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3rd Season, Episodes 301-322

The 3rd season of Ripley's Believe It Or Not
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Episode 301

scheduled for SYFY's ChillerTV on 6/25/2017 followed by 3 more episodes
Foot Archer
Believe it or not, Claudia Gomez uses her feet to shoot a bullseye with a bow and arrow while doing a handstand.
Tod Swank rides the skateboard he's created through city streets and pops a wheelie. His skateboard is the size of a car!
Gay Balfour relocates prairie dogs without harming them — with a giant vacuum cleaner.
Mike Howard and Steve Davis attach hundreds of standard balloons to their bodies and float thousands of feet into the sky.
In a remote Thailand village, Padaung women's neck rings stretch their necks up to eight inches. For the first time in front of a camera they take them off! The photographer's website: (Japanese), or (translated into English). The interview was later shown on National Geographic to disprove an urban legend that the neck is unable to work over time and would be fatal to remove the rings, snapping the spine.

Charlie expertly practices the ancient martial art of karate and-- he's a chimpanzee!
When this man lost his penis to cancer, doctors replaced it with one of his fingers: photo of hand, missing middle finger
Cat-Man Lal Bahadur Jadugar will put a live snake in his mouth and swallow it. After several minutes, he will bring the snake out of his mouth and, believe it or not, it will still be alive!
Solar Powered PlaneSOLAR WING
This is the "Helios," a solar wing that set a world record for highest altitude achieved by a non-rocket-powered aircraft, at 96,863 feet.
This 43-year-old California man is transforming himself into a wild cat, and now he's getting whiskers implanted into his upper lip!
Shrunken Torso Jean-Charles Briand, a French designer, makes bikinis out of balloons. But will they stay on under water?
From the vault: SHRUNKEN TORSO
This shrunken torso from the Jivaro Indians in Ecuador is rare due to its great condition and size.
This week's "Spot The Not" link: (note: you must be 18 for the adult jokes section)

Episode 302

Matthew Biancaniello eats an entire dinner of the most disgusting food ever assembled.
Reno Jaton is dragged behind a jet-engine dragster going over 200 mph...on his belly!
In a minor and painless surgical procedure, U.C. Davis scientists install a 4-inch circular, removable transparent "porthole" right into a cow's side so they can see into one of the animal's stomachs.
From the archive: DESIGNER CAR
This car was the newest in designer fashions from Paris in 1953 and even had built-in jacks, but it cost 5 times as much and didn't sell.
Kerry Mclean built a new monocycle and recently crashed. Ripley's is there with him when he gets back on for the first time for another run.

(unedited footage of crash, lost control at stop sign)
Skateboarding dog EYE LICKER
Veronika Veres of Romania is known throughout her village for her amazing ability to help people who have gotten particles in their eyes...she licks them out with her tongue.
Nugget, a bull terrier, can ride a skateboard just as good as any kid.
Believe it or not, Christopher Wall was born with his heart outside of his body and today lives a normal life.
Luggage Contortionist Metalface Beauty Daniel Browning Smith packs himself inside a 20" x 16" x 14" duffel bag and then proceeds through an airport x-ray machine, onto a plane and into an overhead luggage compartment.
Michael Kettman spins 25 basketballs simultaneously.
Elaine Davidson has more than 700 piercings on her face and body so far.
Thunderwear Human Skin Mask THUNDERWEAR
Alan Clark invented a weapon holder to be worn under any type of outfit, even bathing suits.
This funeral mask is made from the deceased's face.

Episode 303

Cannonball to the stomach CANNONBALL CATCH
Ken Richmond takes a cannonball shot directly onto his stomach.
Inline skater Dirk Auer is pulled by a helicopter at more than 75 mph!
Laura Buxton tied a message to the end of a balloon. It landed 140 miles away in the garden of another girl named Laura Buxton. And the similarities don't stop there!
Soft Truck From The Vault: SOFT TIRE TRUCK
This 1952 invention allows a 10-ton truck to climb vertical walls, cross debris-filled fields, and even run over a person without harm.

Penn & Teller use the tires for a trick
Hindus in Northern India consider the urine of cows to be sacred, so every morning before leaving for work, they wait for the cow to urinate and apply it to their heads and faces!
Pet Goose flying alongside 50 mpg STUNT MAN
Stuntman Dave Smith gets paid to have his arm blown off; fortunately, it's prosthetic. Website:
When Dan Steffen drives his boat across the lake, his pet goose Daisy follows him at speeds up to 50 miles per hourPiercing Wedding
Tiffany Yorks, born with her legs fused together in a rare and deadly condition called "Mermaid Syndrome," is the first person to not only survive the surgical separation but is now a healthy 13-year-old living a normal life thanks to Shriners Hospital.
Carlos and Shannon will get married while suspended in the air by hooks pierced through their skin.
This car turns yellow when its owner approaches, red if the driver swerves or brakes too quickly, and blue if you run out of gas or get a flat tire.
Norm Gary is trying a new fashion in woman's clothing...bee bikinis made of thousands of live bees!
Jeff Costa leads an aerobics course where each of the participants strips to her underwear as they exercise.
Can you identify this? What at a glance looks like a chainsaw blade is actually the snout of a fish used by human island warriors in battle.

Episode 304

Danielle Stampe lets 2,000,000 volts of electricity pass through her body, enabling her to light dozens of florescent tubes held by the audience. Just minutes ago, a test dummy burst into flame when the power was turned on!
Mark Biancaniello submerges himself in a tub with 20,000 leeches.
Seth Dowell has had the hiccups for 10 months straight.
These were thought to be the future of bikes in 1933.
We all remember the cheese artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, who covered a hotel room with dripping cheese. Well, New York artist Cosimo tops this by covering an entire house in Wyoming!
When this lamb's back hooves fell off he was fitted with prosthetic legs and now he is running around like any other healthy sheep!
Flesh eating bacteria caused a gaping wound in Cassi Moore's left side, took almost all of her fingers, part of her right leg and part of her left foot but, believe it or not, she survived!
Terry Cole will pull 12 nails out of a wooden plank in 90 seconds — with his teeth!
Believe it or not, Peter Lynn built a kite that needs to be tied to two big diesel trucks just to keep it from blowing away. It's 80 yards long and 45 yards wide, and Peter will unhitch and attempt to fly it by himself!
Juana Rafaela Rosario was born with such a severe deformity that doctors said she would never walk. But she does!
Designers Christa and Krijnie De Leeuw Van Weenen are making haute couture fashions out of old rubber bicycle tires! Their website: (Zuss email listed here previously has been replaced by this Zuss email form to prevent spamming)
This chest plate can repel a thrown spear, and it's made of coconut fibers woven with a secret ingredient: human hair from a fallen enemy's head!

