Wild Wild West

The Night of Montezuma's Hordes, #6709

Agent Jim West goes to a museum to discuss plans for an expedition about to seek the lost treasure of Montezuma. West joins the group, which hires Artemus Gordon as a digger, and the adventure begins. However, the treasure-hunters find that the Aztecs are very much alive and do not take kindly to strangers! A classic "lost civilization" story.

Sun Goddess: Carla Borelli
Jake: Roland La Starza
Johnson: Ray Walston (of My Favorite Martian)
Aztec Chief: Eddie Little Sky
Zack Slade: Jack Elam
Doctor Mallory: Roy Monsell
Col. Pedro Sanchez: Edmund Hashim
Indian Guide: Hal Jon Norman
Directed by Irving J. Moore
Written by Max Ehrlich
* The above information was compiled from The Wild Wild West: The Series by Susan E. Kesler (Arnett Press), "Michael Garrison's Wild Wild West," an article by Robert Alan Crick in Epi-Log Journal #11 and other sources.
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