi Minh City
5/7/71 Eagle-Eye Cherry born singer
5/8/45 VE Day, Germany surrenders
5/8/40 Rick Nelson born singer "Garden Party"
5/8/43 Toni Tennille born singer
5/9/49 Billy Joel born singer
5/10/13 New Moon completely dark, werewolf threat low
5/10/1869 Last spike of 1st US transcontinental railroad, Union Pacific & Central Pacific, in Utah
5/10/29 Fats Domino born singer
5/10/46 Donovan born, singer "Sunshine Superman" , "Mellow Yellow" and "Hurdy Gurdy Man"
5/11/61 Soviet bandleader Alexander Utyosov claims that Dixieland music was invented in his Socialist 
        Motherland. Variations of the claim later become a running joke by Chekhov in TV's Star Trek
5/12/49 Russia ends blockade of West Berlin
5/12/29 Burt Bacharach born singer
5/12/48 Steve Winwood born singer
5/12/62 Billboard Mag. reports the top 2 most played jukebox songs are Jimmy Dean's Big Bad John and Chubby Checker's The Twist
5/12/64 Dominique by the Singing Nun wins Grammy for Best Gospel Record, Allan Sherman for Best Comedy
        "Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh"
5/12/13 Mother's Day (2nd Sunday in May)
5/13/1911 1st 2 Army graduate pilots from Wright School
5/13/41 Ritchie Valens born (died 1959) singer
5/13/43 Mary Wells born, singer from age 17 "My Guy"
5/13/50 Little Stevie Wonder born, singer since age 12
5/13/77 Hustler publisher Larry Flint offers Linda Ronstadt $1 million to pose nude. She tells reporters
        she threw the offer "in the wastebasket"
5/14/1908 1st passenger flight in an airplane, at Kitty Hawk
5/14/36 Bobby Darin born, singer/actor (Died 1973) The Time Tunnel TV-series, hit 
        song Mack The Knife
5/14/52 David Byrne born, founding member of Talking Heads pop group, singer/composer
5/14/55 "Bo Diddley" sung by Bo Diddley released, will go on to be his biggest hit single
5/14/55 "Mambo King" Perez Prado's "Cherry Pink" sells a million records, one of the Cuban's 4 big hits in America
5/15/1918 US govt. establishes 1st permanent Air Mail route
5/15/69 Gov. Reagan orders end to riot in Berkeley, CA
5/15/71 Yoko Ono's The Fly is screened at Cannes Film Festival, reviewers include Joe Bob Briggs
5/16/80 Dr. Nick is indicted in Memphis for over-prescribing drugs to Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis
5/17/42 Taj Mahal born, singer
5/17/1958 Last run of a steam engine on Baltimore & Ohio, for a Cleveland railroad club
5/18/13 Armed Forces Day
5/19/45 Pete Townshend born singer
5/19/52 Grace Jones born singer
5/19/98 Galaxy 4 communications satellite carrying wire news services, CBS & NPR networks, and 80% of beepers, suddenly failed. It was eventually permanently replaced by Galaxy VI
5/20/46 Cher born singer/actress "Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" and drama movies
5/20/44 Joe Cocker born singer
5/20/60 Sue Cowsill born, youngest of the singing Cowsill Family
5/20/51 Capt. James Jabara became 1st USAF jet ace, over Korea
5/20/77 Blondie makes first U.K tour, with fellow New York rock group Television
5/21/41 Ronald Isley born, one of the singing Isley Brothers "Twist & Shout" (1962 hit, two years
        before The Beatles)
5/21/48 Leo Sayer born singer
5/21/56 1st H-bomb exploded, over Bikini Atoll
5/21/61 Every Beat Of My Heart enters the Top 100, one version by Gladys Knight and another by The Pips on a 
different record label, of which she is a member. Motown will later sign them as Gladys Knight & the Pips
5/21/69 Yoko & John Lennon begin a ten-day "Bed-in" in a Montreal hotel 2 week after his visa is revoked by
        the U.S. Embassy in London
5/21/79 Elton John becomes the first pop music star to tour Russia
5/22/58 Jerry Lee Lewis and his wife Myra arrive in London for a tour, reporters are shocked when he admits
        she is his 14 year old 3rd cousin
5/23/64 British hit My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small hits America's Top 100 and eventually #2
5/24/1918 US Army Air Service organized
5/24/55 Rosanne Cash born singer
5/24/41 Bob Dylan born singer
5/25/13 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbot in his room
5/25/26 Miles Davis born singer
5/25/42 Bill Young born, singer
5/26/34 First nonstop run of the Zephyr (CB&Q railroad) Denver to Chicago
5/26/33 Jimmie Rodgers died, "The Singing Brakeman."
5/26/48 Stevie Nicks born singer
5/26/49 Hank Williams Jr. born singer, Are You Ready For Some Baseball?
5/26/58 Jerry Lee Lewis 37-date tour is cancelled after just 3 concerts due to hostile crowds, the
        London Evening Star calls for his deportation
5/27/57 That'll Be The Day by Buddy Holly & the Crickets is released
5/27/13 Memorial Day observed (last Monday in May)
5/28/44 Gladys Knight born singer
5/28/45 John Fogerty born singer
5/28/48 Ray Laidlaw born singer
5/28/58 Ronald P. Reagan born to Ronald & Nancy Reagan
5/28/55 Billboard Mag. reports "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" has sold 18 million records in 6 months, with 
        versions sung by Fess Parker, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Steve Allen, Burl Ives, Roy Rogers Sons Of The
        Pioneers, and others
5/30/58 A fatal 5-car accident at Indy changes rules: rollbar required on all cars and medical-certified helmets
5/31/38 Peter Yarrow born, of the singing trio Peter Paul & Mary
5/31/69 Rolling Stone mag. reports that Frank Zappa has become a paid lecturer on the college circuit inc.