Episode 305

scheduled for SYFY's ChillerTV channel 7/2/2017 @ 6am EST followed by 3 more episodes
Two very powerful Harley-Davidson motorcycles attempt to drive off in two different directions, while Dennis Rogers tries to hold them back... with his biceps.
Manny Puig can free-dive into the Atlantic Ocean and ride the backs of hammerhead sharks.
Bobby Root pedals his bike up to 86mph, then pulls up the front end and rides a wheelie for more than 300 feet! The unconnected vehicle ahead is only acting as a windbreak in this photo.
From the archive: POCKET SKI LIFT
This 1955 invention gives any skier the ability to tackle any slope by converting a car's rear tires into a ski-lift!
These people hosted three-foot-long parasites for a year without knowing it. Only when the worms break through the skin can they be pulled out, one agonizing centimeter at a time. And one victim contained 60 of them! Website:
Roy Cork of London, England, has been carving wooden matchsticks into 1:300 models since the 1940s.
When Sampson the swan had his beak knocked off he was going to be put to sleep but, believe it or not, a dentist was able to make him a new one and now Sampson is living a normal life
After a near-fatal car accident, model Louise Ashby was sure her career was over. But 238 metal plates now hold her face and head together, enabling this beautiful woman to return to work. Website: (link archived in 2006)
Dara Young opens 51 factory-sealed root beer bottlecaps with her teeth — in one minute. Then decides to open all 100 available!
This golf putter is a bull's "putter." The reproductive organ is cleaned, cured and twisted. Website: (link archived 12/2000)
Hairdresser Sven Corbeel will cut seven models' hair while he and the models are underwater.
This Nevada town is being invaded by crickets... millions of them, two months every year.

(there were so many, they crossed this road for 4 days)
In 1970 she was born normally, but lost her leg to a disease at age three, and now says a "fake" leg only slows her down!
This was the world's smallest camera when it was patented back in 1948. It was designed in Japan as an essential accessory for those in the spy business, and could be hidden in a lady's garter.

Episode 306

Jess Caigoy's skin is so strong that he can use it to pull a 3,800-pound SUV more than 50 yards with a metal pin through his neck!
Believe it or not, Rene Avarenga of El Salvador has eaten live scorpions for every meal for the past 43 years. That's at least 30,000 of them so far!
Mark Madson has a tree house 30 feet above the ground. It's a 2,500-pound, 1959 Chevy truck!
In 1969, Congress passed a law making it illegal for any private citizen to attempt contact with anyone from another planet
Ripley's will be in Carrabassett Valley, Maine to see skiers on snow made from sewage. Once the sewer water is treated near this ski resort, snow blowers turn it into "gray" snow on a nearby hill, where locals ski down it!
Anca Ioana has been collecting her own hair since 1954, and she has made an entire wardrobe out of it.
After contracting a rare form of meningitis and losing her arms and her legs, Helen Smith leads a normal life using one of the first pair of electronic hands, covered with life-like skin. And the quadruple amputee can even walk unassisted!
Hawkeye the cat not only swims, this feline is the world's only SCUBA-diving cat.
Construction worker Duane Reynolds fell from a ladder and was impaled on a steel rod through his eye, but he still has his eyesight after just 3 days in the hospital.
Jim Rose will take a running chainsaw to his wife's face! Their website:
Believe it or not, Dale Heinzig of Alberta built his own working one-man submarine!
Tom Leppard has spent thousands of dollars to honor the animal that shares his name: He has had his entire body tattooed in a leopard pattern.
These people wear large and beautiful rhinestone brooches that are actually made out of living insects. That's why her bust is moving!
This is an actual mummified head, found more than 1,500 years ago in Turkey. Hollywood makeup artist Rick Baker previously owned it.

Episode 307

Donald Hamby has such control over his body and mind that he can bend a steel rod used to reinforce concrete — with his neck.
Dimitrije Panfilov performs liposuction on himself to remove a double chin.
Visually impaired Dan Shaw uses an animal companion to help him get around: a seeing-eye horse. And now 3 more seeing-eye horses are in training!
Believe it or not, 2½ year old Evan Wasser (who still wears diapers) rides a skateboard that is almost as tall as he is, can jump off a three-foot ledge and land on the board, and can execute a double-jump.
Sarah Perry is building sculptures made from thousands of tiny animal bones that sell for thousands of dollars.
Believe it or not, Brandy the boxer has a tongue that's 15 inches long, as this photo proves
At 15, Ashley Cowan was the youngest woman to swim 12-miles across Lake Erie — despite having no legs and only partial arms! Now she's thinking about the English Channel
K. Suresh claims his eyesight is better than anyone else's in the world; to prove it, he focuses one eye on the head of a needle and uses his other eyelid to pick it up.
More than 53 years ago, Ripley's reported a pole-sitter who sat on a pole for 167 days and nights. Today, three people are trying to break this Ripley's record and set a new one!
These lumberjacks climb trees more than 200 feet tall in order to give them a trim!
A bulbless, batteryless flashlight that also functions as a compass for the ultimate outdoorsman. Website: (archived 2001, no longer available)
Laurie Steinfeld is painting the bellies of pregnant women to look like everything from soccer balls to basketballs; most folks can't tell the difference between their bellies and the real thing. Hint: she's the basketball with a belly-button!
Lee Cooper has designed a pair of jeans called "Butt Couture." They're such hot sellers, stores can't keep these rear-end-cleavage-revealing pants on the shelves Cannibal Fork
From the vault: CANNIBAL FORK
This unusually ornate wooden utensil was used by the cannibals of the Fiji Islands back in the 1800s, who considered it taboo to eat a corpse with one's hands.

Episode 308

This device attaches to your shoes and enables you to jump more than six feet in the air. Watch as a group of "Jay-Walkers" plays a basketball game against the famous Harlem Globetrotters. Website:, which includes fantasy movie creations. Their old website is archived (in 2001)
Yevgeny Severin was working as a forest ranger in Siberia when a bear attacked him and ripped off his face...literally! Now he has a snap-on face after 10 hours of surgery in Switzerland and a year of recovery.
Roger Fox's only mode of transportation is his hand-built car, made out of a casket!
Chuck Kristensen shares his home and office with 50,000 spiders and "milks" them for their venom! It's worth hundreds of dollars. Website:
In order to prove the spirit can overcome the body, these Dervish men dance themselves into a trance then hammer sharp implements into the tops of their heads while inserting pins through their faces and bodies once a year.
To encourage the yearly invasion of Purple Martin mosquito-eating birds, this town has erected hundreds of birdhouses, including a giant 600-bird high-rise apartment over 40-feet tall!
A pipe as thick as a soda can pierced Ron Koerth's stomach and left a six-foot-long section sticking out his back. He survived and has returned to work as an oil field inspector.
Ashok Verma of India lifts 13 pounds of weight with strings attached to buttons that are placed in his eyes like contact lenses!
From the vault: WHALE BONE
This fossilized bone discovered in Illinois is nearly 50,000 years old. Testing revealed it to be a whale's vertebrae, reminding us that much of North America was submerged not so long ago.
In Mobile, Alabama, it is illegal to wear high-heel shoes without a permit
From the archive: TRICKSHOT BOWLER
This guy can do many tricks with a bowling ball, including bowling with his feet!
Master body-painter Loes Mehlbaum from the Netherlands shows how skillful she is by creating for Ripley's a lizard-woman who will looks so amazing that she will be mistaken for a lizard at the zoo's reptile house, and another as a mermaid on a beach, while wearing nothing but paint!
Monte Pierce has the world's longest ear lobes, and can even stretch them until they touch under his chin! Jesse James gun
From the vault: JESSE JAMES GUN
This authenticated firearm is more than 100 years old and belonged to the legendary outlaw Jesse James.

