Wild Wild West

Night of the Simian Terror, #6723

A visit to the plantation of a US Senator reveals a mysterious family past that intersects with a doctor infamous for his experiments with apes. The agents are lucky enough to arrive just as the Senator's forgotten giant son and his friend, a giant ape, are rampaging through the plantation.
Inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe story.
Directed by Michael Caffrey
Written by Robert Dennis ad Earl Barret
Naomi: Grace Gaynor
Van Liebig: John Abbot
Senator Buckley: Dabbs Greer
Benjamin: Felice Orlandi
Aaron: H.M. Wyant
Sheriff: Chubby Johnson
Layden: Peter Hale
Bank Manager: Jonathan Hale
* The above information was compiled from The Wild Wild West: The Series by Susan E. Kesler (Arnett Press), "Michael Garrison's Wild Wild West," an article by Robert Alan Crick in Epi-Log Journal #11 and other sources.
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