        UCLA on the topic of "Pigs, Ponies and Rock & Roll"
5/31/76 Guinness Book of World Records says The Who is world's loudest rock band, with live performances
        at 120 decibels
6/1/59 Billboard mag. says some teens are using the latest technology to tape music off radio instead of buying it
6/1/67 First non-stop trans-Atlantic flight by a helicopter, by two HH3Es, New York-Paris
6/1 Canadian Forces Day
6/2 Ascension Day
6/2/1865 US Civil War ends
6/3/1808 Jefferson Davis born
6/4/1917 First Pulitzer Prizes
6/5/2004 Former President Ronald Reagan died
6/6/44 D-Day landing begins before dawn
6/6/19 Canadian National Railways (CN) incorporated
6/7/13 Mt McKinley's highest peak reached
6/8/13 Moon completely dark, werewolf threat level low
6/9/34 Donald Duck born
6/10/15 Saul Bellow born
6/11/13 Vince Lombardi born
6/11/76 San Francisco Latin/rock-fusion group Santana's album AMIGOS goes gold
6/12/29 Anne Frank born
6/12/1973 Dismantling of the Reader RR began, America's last all-steam freight railroad
6/12/87 President Reagan in Berlin says, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
6/14/76 Beatles album "Rock N Roll Music" released by Capitol after expiration of agreements with Apple, goes gold
6/16/1884 First roller coaster completed, relied on gravity alone to keep wheels on rails
6/17/70 Poleroid camera patented, self-developing photos
6/18/1815 Napoleon has his Waterloo
6/19/64 Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) begins construction in California
6/19/76 Blue Oyster Cult gets their 1st hit album, containing song Don't Fear The Reaper
6/20/77 Alaskan Pipeline
6/21 First day of Summer
6/21/66 The Rolling Stones sue 14 New York city hotels for publicly banning them
6/21/2001 Australia sets current record heaviest train ever operated
6/22/44 GI Bill Of Rights signed
6/23/13 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
6/24/47 First UFO sighting reported as "saucer-shaped"
6/26/45 UN charter signed
6/27/1880 Helen Keller born
6/28/19 WW1 officially ended
6/29/56 Federal Aid Highway Act, to connect all 50 states by Interstate Highways
6/30/53 First Corvette
6/30/1977 US Post Office ends regular Railway Post Office (RPO) service on passenger trains
6/30/71 Indian Reservation by Paul Revere & the Raiders become a hit Gold Record
7/1/11 New Moon, werewolf threat low
7/1/82 WABC-AM radio switches from rock music to talk radio format
7/2/64 Civil Rights Act
7/2/81 Stars On 45 by a group of Dutch studio musicians hits #1 and is quickly followed by other medley singles
7/3/1886 First automobile test drive
7/3/71 Jim Morrison (27) of The Doors dies of heart attack in Paris, complicated by years of drugs & alcohol
7/3/81 The Doors give fans a Morrison graveside tribute in Paris 
7/4/1828 B&O Railroad laid first stone (later switched to wooden crossties under the rails)
7/5/46 Bikini introduced, named for atom bomb tests at Bikini Atoll
7/6/1911 Devil's Postpile Nat Monument in California
7/6/46 Sylvester Stallone born
7/7/1802 First comic book printed
7/7/1862 Congress passes Pacific Railway Act to build a railroad to California
7/9/71 Jim Morrison secretly buried in France to avoid the "circuslike atmosphere" of the Janis Joplin & Jimi Hendrix funerals
7/9/1893 First open-heart surgery
7/10/43 Arthur Ashe born
7/11/14 Babe Ruth's Major League Baseball debut
7/12/1817 Henry David Thoreau born
7/13/30 First World Cup soccer
7/14/11 Full Moon
7/14/1789 Bastille Day in France and all French territories
7/15/1853 Grand Trunk Railway formed
7/16/45 First successful atom bomb test
7/17/55 Disneyland opens
7/17/61 The Supremes release their 1st single: Buttered Popcorn/Who's Loving You.
7/17/82 The Valley Girl craze starts when Valley Girl by Moon Unit Zappa hits the top 100 Pop Chart. The song i
7/18/21 astronaut John Glenn born
7/19/46 Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) screen test
7/20/69 First manned Moon landing
7/21/1899 Ernest Hemingway born
7/22/40 Alex Trebek born, what is Host of Jeopardy
7/25/78 First "test-tube" baby born after fertilization outside the womb
7/26/1908 FBI founded
7/26/76 Ted Nugent's self titled album goes gold
7/27/53 Korean War ends with an armistice, a permanent treaty has never been signed. US flag may be flown at half-mast until sunset in recognition of Korean War vets
7/28/29 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis born
7/28/76 Fly Like An Eagle album by The Steve Miller Band goes gold, and eventually platinum
7/29/58 NASA founded
7/30/11 New Moon completely dark, werewolf threat low
8/1 Ramadan begins
8/1/12 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
8/1/42 Jerry Garcia born, singer
8/2/1892 Escalator patent granted
8/2/61 The Beatles begin a 2 year run at The Cavern Club in Liverpool
8/3/49 NBA founded
8/3/71 Ringo Starr's 1st solo hit goes gold: It Don't Come Easy. Paul McCartney forms new group Wings
8/4/1901 Louis Armstrong born
8/5/62 Marilyn Monroe born
8/5/1861 First Income Tax imposed, as a war measure
8/5/1961 Warmest temperature on record for state of Washington, 118 degrees F. at Ice Harbor Dam
8/6/38 Isaac Hayes born, singer
8/6/82 movie "Pink Floyd The Wall" premieres in New York starring "near-catatonic" Bob Geldof in a film with no plot or dialogue, directed by Alan Parker
8/6/70 An antiwar concert on the anniversary of Hiroshima is cancelled in Philadelphia after disappointing turnout in New York's Shea Stadium of just 20,000 paid tickets
8/7/1782 George Washington creates first US military award
8/7/1560 Countess Elizabeth Bathory born, said to have tortured and killed over 600 girls in Hungary
 before being placed under house arrest in a tower room
8/7/71 The Bee Gees have their 1st number one hit of 7 in the US, their only US hit without faletto singing style 
8/8/21 Esther Williams born
8/8/1786 Congress approved the Dollar for US monetary system
8/8/1829 Stourbridge Lion locomotive first run, in Pennslvania
8/8/80 The Plasmatics on tour are refused permission to blow up a car onstage in London
8/8/81 Soul backup singer/songwriter Luther Vandross gets his 1st solo hit album & single
8/9/74 President Ford inaugurated
8/9/1930 Warmest day on record for state of Tennessee, 113 degrees F. in Perryville
8/9/78 blues legend Muddy Waters performs at the White House for a presidential picnic
8/9/82 themesong of movie Rocky 3 "Eye Of The Tiger" goes gold as both single and album
8/10/1846 Smithsonian created, with a donated collection of kites
8/10/1999 Russia President Yeltsin replaced the Prime Minister with virtually unknown former
 KGB agent Vladimir Putin
8/10/1936 Warmest temperature on record in state of Arkansas, 120 degrees F. in Ozark, and in
 state of Louisiana, 114 degrees in Plain Dealing
8/10/1898 Warmest temperature on record in state of Oregon, 119 degrees in Pendleton
8/10/09 Leo Fender born, founder of Fender Guitars, sold to CBS Records for $13,000,000 in 1965
8/10/43 Ronnie Bennett of The Ronettes, singer wife of Phil Spector
8/11/1909 First SOS emergency signaled radioed
8/11/72 San Antonio declares Cheech & Chong Day
8-12-12 Two-day annual Perseid meteor shower starts, up to 50 per minute in the northeast sky