Episode 309

scheduled for SYFY's ChillerTV on 7/2/2017 followed by 3 more episodes
For the first time ever, Joey Strange and his two friends are suspended from a metal bar by hooks; at the same time they suspend three other people from their own bodies. A 6-person flesh-mobile with paramedics standing by throughout this live performance!
Almost blind, Ben Hsu always wanted to play baseball. He now plays in a league where everyone is blindfolded and use a beeping softball.
Every day thousands of people enter into the Tirupati Temple in India and, as a profession of their faith and devotion to the gods, shave their heads and walk out completely bald at the rate of 12,000 men, women and children a day. The hair is sold to help the poor
A life-long obsession with candy has inspired Franz Spohn of Edinboro University to make huge, amazingly life-like portraits of people out of gumballs.
From the archive: FIRE ESCAPE
Believe it or not, this life-saving device rappels anyone safely off a burning building.
Teardrop, an 8-foot-long boa constrictor, swallowed an electric heating pad, still plugged in, and is still alive.
John Evans suffered severe injuries when he was struck by a train and woke up from emergency surgery to find his left hand had been attached to his right arm. It was only the fourth successful hand transplant anywhere in the world! With his thumb attached to the pinky finger tendon and vice-versa, he has had to relearn how to do everything including picking up a coin or writing her own name. Never walk on railroad tracks. Website: Operation Lifesaver
Pilot blackout is common at around 6 G-force. Greg Poe will attempt to maneuver his plane at 11.4 G's and 275mph! For a moment, his heart stops and he can see only black and white, no color

An ordinary citizen can have his or her remains launched into outer space for less than the cost of a funeral.
Today the world's smallest computer chip is the size of a grain of sand — almost too small for you to even see — and it has more memory than its predecessors, at a manufacturing cost of about 20 cents!
Believe it or not, respected chef Chris Leahy has a catering company that serves his elaborately designed sushi displays on the bodies of nude models!
Eduardo Segura and Andrιs Diaz invented an industrial-strength washing machine that safely soaps, rinses and dries dogs and cats in less than half an hour in South Beach, Florida.
From the Ripley's Vault: This tree was discovered in the 1930s; what looks like the horns of a ram are just that. Apparently, one unfortunate animal rammed this tree, got stuck, and died while permanently attached.

Episode 310

Sandboarding world record
Paul Pumphrey sets a world record by breaking a stack of 20 concrete slabs using only his shoulder. His previous record is 18 and he once separated his shoulder doing this
Josh Tenge tries to break his world record for the longest sandboarding back-flip by jumping almost 50 feet and landing upright on sand in California. Josh is also an expert snowboarder in Nevada; he compares sandboarding to hardpack groomer snow and says the worst that could happen is landing on his head, breaking his neck. Website:
These Thailand villagers have found a unique way to control their rat problem: They eat them.
Corn Field Mona Lisa
Artist Will Sillin and farmer Mike Wissemann created a six-acre Mona Lisa — in a field of corn.
Bob Sokol couldn't part with his old, rotting boat, so he transformed the watercraft
into a completely street-legal car using a VW frame.
Johnnie Lee gets impaled through the chest with a tree branch that is 2.5 inches in diameter, and survives.
Eye Popper
Believe it or, weight-lifter Joe "Daddy-Pop" Jones has such control over his eyes that he can extend them out almost 1/2 an inch and hold them out for as long as he wants!
The Devastator is a Gatling-gun-style rubber-band gun that shoots 144 rubber bands in six seconds up to 40 feet. Website:
Kurt Osburn did a 2800-mile wheelie across America...on his bicycle.
Almost everything Stephen Cotten and Molly DeVoss own, wear and live with — from the black Explorer and white Navigator in their driveway, to their black cat and white cat, to their furniture, and even to the black and white koi that swim in their aquarium — is black and white!
Steve and Jana are the proud parents of the world's smallest buffalo. At 400 pounds, Jasmine lives in the house, watches TV and even swims with them!
Dr. Jacques Marescaux performed gall bladder surgery in New York on a woman who was in a hospital in France.
From the archive: SOCCER TECHNICIAN
In 1950, this machine was capable of making these soccer players play better.
torture device BUM READING
Samantha Amos of Yorkshire, England, was able to predict that a woman would win $60,000 in a national newspaper, just by looking at her bare buttocks!
From the vault: EYE SPIKE
This torture device was first used during the Spanish Inquisition. These tips were heated over a fire and then shoved in the eyes of the accused heretic. Later, common criminals would use them on witnesses because of what they saw.
"Spot The Not"

Episode 311

When Cory Nastazio tried to break a record with a double back-flip on a BMX bike, he was successful — until his landing. He fell off his bike and got a concussion. See Cory "Nasty" Nastazio again attempt to complete a double back flip--2 full rotations--on a dirt track, on a BMX bike.
Landon Shuffett can perform incredible pool trick-shots, and has defeated more than 30 adults in competition. This pool shark is only seven years old! Despite his age, he is the only player in the world who can execute the "stack of two" shot.
American Lip Plate Man
In his late twenties, Dr. Ol Baaba started making transformations to his body to help preserve rare and unusual cultures. He wears a lip plate like that of the Keyapo tribe in Brazil, has facial tattoos like those worn by the Maori tribes of New Zealand, has neck rings like the Padung of Thailand, has a nose piercing like the Highlanders of New Guinea, and has his earlobes stretched like those of the Masai tribesman.
Miss Kitty, was found abandoned, five months old, with two broken paws that had to be amputated. Her veterinarian believed that the cat would not be able to walk on her own. However, Miss Kitty is able to get around just fine with only two legs.
Miss Kitty on 2 legs, Believe It Or Not
David Krudoff hates going to the dentist so much that he crafted his own false teeth. He even drilled into his jaw so his dentures could securely fit.
This entire Czech church is decorated with the skeletons of more than 40,000 people. A mass of bones create the altar and pews, and there is a chandelier that is made from every human bone possible. It all started in the 13th century with victims of the Black Death and a blind monk with a handful of soil from Christ's grave. The Sedlec Ossuary's crypt in Kutna Hora was too full, so a woodcarver created the current look in 1870 using all the bones.
Car crush survivor Bee Grabbing
While hundreds of bees buzz wildly, Sripad Hegde pulls out fresh honey from their hive, with his bare hands!
As Joe Spring was driving to visit some friends, he swerved off the road and plunged 75 feet over a cliff. He was pinned in the wreck and unable to move. After eight days without food or water, a search party found the teenager. He survived and spent five weeks in the hospital.
Jim "Mouth" Purol shows how wide his mouth is by sticking 18 hot dogs in it.
In 1958 this super station wagon had all the conveniences of home. Among its features, it boasted a stove for cooking and is shown transforming into a tent!
In India it is believed that the Hindu God, Lord Hanuman, will be reincarnated into a monkey. Recently, a baby named Babaji was born. He has a 4-inch tail and nine spots on his body like Lord Hanuman. This mutation is causing people to pay tribute to him!
Scott Rella and Peter Slavin have been sculpting ice in competitions all over the world. Watch Scott and Peter carve a bikini model's every feature out of a block of ice, with her belly-button as a drink fountain! Website:
Porcupine fish PORCUPINE FISH
The natives who live in Tahiti take porcupine fish that are inflated and dry them. They are used as lampshades and, in times of war, they double as helmets.
"Spot The Not" A camel caravan in Australia!

