Wild Wild West

Night of the Assassin, #6605

An assassination attempt on the President of Mexico does little to help relations between the US and Mexico when the shooter is revealed to be an American. Throw in a power hungry general, and the agents have quite a mess on their hands.
Colonel Barbossa: Robert Loggia
Don Thomas: Ramon Novarro
Lupita: Nina Roman
Perrico: Nate Esformes
Griswold: Donald Woods
Juarez: Frank Sorello
Halvorsen: Conlan Carter
Lt. Ramirez: Phyllis Davis
Directed by Alan Crosland, Jr.
Written by Robert Dennis & Earl C. Barret
* The above information was compiled from The Wild Wild West: The Series by Susan E. Kesler (Arnett Press), "Michael Garrison's Wild Wild West," an article by Robert Alan Crick in Epi-Log Journal #11 and other sources.
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