8/12/81 First personal computer (IBM)
8/12/1936 Warmest day on record in state of Texas, 120 degrees in Seymour
8/13/80 Masked thieves tie up Todd Rundgren and strip hi house of valuables, one of them humming Rundgren's
 hit "I Saw The Light"
8/13/71 King Curtis of The Coasters (Yakety Yak) stabbed to death outside his New York apartment
8/13/81 President Reagan signs the biggest tax cut in US history, The Economic Recovery Act
8/13/51 Dan Fogelberg born, singer
8/14/45 V-J Day, Japan surrenders, though not recognized by Japanese forces in mainland asia
8/14/40 Dash Crofts born, singer/instrumentalst with Jim Seals, their 1st was "Tequila" by another name
8/14/41 David Crsoby born, of Crosby Stills & Nash (which is not a law firm)
8/14/74 Paul Anka's "Having My Baby" goes gold despite boycott by feminists
8/15/1769 Napoleon born, refered to by Nostradamas as the 1st of 3 antichrists (his 2nd was Hitler)
8/15/79 movie Americathon premieres, a hit satire in which America goes bankrupt billions of dollars in debt & has a telethon to raise money
8/16/1896 Gold discovered up north in Canada & Alaska, starting the Klondike gold rush
8/16/53 James Taylor born, singer and anti-nuke activist
8/16/79 one-hit wonder "My Sharona" by The Knack goes gold, with #1 single & album the following week
8/16/77 Elvis Presley found dead of natural causes at home on the bathroom floor 2 weeks after ex-bodyguards
 released a tell-all book about him
8/17/12 New Moon, werewolf threat level green
8/17/77 FTD (Florists Transworld Delivery) reports the most flowers ever ordered in one day, by fans to be
 delivered to Graceland, home of Elvis
8/17/1807 First steamboat trip
8/18/1872 First mail-order catalog issued
8/18/77 75,000 fans show up for the funeral of Elvis, 150 people inside Graceland includ Col. Parker
 in shirtsleeves and a baseball cap
8/19 National Aviation Day, also Orville Wright's birthday
8/19/40 Johnny Nash born, singer "I Can See Clearly Now"
8/19/80 Debut album of Christopher Cross goes platinum as well as the single "Sailing"
8/20/42 Plutonium first weighed for some project in Manhattan
8/20/48 Robert Plant born, lead vocalist for Led Zeppelin
8/20/69 Frank Zappa disbands the Mothers Of Invention because people at concerts "clap for all the wrong reaons"
8/20/81 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band perform a benefit for Vietnam veterans in Los Angeles
8/21/1581 Spain founds city of Pueblo, naming it "New Mexico"
8/21/41 Kenny Rogers born, country singer/actor "The Gambler"
8/22/1865 Liquid soap patent issued
8/23/12 Gene Kelly born, just singin' & dancin' in the rain
8/23/47 Keith Moon born (died 1978), of The Who
8/23/49 Rick Springfield born, Grammy-winning singer
8/24/49 North American Treaty Org (NATO) established
8/24/81 Mark David Chapman sentenced to "20 years to life" for murder of John Lennon
8/25/54 Elvis Costello born, no relation to Elvis Presley though I'm not sure of Lou Costello
8/25/1877 Joshua Lionel Cohen born, founder of Lionel Trains
8/25/79 jazz bandleader Stan Kenton died, his horn charts were also used in the rock music of "Chicago"
8/26 Laylat al-Qadr
8/26/50 Bob & Dick Cowsill born, of the singing Cowsill Family
8/26/48 Valerie Simpson born, music composer "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" with Nickolas Ashford
8/26/81 Lee Hays died, cofounder of The Weavers and cowriter of "If I Had A Hammer"
8/26/1765 Protests against the Stamp Act imposed only on colonies turn violent
8/27/10 Mother Teresa born
8/27/42 B.J. Thomas born, Grammy-winning singer "Hooked On A Feeling"
8/27/42 Daryl Dragon born, singer "The Captain & Tennille"
8/27/82 Robert Plant's 1st solo album since Led Zeppelin broke up goes gold
8/28/1753 The Liberty Bell set up in Pennsylvania Assembly
8/28/1864 US Post Office establishes 1st permanent Railway Post Office route
8/28/1830 First B&O train pulled by a steam engine, the Tom Thumb
8/28/51 Wayne Osmond born, singer
8/28/72 David Bowie & the Spiders From Mars perform at Carnegie Hall
8/28/73 Monster Mash hits the Top 10 elevin years after original release by Bobby "Boris" Pickett, 
by then working as a cab driver
8/29/66 Beatles have their final live concert
8/29/1911 Ishi, last survivor of the California Yahi tribe, walked into Oroville and learned English, then
 demonstrated Indian customs & wilderness skills
8/29/58 Michael Jackson born, singer with his older brothers in The Jackson 5
8/30 Cleopatra died this day in 30 BC
8/30/35 John Phillips born, singer the Mamas & the Papas, which in 1982 included daughter MacKenzie Phillips
8/31 Eid-al-Fitr
8/31/12 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room again
8/31/83 Pres. Reagan talks to astronauts in orbiting space shuttle Challenger
8/31/1888 The body of Mary Ann Nichols found, 1st victim of Jack the Ripper
8/31/45, Van Morrison born, singer
9/1/59 Elizabeth Taylor agrees to make Cleopatra for $1 million, a sum she's sure is so high it will be refused so she can take a vacation without breaking contract but Fox agrees, it will be a costly mistake for them
9/1/83 Pres. Reagan is notified that Russia has shot down a KAL airliner with 269 people onboard
9/1/35 National Model Railroad Association founded in Milwaukee
9/1/1752 Liberty Bell delivered to Philadelphia
9/1/39 Lily Tomlin born, Laugh-In's phone operator, movies 9 to 5 and The Incredible Shrinking Woman
9/1/57 Gloria Estefan born, singer
9/1 /82 Air Force Space Command established
9/2/13 Labor Day (US & Canada, first Monday in Sept)
9/2/52 Jimmy Connors born
9/2/51 Mark Harmon born, actor Deliberate Stranger
9/2/64 Keanu Reeves born, "Point Break" and "Speed"
9/2/68 Salma Hayek born, actress
9/2/45 Japanese delegates aboard USS Missouri sign official surrender documents
9/3/30 Thomas Edison runs first all-electric passenger train Hoboken to Montclair (NJ)
9/3/45 VJ Day declared for victory in Japan
9/3/25 WW1 German zeppelin renamed U.S. Shenandoah broke apart and crashed over Ohio, 14 dead
9/3/83 Typhoon Ike hit 7 major islands in the Philippines, leaving 1300 people dead
9/3/81 Nancy Reagan buys new White House china set with private funds donated for the purpose
9/3/13 Alan Ladd, actor "Box 13"
9/3/44 Valerie Perrine, actress
9/3/65 Charlie Sheen, bad-boy actor The Wraith
9/4/13 Rosh Hashanah
9/4/30 Mitzi Gaynor born, actress
9/4/51 Judith Ivey, actress
9/4/71 Ione Skye, actor
9/4/1941, USS Greer attacked by German submarine 200 miles off Iceland, not sunk but Pres. Roosevelt ordered Navy to attack any German warships on sight. It was not reported to the media at the time because FDR did not think the US was ready to declare war on Nazi Germany (see 10-31-41)
9/5/13 New Moon completely dark, werewolf threat low
9/5/25 Warmest temperature ever recorded in state of Alabama, 112 degrees F. in Centerville
9/5/1847 Jesse James born, inspiration for "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter," sequel to "Dracula Meets Billy The Kid"
9/5/29 Bob Newhart born, movie "Cold Turkey" and Elf
9/5/37 William Devane born, actor
9/5/40 Raquel Welch born, movies Fantastic Voyage and One Million Years B.C.