Episode 312

Matt Chojnacki is the only skier in the world who can complete a four-flip, quadruple-twist ski jump. If his timing is even slightly off, he risks serious injury or death. Website:
Not only is Gero Hilliger the fastest character artist in the world, beating a Polaroid camera, he can also do portraits blindfolded--by touch!
Ollie, a 10-year-old yellow lab, loves to ride his surfboard off Maui. Once he is on the surfboard he can solo while his owners wait for him near shore.
Chang Tzu Ping was born with two heads and lived with both for 40 years. He underwent surgery to have the extra head removed and now leads a normal life.
Knife massage KNIFE MASSAGE
Hundreds of people claim that George Pan's amazing massage has not only taken away their pain but helped cure them of disease. He does it by tapping their skin with the razor-sharp edge of his meat cleaver at vital points which help the body heal itself.
Tapan Dey can write with all four limbs at the same time--in four different languages!
David Linley was in a head-on collision that left him with numerous fractures and injuries. He suffered from a "hangman's fracture" of the neck, which is when the head separates from the spine. David survived and has two 8" rods that hold his head in place.
Using only his bare hands, Terry Bryan catches an arrow that travels at 100 mph. Because he uses sound to determine when to grab the arrow, he will also attempt this feat while blindfolded.

Mark Tatum, the man whose face was removed due to a deadly bacteria, is getting a new prosthetic face that stays in place using magnets implanted in his head. Doctors used a bone from Mark's leg as the foundation for his face, as well as skin and tissue to reconstruct the roof of his mouth.
Surf the Rockies, an annual springtime celebration, is the one day a year skiers prove they can tackle double black diamond runs without falling by wearing a bikini, and nothing else, to protect them from a fall during competition! Website:
Flying in a block of ice
See an English Punt Gun, which has been banned for hunting in the United States. The barrel is eight feet long, with a 2-inch bore and it requires one pound of gunpowder per shot. This gun was historically used for duck hunting, and one shot from this gun could kill 500 birds at once.
Flying Icicle
Believe it or not, this man takes a plane ride while encased in a 500-lb block of ice!

Episode 313

scheduled for SYFY's ChillerTV channel 7/9/2017, followed by 3 more episodes
Larry Gomez, who is covered from head to toe with thick dark fur, recently married in Canada and now has a new baby. Ripley's will reveal what the baby looks like. Will the baby suffer from the same condition as Larry? Mr. & Mrs. Gomez
Godfrey Hill of Nottingham, England has twelve completely functional fingers, six on each hand. His hands look completely normal, and his condition isn't noticeable at first glance. Doctors were stunned because usually an extra finger is malformed and can be amputated
From the archive: BALLOON BOY
In 1932, 4-year-old Billy Crawford created his own flying machine, attached to a big helium balloon. Once he got it aloft, he managed to fly it for more than four hours over Cleveland rooftops.
Stevie Starr is going to swallow seven medical-grade prosthetic eyeballs, and then regurgitate them back up. The eyeballs each have one letter from the word "Ripleys" on the inside of them. Stevie brings them back up in the correct order to spell "Ripley's."
Viper vs. Viper
Click for larger version
Believe it or not, this 2003 Dodge Viper will drag race an U.S. Air Force F-16 jet fighter, also known as the Viper, at Luke Air Force Base. Websites: and
These are the authenticated blue suede shoes owned and worn by Elvis Presley. The circular marks worn on the soles are believed to have been made during the King's hip swiveling performance on the Steve Allen show, July 1st 1956, and it's believed that he complained that they weren't very comfortable, never wearing them again. Website: (link archived in 2003)
Faye Murrell taught her cat Tessa to eat with a fork or spoon at the table during meals. Tessa scoops up the food just like a person would, even using chopsticks for a trip to Korea. 3 kittens are now in training
Mehgan Heaney-Grier is able to swim up to alligators, and can pick them up above her head. She is able to go nose to nose with these 'gators without being attacked because of her amazing ability to send them into a trance! She will now demonstrate her technique on a wild alligator in the swamp

Episode 314

Headturner Playboy Extreme PLAYMATE WATER CHALLENGE
The Playboy Extreme Team will attempt to set a Ripley's record by racing a Hydro Bronc across dangerous water from Alcatraz to San Francisco. A Hydro Bronc is a geodesic dome with seven inflatable pontoons (floating ball) that allows people to walk on water.
Websites: water sportswear, Playboy photographer, photographer, Hydro Bronc
Believe it or not, Aleksander Anohin will keep his body facing forward while he turns his head backwards a full 180 degrees!
John Ivers built his own roller coaster in his backyard. It's called "Blue Flash" and has a long drop and even a loop!
Aajonus Vonderplanitz eats rotten meat because he believes it keeps him healthy. While traveling in Alaska, he heard that eating rotten meat could be used to attack illnesses and heal the body. Aajonous studied this practice and has experimented for years. His refrigerator is filled with different kinds of rotten meat, some more than a year old!
Believe it or not, Bam Bam Baaba of India can bury his head under sand in a headstand for 12 hours!
"High Flyin" Mike Brown, an accomplished motocross racer and daredevil, survived a disastrous 70 mile-per-hour crash into a tractor trailer in 1999, barely escaping decapitation. He survived, but every bone in his left leg was broken and the leg had to be amputated. He died 4 times in the ambulance and was also in a coma for four months, and will now attempt to drive an ATV for Ripley's.
Nun on scooter From the archive: SCOOTER NUNS
In 1966, the Sisters of Divine Providence use scooters to get through the halls of their expanding St. Elizabeth's Hospital!
Trygve Bauge had his grandfather's dead body frozen and stored in a backyard shed near Denver, Colorado. Trygve lives oversees in Norway, and hired someone in Colorado to take care of his grandfather. The body is stored at 196 degrees below zero and is kept packed in dry ice.
Daisy the beagle will do a "handstand" and walk on her front paws, both her back legs in the air, on level ground and even down stairs! This healthy, normal dog taught herself the trick when booties were put on her hind legs by girls playing dress-up
Click for bigger picture of The Arm The Arm
This is the actual decomposed arm of Claude de Lorraine. Website:
"Spot The Not"

