Wild Wild West

Night of the Bleak Island, #6821

On a dark and stormy night, agent West travels, by boat, to Bleak Island in order to attend the reading of Bleak's will, and to guard the bequest left to the National Museum. As it turns out, Bleak leaves the thousand-carat Moon Diamond to the museum, but there are other forces at work that wish the diamond for themselves. West must battle an ally turned enemy to protect the diamond and Bleak's heirs.
Directed by Marvin Chomsky
Written by Robert E. Kent
Sir Nigel Scott: John Wiliams
Celia Rydell: Beverly Garland
Alicia: Jana Taylor
Mark Chambers: Gene Tyban
* The above information was compiled from The Wild Wild West: The Series by Susan E. Kesler (Arnett Press), "Michael Garrison's Wild Wild West," an article by Robert Alan Crick in Epi-Log Journal #11 and other sources.
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