9/6/44 Swoosie Kurtz born, actress
9/6/47 Jane Curtin born, Coneheads and Saturday Night Live
9/7/1999 Viacom announces it will acquire CBS, creating 2nd largest media company
9/7/23 Peter Lawford born, actor
9/7/26 Samuel Goldwyn born, "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on"
9/7/36 Buddy Holly born, singer
9/7/46 Jerry Zaks born
9/7/51 Julie Kavner born, actress and a voice on The Simpsons
9/8/1760 Montreal surrenders to British in French & Indian War, end of "New France" in Canada
9/8/22 Sid Caesar born "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"
9/8/25 Peter Sellers "The Pink Panther"
9/8/39 Frankie Avalon singer/actor
9/8/72 David Arquette born, actor
9/9/12 Grandparent's Day
9/9/1776 Over 4000 people in US & Canada reported dead from a hurricane, N.Carolina to Nova Scotia
9/9/25 Cliff Robertson born, actor Escape From L.A., "PT-109"
9/9/41 Otis Redding born, singer
9/9/43 Roger Waters born
9/9/60 Hugh Grant born, actor
9/10/32 Maj. J. Doolittle set new air speed record, 294 mph
9/10/1999 Judges end forced school busing where it began 30 years previously for integration, in Charlotte, NC
9/10/14 Robert Wise born, director of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Forbidden Planet
9/10/53 Amy Irving born
9/10/58 Chris Columbus born, actor Stepmom
9/10/60 Colin Firth born
9/11 Patriot Day, flag may be flown at half-staff until sunset
9/11/63 almost 50 inches of rain fell on Tiawan in 24 hours
9/11/72 BART carries first passengers in Northern California
9/11/1862 O. Henry born, writer
9/11/1885 D.H. Lawrence born, writer
9/11/40 Brian De Palma born, Carrie
9/11/62 Kristy McNichol born
9/11/63 Virginia Madsen born
9/11/67 Harry Connick born
9/11/94 small plane aimed at the White House hit a tree outside the Presidential bedroom. The pilot was killed, his motives unknown
9/12/1888 Maurice Chevalier born, actor
9/12/31 Ian Holm born
9/12/43 Michael Ondaatje born
9/12/14 Desmond Llewelyn born, actor (died 1999), Q in the James Bond movies
9/12/44 US submarines sink 2 Japanese troop ships not knowing 2000 British, US & Australian POWs are aboard
9/13/13 Yom Kippur
9/13/1922 World record heat of 132 degrees F. set in El Azizia, Libya
9/13/16 Roald Dahl born, actor Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
9/13/25 Mel Torme singer/actor
9/13/43 Frank Marshall born
9/13/44 Jacqueline Bisset born, actress
9/13/48 Nell Carter born
9/14/44 Douglass A-20 flies into eye of hurricane for 1st time to gather scientific data & returns
9/14/74 hurricane Fifi came ashore in Honduras, leaving 8000 dead & 100,000 homeless in next 5 days
9/1436 Walter Koenig born, of Star Trek
9/14/47 Sam Neill born, actor In The Mouth Of Madness
9/14/14 Clayton Moore, actor (died 1999) TV's "The Lone Ranger." In 1981 a new, updated version "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" came out and its producers got a court order forbidding Moore from ever wearing the popular mask again. The resulting movie was funnier than Hercules In New York
9/15/1900 Over 8000 people reported dead from the Galveston Hurricane in Texas, deadliest US hurricane on record
9/15/1789 James Cooper born
9/15/1890 Agatha Christie born, novelist
9/15/45 Ron Shelton born
9/15/46 Tommy Lee Jones born, actor Men In Black, The Fugitive
9/15/46 Oliver Stone born, movie director but not the twin of Tommy Lee Jones
9/15/61 Dan Marino born
9/16/1920 Unknown terrorists set off a wagon full of TNT on Wall Street, NY, killing 35 and injuring hundreds, crime is unsolved
9/16/1999 Bomb blamed on Islamic militants kills 18 & injures 200 in Russia, one of 5 bombings there in 3 weeks
9/16/24 Lauren Bacall born, actress
9/16/25 B.B. King born
9/16/27 Peter Falk born "Columbo"
9/16/49 Ed Begley born, actor "Transylvania 6-5000" and "Meet The Applegates"
9/16/56 David Copperfield born, the magician in Terror Train (1980)
9/16/56 Mickey Rourke actor, not David Copperfield's twin
9/16/61 Jennifer Tilly actress, Bride Of Chucky
9/17/12 Rosh Hashanah
9/17/1908 1st fatal airplane accident, Army officer killed & Orville Wright seriously injured
9/17/28 Roddy McDowall born Planet Of The Apes and Fright Night
9/17/31 Anne Bancroft born, Blazing Saddles, "To Be Or Not To Be" (Mel Brooks)
9/17/48 John Ritter born, "Americathon," Stay Tuned
9/18/1759 British capture Quebec in the French & Indian War
9/18/1906 Hong Kong hit by typhoon (hurricane) and tsunami, at least 10,000 dead
9/18/20 Jack Warden born "Crazy Like A Fox"
9/18/33 Robert Blake born, actor "Barretta" TV-sereis, "The Little Rascals," "In Cold Blood"
9/18 Greta Garbo born (she wanted to be alone)
9/19/13 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
9/19/85 Mexico hit by 8.1 earthquake, damage & aftershocks kill 25,000
9/19/29 Adam West born, tv's Batman
9/19/48 Jeremy Irons born, weird actor? "You have no idea"
9/19/64 Trisha Yearwood born
9/20/1850 President Fillmore signs 1st Railroad Land Grant Act
9/20/1950 USAF announces planned test of pilotless plane controlled from ground using TV camera
9/20/28 Joyce Brothers born, therapist
9/20/34 Sophia Loren born
9/20/13 POW / MIA Recognition Day (third Friday in Sept)
9/21/1866 H.G. Wells born novelist The Time Machine, War Of The Worlds and Empire Of The Ants
9/21/11 Chuck Jones born, cartoonist for Warner Brothers
9/21/47 Stephen King writer/director of Maximum Overdrive
9/21/50 Bill Murray born of Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, "Scrooged"
9/21/57 Ethan Coen
9/21/68 Ricki Lake actress Hairspray
9/22 First day of Autumn