Episode 315

Believe it or not, Mike Seipel will waterski barefoot behind an airplane, attempt to flip into a handstand, grab the tow rope with his feet and continue skiing. If he slips and hits the water at this speed, the impact at more than 40-miles per hour could seriously injure his face and nasal cavity. Website:
Despite the fact these three brothers were born into a normal family, they are worshiped by hundreds because they take on the characteristics and body language of real monkeys. All three were born with a defect that makes their brains smaller than the average person's. They have five siblings who do not have the defect.
Evan Nagao is only 5 years old and already he can do more than 50 tricks with his yo-yo and just won a national competition. His father traveled with yo-yos around the world, and Evan got hooked at an early age. Evan won his first competition when he was only 3 years old!
From the archives: Mini Luxury Ship
Believe It or Not, this pair of brothers have built a fully functional luxury ship that's the size of a lifeboat & weighs 10 tons!
This is the latest in personal motorization, the only two-wheeled motorboard in the world. Its hubless, no axle, no steering wheel or handlebars, the wheel just floats in position based on the rider's sense of balance. Australian website: (link archived 2006)
Worshipers crawl for 50 miles on their stomachs to visit the temple in Mount Abu, India from Nepal. These worshipers feel that it is disrespectful to look at their god directly in the eyes, so they must make the trip by crawling for 2 days!
Joe Tornatore is so deathly allergic to stinging insects that he can't leave his house without wearing a beekeeper's outfit. Joe now risks death by taking off his suit for his outdoor wedding and honeymoon.
Armless computer keyboard DIVING DOG
There's a Pit bull/bull terrier mix in Hawaii who fetches rocks. Believe it or not, "Girl" will dive to the bottom of the deep end and can hold her breath up to 45 seconds to retrieve her favorite rock!
Born without arms to a 16 year old mother 8 weeks premature, Diamond Excell's feet enabled her to do almost everything from school work to her chores around the house. Now, this eleven year-old girl is able to fulfill her long-time goal of riding a bike -- with a new pair of bionic arms that will allow her to hug her mom and ride the bike.
Neal Collier and David Blackwell launch a 100 lb. anvil 567.39 feet straight up into the air. Anvil shooting dates back to the Pioneer era, and Neal and Dave bring the tradition back to modern-day audiences!
electric clothing
Janet Hanson has created clothing that lights up. Her company, Enlightened Designs, uses electroluminescent wire and fiber optics to make the light-up clothing. Believe it or not, Janet has created a flexible hat that displays changing messages and designs with the hundreds of lights embedded in it's fabric!
From the vault: Mummified Falcon
This mummified Falcon's eyes were believed to hold the power of the sun and the moon and would help guide the pharaoh in the afterlife.
Light-up bra "Spot The Not"

Episode 316

Believe it or not, 70 years after Tiny Kline of Ringling Brothers Circus slid across a wire high above Times Square hanging by her teeth from a pulley, Tavana Luvas will perform this same "slide for life" but this time it will be across downtown Las Vegas while also hanging from her teeth! Tavana slides across a wire 90 feet above the pavement of Freemont Street in Las Vegas, at 50 to 60 mph. This stunt was performed in 1934 for Robert Ripley, but this time no one will be arrested by New York policemen!
Believe it or not, Debbie Ducommun loves rats so much that she not only dresses and photographs them but shares her home with them and sometimes lets them sleep in bed with her! Debbie enjoys putting her rats in costumes and having them do tricks. She even takes them out for walks!
Adult sand tiger sharks are known to be very gentle, but when they are in the womb these sharks consume each other. The older embryonic sharks eat their siblings in the womb.
Justin Kirkbride survived two plane crashes in one day, and walked away from both without any injuries. Justin was was the pilot of a single-engine plane when it went out of control and crashed. Justin went to get help and found a search team. He got into one of the helicopters, which then plunged to the ground.
The remote northern Thai border village of Kroke-Kraak is renowned for the fact that its main form of transport is not the bicycle, motorcycle, car or bus but a pair of stilts. During the rainy season the stilts become essential for getting around the muddy town.
What makes Louie unbelievable is not that he can skateboard on a half-inch pipe or skate up and off ramps without falling that much, go though tunnels, leap off ramps and stick the landing, but that he is a chimpanzee!
Severed fingers re-attached EIGHT SEVERED FINGERS
Harry Fishwick lost eight fingers in a severe accident with a guillotine at a paper mill. Doctors re-attached all eight digits, and he can use his hands again. He shaves, ties his shoelaces and cooks after the first such multi-finger surgery in Great Britain.
In Borneo, some young girls are fitted with a tightly wrapped coil corset which they wear until they are adults. Believe it or not, Desiree Gonzalez, an American woman, also practices this ancient art of rope binding that will make it more difficult for her to breathe.
From the vault: REMOTE SKI BOAT
See a remote-control boat that allowed people to tow themselves while waterskiing. It was even strong enough to tow two skiers at the same time.
Jason Price and Richard Nunez are suspended from hooks through their flesh attached to the ceiling of a truck and then driven across Las Vegas to visit a friend.
Jim Victor will sculpt a life-sized female model out of 800+ sticks (over 200 lbs) of butter in Philadelphia. Jim is a sculptor with more than 30 years' experience as an artist and teacher. After each exhibit, the butter is turned into bio-fuel. Jim also makes chocolate sculptures.

900 lb. sculpture, posted by Jim Victor on 1-7-08
From the vault: AFRICAN COFFINS
These sculptures are actually coffins, they are made by craftsmen in Ghana. Each carved wood box costs about $5000, which is about two year's salary in Ghana, and represents a trait or quirk of the deceased person it was made to hold.

(unedited footage of the coffins)
Flag Lenses
These are actually contact lenses with the American flag on them.
"Spot The Not"
National Lighter Museum

Episode 317

scheduled for SYFY's ChillerTV channel 7/9/2017, followed by 3 more episodes
Rick Smith Jr. can throw an ordinary playing card further than anyone else in the world, more than 200 feet. Watch him cut a banana in half with a thrown playing card and attempt to hit a Las Vegas sign 90 feet high. Website:
Tad Lietz is a 14-year-old accomplished cellist, but what makes him different than other cellists is that he is missing his left arm and wields the bow with his left foot.
Andy Dusing furnished his entire apartment with cardboard boxes. Andrew worked as a computer technician and came up with an idea to use computer boxes as furniture. He has a dining room table, chairs and even a sofa. Plus an 8 foot tall giraffe and a rhino yard sculptures made of cardboard
From the archive: AEROCAR
Believe It or Not, this haulable box unfolds to become a set of wings and tail, transforming a car into an airplane! In 1952, it was introduced to help avoid traffic. Wings were attached to the car and it could fly up to an airspeed of 60 mph. The idea didn't catch on; in addition to a driver's license, a pilot's license was needed.
Jain monks are not allowed to cut their hair, so they have it ripped out by other monks several times a year. These monks follow strict rules of personal conduct. Haircuts are considered "fashionable" and would require them to pay a barber.
Christina Santhouse suffered from more than 100 seizures a day because of a rare disorder called Rasmussen's Encephalitis. In 1995 she went to a specialist who performed a radical procedure that actually sliced her brain in two to take out one complete half. She was back at school eight weeks after the surgery and is now getting perfect grades.
John Vincent and his wife, Lynne, share their home with nine adult pigs. One of them, a 600 pound farm hog named Porkchop, jumps through hoops, dunks basketballs and plays musical instruments and even impersonates Elvis!
Tomas Gomez's right hand has grown to five times its natural size and weighs 20 lbs. Tomas lives in a remote village in Nicaragua and is completely self-sufficient, not letting his unusual hand hinder him in any way.
Click here for larger photo of Houdini's handcuffs SWEET TOOTH STATUE
A woman has an exact miniature replica of her body made from chocolate. Ripley's follows the process of this latest craze.
FROM THE VAULT: Houdini Handcuffs
These handcuffs belonged to world's greatest escape artist Harry Houdini.
"Spot The Not"