9/22/93 Amtrak train derailed on a bridge that had been rammed by a barge near Mobile ALA, killing 47
9/22/50 1st non-stop flight of Atlantic by a jet aircraft
9/22/89 Losses totaling over $4 Billion reported from 12-day long Hurricane Hugo in the Caribbean and both Carolina states
9/22/1885 Erich Von Stroheim born, scary movie actor/director
9/22/46 Paul Le Mat born
9/22/54 Shari Belafonte-Harper actress/singer
9/22/60 Joan Jett born
9/22/61 Scott Baio born Zapped, "Joanie Loves Chachi"
9/23/21 Battleship Alabama sunk in night & day bombing tests by airplanes
9/23/1874 East Broad Top railway first run
9/23/20 Mickey Rooney born star of Silent Night Deadly Night 5
9/23/26 John Coltrane born
9/23/49 Bruce Springsteen born "Born In The USA"
9/23/59 Jason Alexander born, actor
9/24/29 1st blind all-instrument flight, by Lt. J.H. Doolittle
9/24/1896 F. Scott Fitzgerald born, writer
9/24/36 Jim Henson born (died from walking pneumonia), creator of The Muppets
9/24/41 Linda McCartney born, singer in "Wings" with that guy from the Beatles
9/24/43 Julio Iglesias born, singer
9/24/48 Phil Hartman born (murdered in bed by girlfriend)
9/25/1918 Capt. Rickenbacker attacks 7 enemy aircraft, later awarded the Medal of Honor
9/25/1897 William Faulkner born, writer
9/25/44 Michael Douglas born The Ghost & The Darkness, "Fatal Attraction"
9/25/51 Mark Hamill born, original star of Star Wars and Time Runner, plus the Guyver and Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island
9/25/52 Christopher Reeve born, star of "Superman," not to be confused with Supergirl or Superfly
9/25/59 Michael Madsen born
9/25/61 Heather Locklear born
9/25/69 Catherine Zeta Jones born
9/26/48 Olivia Newton-John born, singer/actress of Xanadu and "Grease"
9/26/56 Linda Hamilton born of Terminator and Terminator 2 (she was busy when they made the 3rd one)
9/27/59 Japan hit by typhoon Vera, killing 4464 people
9/27/1895 George Raft born, actor
9/27/20 William Conrad born The Naked Jungle and radio's Matt Dillon in "Gunsmoke," one of best-known westerns
9/27/22 Arthur Penn born
9/27/34 Wilford Brimley born, actor Cocoon
9/27/51 Meat Loaf born, singer/actor "Bat Out Of Hell"
9/27/58 Shaun Cassidy born, actor Hardy Boys
9/28/24 Marcello Mastroianni born
9/28/64 Janeane Garofalo born, a big fan of The Bridges Of Madison County not!
9/28/67 Moon Unit Zappa born, singer/actress who created voice of "Valley Girl" for her father's novelty song of the same name
9/28/67 Mira Sorvino born
9/28/72 Gwyneth Paltrow born, actress
9/29/42 Lt. Ronald Reagan sent to Burbank, CA, to make Army training films at Fort Hal Roach
9/29/82 the 1st of 7 people die from cyanide placed in Tylenol bottles by unknown terrorist, safety seals added to all consumer products, killer never caught
9/29/07 Gene Autry born, singing cowboy star
9/29/08 Greer Garson born
9/29/32 Robert Benton born
9/29/35 Nelson Riddle born, composer of many TV themesongs including 1960's Batman
9/29/42 Madeline Kahn born, bride of Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks)
9/29/48 Bryant Gumbel born, Ice-T's favorite newscaster (just kidding)
9/29/57 Andrew Dice Clay born, star of movie Ford Fairlane
9/30/49 Berlin Airlift officially ends
9/30/24 Truman Capote born, writer/actor "Murder By Death", "In Cold Blood"
9/30/31 Angie Dickinson born "Police Woman"
9/30/35 Johnny Mathis born, singer, no relation to Curtis Mathis
9/30/57 Fran Drescher born "The Nanny"
9/30/61 Eric Stoltz born, actor Anaconda and remake of The Fly
9/30/71 Jenna Elfman born, actress/sister-in-law of Danny Elfman
10/1/47 USAF launches first intercontinental missile
10/2/42 First flight of a turbojet aircraft, a Bell P-59A
10/2/77 Bodies of Elvis Presley & his mother are moved to Graceland after someone tried to steal them from Forest Hill in L.A.
10/3/67 Record speed of 4,534 mph set by secret X-15 flight
10/4/22 Canada nationalizes railroads & creates Canadian National Railway
10/4/57 Sputnik launched into orbit by Russia, the CIA assures Preident Eisenhower that it is not a weapon
10/5/65 First successful USAF launch of an orbiting satellite
10/5/62 The Beatles release their 1st single, Love Me Do/PS, I Love You, and it's heard on Radio Luxembourg
10/5/69 Art Linkletter's daughter leaps to her death, he says she was on LSD "It isn't suicide, it's murder"
10/6/1913 First military aviator badges awarded
10/6/1866 Reno Gang first robs train, Jackson County, Indiana
10/6/76 Rick Dees' spoof of disco, "Disco Duck" goes gold and eventually hits platinum, only the 4th record to ever do so
10/7/57 RCA gets a million orders for Elvis Presley's Christmas album, but had only made 200,000 copies
10/7/49 USAF reports availability of atomic bombs for immediate use if needed
10/7/57 Russia announces it has tested a hydrogen bomb
10/8/12 Yom Kippur and Columbus Day, US government offices closed, Thanksgiving Day in Canada
10/8/40 RAF announces formation of first WW2 squadron composed of US volunteers, the Eagle Squadron
10/8/66 LSD is made illegal in the US as "a dangerous & illegal substance"
10/9/1883 US Congress sets transcontinental railroad gauge at 4 feet 8-1/2 inches, matching wagon wheel axles
10/9/1918 Over 250 bombers & 100 pursuit planes attach enemy in France
10/10/47 Patent issued for Norden Bombsight invented in 1930 but kept secret for 17 years
10/10/62 BBC bans Boris Pickett's Monster Mash as "offensive" to minorities or the handicapped
10/11/11 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
10/11/58 Pioneer 1 lunar probe launched by USAF
10/11/75 1st broadcast of NBC's Saturday Night Live, host George Carlin. 
         The following week Simon & Garfunkel reunite to sing on the show
10/12/1918 First night air pusuit operations by American pilots in France
10/12/62 A local group known as The Beatles open for headliner Little Richard in Liverpool
10/12/69 "Turn me on, dead man" is heard by playing a Beatles song backwards on the air
10/12/73 Elton John album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road goes gold, his 3rd hit album
10/13/25 Margaret Thatcher born
10/13/57 Little Richard flies to Los Angeles to be baptised after renouncing "rock & roll" music
10/14/47 First Mach One flight, Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in secret tests
10/14/72 The themesong of horror movie "Ben" by 13-year-old Michael Jackson hits #1 on the popchart
10/15/58 The X-15 research aircraft unveiled
10/15/64 British rock star Screaming Lord Sutch runs for Parliament
10/15/73 The Supreme Court refuses to rule on the FCC's right to order radio stations to censor song lyrics
10/16/1917 Final tests of Army's airplane radio at distance of 25 miles, maximum due to curviture of Earth
10/17/11 Boss's Day, thank yours for your job
10/18/84 First flight of the B-1b bomber
10/18/59 Russia announced the 1st photos of the Moon's far side by their Lunik III 
         satelite 3 weeks after the US announced TV video of Earth from Explorer VI
10/20/1911 Wright Army plane delivered to Smithsonian Institute
10/20/76 Born-again Christian Cliff Richard get his first solo Top-10 hit, with "Devil Woman"
10/20/77 3 days after releasing an album showing the Lynyrd Skynyrd band in flames, 3 band members are killed in a plane crash
10/20/79 Born-again Christian Bob Dylan sings his new Gospel-rock song "Serve Somebody" on Saturday Night Live
10/21/61 Bob Dylan records his 1st album at a cost of $400, accompanied only by his guitar & harmonica, he signs his tax form Blind Boy Grunt
10/21/66 The Who performs songs from their latest album including "Batman Theme" with smoke & flash powder
10/21/59 US Army space research & activites turned over to NASA
10/22/52 Patricia Ann Reagan born
10/22/55 The F-105A hit Mach One on its first flight
10/23/83 President Reagan is informed of Marine base bombed in Beirut by Islamic extremists
10/23/58 Nobel Prize awarded to author of "Doctor Zhivago"
10/24/11 United Nations Day
10/25/42 US planes bomb Japanese occupied Hong Kong
10/26/11 New Moon, werewolf threat level green
10/26/1909 First US Army officer solos in an airplane after 3 days of lessons by Wilbur Wright
10/27/1904 First New York subway opens
10/27/56 Frogman Clarence Henry's Ain't Got No Home is released and become a hit
10/27/57 Devaluation of the French franc extended to all imports
10/28/1924 US Army planes broke up cloud formation with electrified sand
10/30/1919 Reversible pitch propeller tested
10/30/72 Elton John becomes the 1st rocker to give a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II since the Beatles in 1963, he would later get $1,000,00 to sing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding
10/30/78 Animated primetime movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park airs on NBC
10/31 Halloween, lock your doors, lock your windows
10/31/68 President Johnson orders suspension of bombing in North Vietnam
11/1 All Saints Day
11/1/54 Last B-29 bomber retired by the USAF
11/1/66 Three Elvis Presley albums go Gold today, his 1956 debut album and its 2 sequels
11/1/80 CSX Corporation formed, merging several railroads
11/2/43 The 15th Air Force flew its 1st mission of WW2
11/3/54 Singer Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) born
11/2/67 British group Move sued for promotional postcard showing the Prime Miniter nude, cards confiscated
11/3/57 Great Balls Of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis released, hits #1, 2 & 3 on C&W, Pop, and R&B charts
11/3/59 C133 cargo plane made its 1st delivery of an Atlas intercontinental missile
11/3/61 Jimmie Rodgers (1897-1933) unanimously elected as 1st member of Country Music Hall of Fame
11/4/31 Ike Turner, singer
11/4/60 USAF revealed use of a C-97 as an airborne command post
11/4/76 Presented with a BeeGees platinum record, NY Mayor Beame says he looks forward to playing it
11/4/80 Ronald Reagan elected President
11/4/81 Private Eyes by Hall & Oates goes platinum, as does 9 Tonight by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
11/5/1912 1st artillery adjustments made from a plane in USA
11/5/42 Art Garfunkel, singer
11/5/47 Peter Noone born, singer
11/5/46 Gram Parsons born (died 1973)
11/6/11 Daylight Savings ends, turn your clocks upside-down
11/6/30 Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker awarded the Medal of Honor for WW1 action
11/6/65 New York hit by massive blackout
11/6/73 2 men are fined $300 each for stealing Gram Parsons' body to cremate in the desert
11/7/1885 Canadian Pacific Railway completed, Canada's 1st transcontinental railroad
11/7/1907 US Signal Corps alloted $25,000  to procure an airplane
11/7/43 born Joni Mitchell, singer
11/7/70 MGM Records drops 18 acts who "exploit & promote hard drugs" including Connie Francis and Judy Garland
11/7/74 Ted Nugent wins Nat. Squirrel-Shooting Archery Contest, at 150 yards
11/8/49 born Bonnie Raitt singer
11/8/50 1st jet plane vs. jet plane combat in history, over Korea
11/8/61 Leif Garrett
11/8/66 Ronald Reagan elected Governor of CA
11/9/1918 Last US air unit assigned to Army in WW1
11/9/61 Record shop manager Brian Epstein goes to Cavern Club to hear the Beatles
11/9/66 rumor spreads that Paul McCartney is killed in auto accident & replaced by a look-alike
11/9/89 Fall of the Berlin Wall
11/10/11 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
11/10/58 Billboard says Beechnut gum's sales have doubled as sponsor of Dick Clark's American Bandstand
11/10/60 Gregg Allman gets a guitar for 13th birthday, forms group with his brother within the year
11/10/88 USAF announces exsistence of F-117A, the Stealth Fighter
11/11/11 Veteran's Day, originally observing the end of WW1 on the 11th day of the 11th month
11/11/56 1st flight of the world's supersonic bomber, the B-58 Hustler
11/12/42 Ninth Air Force established in Middle East
11/12/45 born Neil Young, singer
11/13/43 Heaviest raid on New Guinea in WW2, 119 B24s & B25s
11/13/65 James Brown's I Got You (aka I Feel Good) released, hits #1 on R&B and #3 on Pop charts
11/14/66 1st jet aircraft to land in Antarctica, a C141 Starlifter
11/14/60 Elvis Presley's It's Now Or Never sells a British record of 780,000 copies its 1st week there 
11/15/32 Petula Clark, singer
11/15/47 1st test flight of a ram-jet helicopter, by McDonell Aviation
11/16/59 Capt. J.W. Kittinger parachuted from altitude of 76,400  feet
11/16/56 Elvis Presley's 1st movie debuts, Love Me Tender, grossing over $4 million in 2 months
11/16/1892 Dr. Thomas Neill Cream executed for 9 murders and numerous backstreet abortions, calling himself Jack the...