Episode 318

Jess Caigoy eats various foods and then suctions them out of his stomach. For Ripley's, he uses a specially designed vacuum cleaner with a transparent chamber so we can see what he has vacuumed up.
This hotel is made of 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow, and they are now adding the world's largest ice TV, which is 18 feet wide and 12 feet tall.
Steve Baker is so obsessed with pennies that he wears a jumpsuit made from pennies, has made several coin bikinis, makes penny jewelry and even drives a van covered with over 90,000 pennies!
At this annual Indian festival in honor of the Lord Murugan, participants put on large frames holding hundred of spears to their body. As they dance, the spears pierce their skin.

Silicon microchip family Cow magnet MICROCHIP FAMILY
The Jacobs family is the first family to be implanted with microchips that contain their personal information. Derek Jacobs came up with the idea because his father, a cancer survivor, takes so many different types of medication that it's hard to keep them straight. With the microchip, doctors can access that information quickly and easily.
From the vault: Cow Magnet
This is an actual cow magnet. This magnet attracts any piece of metal that is ingested and keeps scraps, barbed wire, etc. from moving through the dairy cow's digestive system and doing serious damage. Website:
Man of many legs FISH DENTIST
Believe it or not, Witek Mojsiewecs brushes the razor-sharp teeth of wolf fish, and they don't bite him!
After Dana Bowman lost both his legs in a near-fatal sky-diving accident, he re-enlisted in the Army to become the first double amputee to be put on active duty. With the help of his doctors, he designed numerous pairs of legs out of high-tech materials that allow him to SCUBA dive, bicycle, water ski, run, snow ski and skydive!

Dana says, "Just do it!"
Gunnar Petursson is going to attempt to drive his 1942 military Jeep 80 mph on the surface of an ice-cold 27-foot-deep lake. Gunnar lives in Iceland and has modified his Jeep so that it can drive on water without sinking, he hopes!
From the archive: YANKEE DOODLE
Believe it or not, this man can play "Yankee Doodle" with his hands! This footage from 1932 shows Cecil Dill, putting his hands together and making music with them.
Sarel Pretorius and his wife have spent every day together for 24 years, but his wife has been dead for the last 13 of them. Sarel's wife died of pneumonia, and he couldn't be without her. He built a room behind his house where she rests, and he put a bed in there so he could sleep next to her.
Believe it or not, there is a restaurant in Miami, Florida where you don't eat at the table. Meals are served to guests sitting in beds and outer clothing is optional.
Asian Cockfight Spurs
This ornately carved wooden box holds a set of four actual cockfight spurs used on fighting roosters.
"Spot The Not"

Episode 319

Handheld bangee jumper
Stephen Miller holds the end of the bungee cord that his partner is attached to, as she jumps from a Las Vegas tower that is 171 feet high. The bungee cord is not secured with anything but Stephen's hands, and a previous test with a dummy failed!
Marc Merger, a paraplegic, is able to walk by giving commands to a computer that controls chips and electrodes implanted in his body. Ripley's first met Mark when he took his first steps after having the chip implanted. The new technology that's been added since then allows Mark to move out of the laboratory and today he will attempt to walk unplugged from the main computer
Unable to walk because of a childhood case of polio, 29 year old Roberto Trigueros built his own ultimate riding machine...a wheelchair that handles speeds of up to 60 mph. It enables him to cling to the back of buses for a ride to work!
Believe it or not, Ron Broomfield is so obsessed with gnomes he not only dresses as one but lives in an English cottage packed with nearly more than 1,000 of them. Every room in his house is packed with hundreds of garden gnomes!
Skull drinker SKULL DRINKERS
The Kapalikas believe that the skull contains the soul spirit, which is a sacred guardian. After a member of their tribe dies, they take the deceased's skull and drink from it in order to gain power from the deceased!
Believe it or not, John Thompson had both his arms torn off in a farming accident, losing half the blood in his body. He managed to phone for help and, after undergoing a pioneering surgery to reattach his arms, he defied doctors' predictions and regained the use of his hands and arms.
From the archive: MARSH AMPHIBIAN
In 1964 the Marsh Amphibian was designed to carry 1000 lbs through the toughest conditions. It could go anywhere — on land, water and swamps, requiring both car and marine licenses. It even drove sideways.
FROM THE VAULT: Iron Witch Staff
This iron staff was purchased from the estate of Dr. Gerald Gardner, the founding father/warlock of Wicca, the religion of witchcraft.
Hobie, the rabbit, is the only one of his kind who not only likes water but relaxes by floating on his back in his own tub!
Michelle Jessett of Wales has been suffering from a mysterious skin condition since she witnessed a chemical spill in 2002. Now, she cries tears of acid. The acid reacts with the salty tears and causes painful blisters and sores on her face.
Hollywood 6-second tan SIX-SECOND TAN
At Hollywood Tans, customers can get a safe, even tan all over their bodies using a process that takes only six seconds. Website: They got the idea from the jet-sprays in a carwash!
FROM THE VAULT: Eye Massager
This is the Natural Eye Normalizer a contraption supposedly for vision correction.
In this locality, "frivolous behavior" on Sundays is against the law, especially riding a carousel merry-go-round
"Spot The Not" Map art website

Episode 320

Jeff Lenosky rides his mountain bike over anything that gets in his way including moving stairs, trash dumpsters, benches and cars. He can even ride along the top of a two inch hand rail. For Ripley's, Jeff will attempt to ride over the worlds most dangerous obstacle course in downtown Las Vegas over 16 hurdles and set a new record with a 48-inch bunny hop!
A Russian soldier has a live grenade shot by a grenade launcher lodged in his leg, and surgeons are scrambling to pull it out, in the field, before it explodes! Once removed, the grenade has to be quickly disposed of and detonated.
Karoly Kiss is able to sculpt figures out of ordinary chewing gum using only his tongue and teeth. He starts by chewing an ordinary piece of gum and shaping it into a tiny ball. He then shapes the chewed ball of gum into a complete figure -- a tiger, an airplane, an elephant, a spaceship -- in just 30 seconds!
Bud the dog was shot in the head with 150 shotgun pellets. He was found by police on the streets of Bristol, England, and underwent seven surgeries, the most plastic surgery ever done on an animal. The Policeman who investigated the attack adopted him.
Villagers in Thailand catch giant and poisonous centipedes so they can put them into wine. It takes 48 hours for the centipede poison to thoroughly mix with the wine and people have died drinking it too soon. They drink the wine, which they believe is good for their health.
Henry Smalls is a sixth-degree black belt in karate, and a fourth-degree black belt in kendo — even though he doesn't have any legs. When Henry was 12, he lost his legs in a train accident while playing on the tracks with friends. That didn't stop him from training in the martial arts, and today he is one of the most recognized Kendo practitioners in the world.
Australian former model Catherine Bird's hair became caught in a farm machine. She couldn't free herself and was dragged into the machine, which consumed her scalp and part of her face. After the initial, 9-hour surgery, her scalp was reattached successfully, with help from live leeches.
FROM THE VAULT: Travel Surfboard
It was back in 1964 during the height of long board surfing that Karl Pope invented and then made this, the worlds only patented two piece surfboard, to fit on airlines or a car trunk. Website:
From the archive: BOAT JOUSTING
In 1949 France, two teams on boats tried to knock each other over in a Boat Jousting competition. Along the Canal du Midi, boat jousting battles have been fought since 1666!
C.J. Turner will be the first to put rockets on his mono-ski. He uses five eight-millimeter rocket engines to attain speeds in excess of 70 mph surrounded by tall trees!
Tom, a female cat, has adopted a mouse (named Jerry) and cares for him like a mother would, even grooming him as she would a kitten!
Terry Hatter has the ability to twist his right foot 180 degrees. After a wrestling accident that broke his leg in 8th grade, Terry was able to twist his foot like never before. It works to his advantage when this 25-year old plays football.
A power plant in Iceland spews factory runoff water that people actually bathe in for its healing properties. The power plant uses natural geothermal steam for power; when the steam cools, it condenses into a gooey material that spills into blue pools next to the factory. The liquid contains many minerals and can even treat many forms of skin disease.
FROM THE VAULT: Human Scrimshaw Skeleton
This is the world's only Human Scrimshaw Skeleton, made in a secret location. If you look closely you will see that there are over 300 drawings and designs carved right into the human bones.
"Spot The Not"

Episode 321

scheduled for 7/16/2017 @ 3am followed by 3 more episodes
Witness Tom Amberry's amazing ability to shoot more free throws in a row than anyone else in the world. In 1993, at the age of 72, he set a world record by sinking 2,750 consecutive free-throw shots in 12 hours. He gives the 7 tips for never missing a basket, and coaches a Playboy model who has probably never touched a basketball before, sinking 10 baskets in a row her first ten tries! His website:
Luan Degennar was born with no biceps or deltoids and without the use of his legs. But that isn't going to stop him from pulling a 3,400-lb car 100 feet in less than one minute.
Srisanvitha Sridhar can identify 80 countries on a globe, and she's only 3 years old. She can identify all 50 states and flags from 25 different countries. Her geography skills are better than those of many college students!
Paris catacombs PARIS CATACOMBS
Beneath the streets of Paris, there are catacombs containing more than six million bodies. It's the largest burial ground in the world. Believe It or Not, these catacombs deep underneath the "City of Lights" make a "City of the Dark"
Ant There is no mistaking what gives this soda its pop once you see the label...ANTS, red and black ants to be more specific.
Every day, dozens of women set up at the roadside in this small village to sell a very rare delicacy...roasted tarantulas! The legs and fangs are removed and the body is fried or roasted and sprinkled with salt and pepper.
John and Mary Bradford live among more than 350 exotic birds — all of which are free to come and go as they please. Believe it or not, they eat right off their plates and out of the refrigerator! It costs over $4000 per month just for bird food and their oldest bird is over 70 years old
Seven years after losing his hands in a bomb explosion at an airport in Austria, Theo Kelz, a former police bomb disposal expert, had a successful double hand transplant and is planning to return to work on the police force--with someone else's hands!
31 members of the Dare Devils, a group that is a part of the Indian Army, will ride on a single motorcycle without anyone touching the ground.
Camel nose plugs FROM THE VAULT: Camel Nose Plugs
This is a pair of arabian camel nose plugs. Used to prevent sand from entering the animals nostrils druring windstorms in the desert.
An Australian kangaroo was shot through the neck with a three-foot arrow and lived with it for at least two weeks until she was located and the arrow was surgically removed. She survived and is returned to her mother in the wild!
In 1948, a California football coach tested the "Tikker Blocking Dummy," a motorized tackle bag. It was designed to reduce injuries during practice, but it ended up having a mind of its own and runs all over the field before being deactivated.
From a photograph, this company can make a lifelike statue of your body. It takes three hours to complete the process. Once a three-dimensional image is taken, a mold is made. From this replica a completely lifelike statue of her body can be created! The detailed features are hand-sculpted and a final finish is applied. Website:
FROM THE VAULT: Annie Oakley's Gun
This pistol belonged to Annie Oakley, the famous trick shot artist back at the turn of the 20th century.
"Spot The Not"

Episode 322

Kelly Packard will travel to Spain for the World's Largest Food Fight, where one million tomatoes are thrown annually until everyone is covered in red tomato juice.
Click for larger photo HEAD HUNTER
William Jamieson collects shrunken heads and has more than 60, including one of an unknown white explorer with red hair and mustache. Believe it or not, he will tell us how a human head can be shrunk to 1/8 of its size.
FROM THE VAULT: Hot Water Heater Helmet
This homemade diving helmet is crafted from a cast iron hot water heater and works up to a maximum depth of 20 feet.
Peter Anderson made a portrait in Australia that covers an area of more than 43 million square feet. It's a portrait of the head and shoulders of a man wearing a cowboy's hat, and it was made with a tractor. If the Empire State Building was placed on its side, it would only reach as far across as its smile. It's fully visible only from a mile in the air! His website:
Hat Law
Believe It or Not, if you break a drunk-driving law in this New Mexico town you will be forced to perform community service wearing a pink hat!
Eddy Matzger rarely takes off his in-line skates. In fact, he once climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,344 feet high, wearing them. Now he uses them to race a cable car up San Francisco's Hyde Street, one of the steepest in any American city.
Steve and Candace have been giving each other a bunny-related gift every day since 1992, filling their entire house from floor to ceiling with over 14,000 bunny items including 6 live rabbits roaming the house! They have bunny toothbrushes, towels, bunny toilet seat and even bunny-themed silverware and plates. The oldest item is a bunny ring that dates to the year 100 AD
Believe it or not, the organ music played by David Breneman in the Luray Caverns is coming from the largest musical instrument in the world--the stalactites hanging from the cave's ceiling! This natural organ is located deep underground and is a quarter-acre in size. The sound comes from the stalactites, which produce different tones when they are struck. Websites: (official website), (full-screen photo of organ cavern) and (info and additional links)
Believe it or not, Rajendran Damodaran had a set of dentures removed from his stomach, two years after he swallowed them in his sleep!
FROM THE VAULT: World's Largest Cigar
This is the world's largest cigar. At 6' 11" long, this hand rolled stogie weighs 55 pounds.
World's Smallest Woman
Believe it or not, 39 year old Madge Bester is the world's smallest woman, at just over two feet tall in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Milton and Mary Dolan's cat, Chad is expected to make a full recovery after vets removed a 3-foot hunting arrow from his back, which pierced him between his shoulder blades. The arrow was removed and Chad is expected to make a full recovery. The neighbor who accidentally shot the arrow over his fence paid the $1000 surgery bill. Cat's X-ray
From the archive: 11-MONTH-OLD SWIMMER
In 1948, this 11-month-old, Sherry Lynn Whitford, was able to swim and hold her breath underwater for almost 30 seconds, a natural in the pool!
Half goat, half sheep
There is an airline that offers the unbelievable. This airline offers a flight experience complete with manicures, pedicures, facials and massages given by beautiful flight attendants. Website: (out of business, website archived in 2003)
This is the head of a geep: half goat, half sheep. Robert Ripley himself acquired this four-horned specimen in 1932. They were originally bred by Vikings to provide both wool and goat milk
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The Duke of Brunswick, Germany, left $100,000,000 to the city of Geneva because a policeman there was courteous
The number 21978 is quadrupled when inverted: 87912
Halloween was once known as Nutcracker Night, during which nuts were thrown into a fire
During the winter of 1929/1930, the USS Lexington aircraft carrier generated electricity for the entire city of Tacoma, Washington, during a power black-out
In the most recent election, neither Presidential candidate was born in the 48 mainland states. Obama was born in Hawaii and McCain on a U.S. base in Panama
In Sri Lanka it is common for food to be served in bowls with a saucer on top--to keep out the flies
Snakes On A Boat
Hannibal once stopped an invasion by ordering earthen jars full of live snakes be tossed onto the decks of an invading fleet of ships, which beat a hasty retreat
Penguins may walk funny, but can run as fast as a human
2 scientists at Oxford recently completed a three-year study costing almost $500,000 to find out that ducks like water. In Russia, astronauts are called cosmonauts, and in China they are known as taikonauts. Tiger Woods is the first athlete to make a Billion dollars. Feng Yao (881-954 AD) retained his political post thru nine revolutions, ten Emperors and five different dynasties. In colonial Virginia, no man was entitled to vote unless he owned a clock