11/17/38 born Gordon Lightfoot
11/17/44 US fighter fly over Philippines for 1st time since evacuation of 1942
11/17/47 Actor Ronald Reagan elected president of the Screen Actors Guild
11/17/53 born Dino Martin, Jr.
11/18/1883 US & Canada begin using Standard Time to standardize railroad time schedules
11/18/49 USAF C-74 aircraft carried a record 103 people
11/18/54 Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney banned as offensive by ABC Radio
11/18/56 Fats Domino sings Blueberry Hill on Ed Sullivan Show
11/18/68 Glen Campbell gets his 1st gold record, for Wichita Lineman
11/18/80 The B-52s' self-titled record album goes gold
11/19/52 World speed record of 698.5 mph set, by a F-86D
11/20/63 1st two F-4C jet fighters delivered to USAF
11/20/54 Singing cowboy Gene Autry 1st appearance on Grand Ole Opry
11/20/55 Bo Diddley does his own "Bo Diddley" live on Ed Sullivan Show instead of song he rehearsed for Ed
11/20/59 Alan Freed fired by WABC New York, refused to sign affidavit about payola
11/21/57 1st of several balistic missile bases to be erected at Frances E. Warren AFB in Wyoming
11/21/60 Ray Charles has 4 songs in top 100 inc. Georgia On My Mind and Ruby
11/22/88 Rollout of the B-2 "stealth" bomber
11/22/55 RCA signs singer Elvis Presley for $5000, which he uses to buy a Cadillac, & buys out his previous contracts
11/22/77 You Light Up My Life by Debbie Boone goes platinum, from a movie of the same name
11/23/47 1st flight of world's largest land plane, the XC-99
11/23/64 Rolling Stones banned by BBC after showing up late for live radio show "Top Gear"
11/23/76 Jerry Lee Lewis arrested outside Graceland, demanding to see Elvis, drunk & waving a pistol
11/24/11 New Moon completely dark, werewolf threat low, enjoy your Thanksgiving tofurky
11/24/44 1st large bombing raid on Tokyo, by 88 B-29s
11/25/36 Nazi Germany & Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact to "safeguard their common interests"
11/25/56 T/Sgt R.J. Patton made 1st successful polar parachute jump
11/26/38 Tina Turner born, singer
11/26/56 Big Band leader Tommy Dorsey found dead from a simple home accident
11/26/57 RF-101 established a transcontinental round trip record of 6 hours,42+ minutes
11/26/75 Rev. Boykin of Tallahassee (FL) burns $2000 of rock & roll records, the Devil's music
11/26/82 Miles Davis marries Cicely Tyson, with Bill Cosby as Best Man
11/27/11 Advent
11/27/1897 Jenny Coupler patented to make coupling railroad cars safer
11/27/1912 US Army accepts 1st flying boat, Curtiss Aviation
11/27/42 Jimi Hendrix born (died 1970)
11/27/44 born Eddie Rabbitt singer
11/27/56 James Garner appears in Man from 1997 in which a time traveler accidentally leaves behind an
         almanac from the future, a theme used in Back To The Future Part 2
11/27/74 "Kung Fu Fighting" becomes a gold record though sequel "Dance The Kung Fu" bombs
11/28/1729 300 French soldiers & settlers killed by Natchez Indians over settlements in their sacred burial grounds
11/28/29 Berry Gordy, Jr
11/28/42 1st US bombing raid on Japanese-occupied Thailand
11/28/44 Randy Newman born, he really does like short people
11/28/64 Leader Of The Pack by the Shangri-Las girl group becomes a #1 hit song
11/28/66 The Monkees get their 3rd gold record "I'm A Believer," their 2nd was Last Train To Clarkesville
11/29/51 USAF announces development of 1st all-jet heavy bomber, the B-52
11/30/29 Dick Clark born, America's oldest teenager
11/30/56 TM-61 Matador became USAF's 1st completely tactical missile
12/1/59 Essential systems were eliminated from the B-70 program, essentially ending it
12/1/45 born Bette Midler, singer/actress
12/1/35 born Lou Rawls singer
12/1/76 Bill Grundy uses the F word on the British "Today Show," The Sex Pistols are banned 
        from performing live shows in U.K.
12/1/82 Michael Jackson album "Thriller" released, with Vincent Price narration on title track
12/2/1763 1st Jewish center in America opens, in Newport
12/2/35 Flight of 20 bombers flew Calif to FLA in less than 22 hours
12/3/1909 Camas Prairie Railroad begins operation (google it)
12/3/45 P-80 becomes USAF's 1st jet fighter
12/3/66 Gov. Ronald Reagan tells Berkeley students "Observe the rules or get out"
12/3/71 Montreux Casino burns down while Frank Zappa's performing, inspiring song Smoke On The Water
12/3/79 Several fans are trampled to death at a general-seating rock concert in Cincinnati
12/3/48 born Ozzy Osbourne singer
12/4/65 Two astronauts launched in Gemini VII
12/4/44 born Dennis Wilson singer, of the Beach Boys
12/4/68 The Soviet Union calls the Beatles "rich idols of the Philistines"
12/5/1907 Wilbur Wright offers US govt a 2 person airplane for $25,000
12/6/49 USAF funds diverted to build Alaska radar defense system
12/6/69 A free rock & roll concert in Livermore, CA, turns disasterous, released theatricly as "Gimme Shelter"
12/6/79 "Highway To Hell" album by AC/DC goes gold, lead singer Ron Scott dies 2 months later
12/7/41 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, bombed by Japan without declaring war first
12/7/42 born Harry Chapin (died 1981) singer/song writer, gold record for Cat's In The Cradle
12/7/49 Tom Waits, singer
12/7/72 Final Moon landing, Apollo 17, with little public interest
12/8/43 born Jim Morrison (died 1971) singer
12/8/47 born Gregg Allman, the Allman Brothers Band
12/8/48 B-36 completed a 9,400 mile nonstop flight without refueling
12/8/61 "Surfin" released, 1st song by The Beach Boys
12/8/80 John Lennon is shot by a Beatles fan after signing an album for him, dying within 30 minutes
12/8/82 Singer/song writer Marty Robbins died, his "That's All Right" outsold the Elvis Presley version
12/9/41 1st use of US bombers in WW2, bombing enemy ships off Philippines
12/9/57 born Donny Osmond, singer
12/10/11 Full Moon, lock Larry Talbut in his room
12/10/54 Greatest G-force sustained by man set by Col. J.P. Stapp
12/10/67 Singer/writer Otis Redding killed in plane crash (26) "Dock Of The Bay" is released posthumously
12/11/1914 Radio message received by a US plane in flight at distance of ten miles
12/11/26 born Big Mama Thornton "Hound Dog" (later also done by Elvis Presley in 1956)
12/11/44 born Brenda Lee singer
12/11/54 Billboard magazine predicts that 78 rpm records are doomed due to 45 rpm popularity