Food on teeth turns into acid within 5 minutes, so people who snack all day risk serious tooth damage even if the snacks contain no sugar. Ahab had no chance against Moby Dick: sperm whales have the largest brain of any animal that ever lived. A dugout canoe on Lake Walchen, Bavaria, made before 1776 is still in use. Money used by the Chinese in the 19th century was printed on bamboo

When General MacArthur returned to the Philippines in triumph he said, "Believe it or not, we are here." Some types of tiger moth emit clicking sounds that confuse the sonar used by insect-eating bats to find them. On May 26, 2010, hordes of migrating frogs shut down a major highway in Greece! In 1532, Pompeo Colonna of Naples, Italy, died after eating 12 pounds of figs for dessert. Bunches of rubber grapes were sold in America from 1887 to 1920 containing brandy, whiskey, gin or wine

Slingshots made of horsehair & wool can be used by Tibetan herdsmen to kill at 50 yards. The male Masked Weaver bird of South Africa is polygamous and builds a separate nest for each mate. The Ruins of Teghazza in the Sahara Desert are the remains of homes built of pure salt! Lake Benit in Savoy, France, is in the shape of a giant footprint. The Japanese symbol for "mouth" placed inside the symbol for "gate" means "to get information." Dr. Charles G. Pravaz (1791-1853), inventor of the hypodermic needle, died thinking it was a failure. The day that the Church of Curtea de Argesh was completed in Romania, its architect leaped to his death from its roof

The bell used by the First Baptist Church of Amarillo, Texas, was donated by Santa Fe railroad in 1965 when it scraped steam locomotive #5044. The real James Bond was an American ornithologist whose book about birds was on Ian Fleming's coffee table when he created his first spy novel. Joy, Illinois, was named for CB&Q railroad president James F. Joy, while Savage, Minnesota, was named for Col. Marion W. Savage, owner of famous race horse "Dan Patch" and the "Dan Patch Line" railroad. In Zambia, Africa, inexpensive bicycles are made by a factory that uses strong bamboo for the frames

The male Gaff-Topsail catfish carries the female's eggs in his mouth, going without food for 80 days until they hatch. Los Angeles was the first west of the Mississippi River to be one of America's ten largest cities. 16 electric trolley cars served in Kansas City, MO; Birmingham, ALA; Toronto, Canada; and then in 1968 went to Alexandria, Egypt. 60% of American households own at least one U.S. flag, and half of those display it every day. To prevent automated spamming, always list your email address online with the word (at) in parentheses instead of the "@" sign. SPAM was originally produced for US troops in World War Two, and stands for "Spiced Ham" with injected water to make it more tender

The Dead Sea, separating Israel and Jordan, is so salty it only has one life-form still living in it: bacteria. Atomic power was considered for railroad locomotives in the 1950s, and even an Air Force bomber, but lead shielding made it too heavy.

Henry Ford based the assembly line at Ford Motor Company on that of the Remington Company for assembling guns and typewriters. The Golden Gate Bridge in California cost less than half the estimated $100 million that engineers of the time had estimated. It was the first major construction project to have a giant safety net, into which 19 workers fell: they called themselves the Half-Way To Hell Club. The bridge was shut down in 1951 in 100mph winds out of fear that it would collapse like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Thomas Edison proposed installing a massive speaker inside the Statue of Liberty so she could talk. The root word of salad is "salt" because Romans used to sprinkle salt on their salad.

"Japan" is an English word, a mispronunciation of the island's real name, Nippon. One of the White House original builders rented out his wife Betsy Donahue as a prostitute to the other workers on site. 7,000,000 bullets were fired during the three day Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War. Current state capital Montgomery was also the capital of the Confederacy; while Helena, capital of Montana, was originally named Last Chance Gulch. Over 100 people lost their lives building Hoover Dam: the first was a surveyor and the last was his son. The Venus Flytrap is not a rain-forest plant and in fact is native to the Carolinas within 60 miles of Wilmington. Canada contains about 20% of the world's fresh water. Dumbo is the only Disney animated movie in which the starring character never says a word. The sum of the numbers on a gambling roulette wheel is 666. There are 40,000 different varieties of rice. Saint Patrick's Day is a holy day in Ireland; all pubs were closed that day by law until 1961. The patent for the fire hydrant was lost in a fire.

Every US President including Obama is descended from a British king named William the Conqueror. Leprosy is a type of bacteria that turns specialized cells in the body back into stem cells. In a study of baseball cards, men who smiled for the picture lived an average of 7 years longer than those who did not smile. In Victorian England, some people dropped live geese down their chimneys to clean them. A German bank clerk fell asleep with his hand on computer keyboard, transferring $222,222,222 euro ($293,000,000 US) into a customer's account instead of $62.

In Guatamala, a 3 foot wide by 40 foot deep sinkhole opened during the night under a woman's bed in 2011. Ten cups of fresh snow contain only one cup of water, NASA estimates that a round trip for astronauts to Mars would take over two years and cost $40 Billion. The zipcode of Hell is 48169 in Michigan. The common swift can stay in the air without landing for up to ten months.

A 62 mile long crumbling section of the Great Wall of China stretching into Mongolia was recently discovered on Google Earth.

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