12/11/64 Popular R&B singer Sam Cooke shot to death under bizaar circumstances wearing only shoes & a sports coat
12/12/1887 US Congress passes the Interstate Commerce Act, putting the ICC in charge of regulating railroads
12/12/35 an amphibian plane flies record 1033 miles
12/12/38 born Connie Francis singer
12/12/49 born Dionne Warwick,  singer
12/12/68 The Rolling Stones film "Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus" with real clowns, but it's never released
12/13/62 USAF balloon reaches record 82,000 feet
12/13/48 born Ted Nugent singer
12/14/47 Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman seperate
12/14/84 1st flight of X-29
12/14/63 Dinah Washington died (39, sleeping pills od) What A Difference A Day Makes, "Unforgetable"
12/15/22 born Alan Freed (died1965) super DJ
12/15/64 1st USAF gunship, the AC-47 enters combat in Vietnam
12/15/42 born Dave Clark, singer
12/15/55 Folsom Prison Blues song released, album later recorded by Johnny Cash live inside the prison
12/15/77 The Sex Pistols are denied U.S. visas to appear on Sat. Night Live for multiple reasons
12/16/1773 Patriots disguised as Indians dump tea off British ships, The Boston Tea Party
12/16/44 Nazi Germany, thought near collapse, starts all-out Battle of the Bulge
12/16/70 5 singles & 5 albums by Creedence Clearwater are certified gold the same day
12/17/1903 1st sustained controlled flight in a powered aircraft, by the Wright Brothers
12/17/55 "16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford tops both C&W and pop charts, #1 on pop chart since November
12/18/41 Buzz Wagner becomes 1st American ace of WW2
12/18/43 born Keith Richards (born in India as Harry Rodger Webb) singer, TV & movie actor, 
most recently in Pirates Of The Caribbean At Worlds End
12/19/72 Massive 11 day air strike begins to convince North Vietnam to conclude Paris Peace Talks
12/19/44 born Zal Yanovsky singer "Do You Believe In Magic" with the Lovin Spoonful
12/19/55 Carl Perkins records his most popular song "Blue Suede Shoes"
12/20/11 Erev Chanukah begins at sunset, light one candle
12/20/41 1st combat between the Flying Tigers and Japanese over China
12/20/67 Jethro Tull band formed, named after an 18th century inventor of farm implements
12/20/73 Bobby Darin (37) "Mack The Knife" dies during open-heart surgery
12/21/11 1st day of winter & 1st full day of Hanukkah, light 2nd candle tonight
12/21/44 Hap Arnold becomes General of the US Army
12/21/46 born Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys, guitar
12/21/40 born Frank Zappa, singer "Baby Snakes"
12/21/70 "Jesus Christ Superstar" studio-recorded album of the play goes gold
12/22/11 Winter Solstice, shortest day of year north of the Equator & longest south of it
12/22/49 born Robin Gibb, singer with brothers Barry & Maurice as The Bee Gees
12/22/49 born Maurice Gibb, twin of Robin
12/22/64 1st flight of SR-71 supersonic spy plane
12/22/62 "Telstar" by the Tornadoes is 1st song by a British group to hit #1 in US
12/22/81 Sotheby's rock & roll auction sells Tom Jones jacket for $12 and a John Lennon self-portrait for $15,000
12/23/1907 Signal Corps issues 1st specs for the 1st military airplane
12/24/11 New Moon, werewolf threat level green, Christmas Eve
12/24/24 born Lee Dorsey singer, Working In A Coal Mine (top 10 hit 1966)
12/24/1928 Great Northern Railroad completes longest railway tunnel, Cascade Tunnel
12/24/43 Over 600 US bombers attack Nazi Germany's V1 & V2 weapons sites, destroying them
12/24/44 born Mike Curb, president of MGM Records, Republican Lt. Gov of California
12/24/54 popular R&B singer Johnny Ace (25) kills self playing Russian Roulette backstage in Houston
12/24/61 "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is the 1st African song to hit #1 in US, based on native folk song translated into English
12/24/74 James Taylor, Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell sing Christmas carols on streets of L.A.
12/25 Christmas Day observed, written by early Greek Christians as Xmas to signify the cross later carried by Christ
12/25/32 born Little Richard (Richard Penniman) singer
12/25/46 born Jimmy Buffett, singer
12/25/45 born Alice Cooper (Vincent Furnier) Welcome To My Nightmare
12/25/40 born Phil Spector record producer
12/25/59 Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr, age 18) gets 1st drum set, for Christmas
12/25/49 USAF reveals development of a ceramic with resistance of 2000 degrees heat
12/25/76 "Hotel California" album by The Eagles with Joe Walsh goes gold. You can check out anytime you want...
12/26 Kwanzaa observed, created in the 1960s by a college profesor combining various African customs
12/26 Boxing Day observed in UK & Canada, giving presents to servents & the poor
12/26/63 Capitol/EMI releases its 1st Beatles single, I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There
12/26/43 Bombing of Cape Gloucester, New Britain, completely destroys enemy defenses against invasion
12/27/35 Lava flow diverted by Army aerial bombardment, Hawaii
12/27/80 "Starting Over" by John Lennon hits#1 in UK & US simultaneously 3 weeks after his death
12/28/11 Hanukkah ends
12/28/46 born Edgar Winter, singer
12/28/48 C-47 with rocket boosters rescues 12 USAF pilots from ice in Greenland
12/29/42 born B.J. Thomas "Hooked On A Feeling" (later a gold record for Blue Swede in 1974)
12/29/39 1st flight of B-24 bomber, the 1st of over 18,000 B-24s produced by 1945
12/30/1914 US Signal Corps accepts the first Burgess-Dunne stable armored plane
12/30/28 Bo Diddley born, singer 
12/30/42 born Michael Nesmith singer with The Monkees
12/30/45 born Davy Jones of The Monkees, and stay out of his locker
12/31 New Year's Eve, party like it's 1999
12/31/45 World War 2 officially declared over
12/31/43 born John Denver, singer/song writer, died flying his own plane
12/31/48 born Donna Summer singer
12/31/42 born Andy Summers singer
12/31/55 "Unchained Melody" named #1 tune of the year, later used in Demi Moore movie Ghost
12/31/70 Paul McCartney files a writ in London against the Beatles, breaking up the group, naming the other 3
12/31/74 "Cat's In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin, words by his wife, is a gold #1 hit. He says, 
"This one is scaring fathers from coast to coast; I suspect wives are buying it as zingers for their husbands."

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