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Alpha & Omega ~ Angyl

I. The Hunter ~ Q/O, Adult (19K) 07-28-99
Marooned on a primitive planet with his Padawan and a native tribe, Qui-Gon finds his control eroding.

II. The Hunted ~ Q/O, Adult (26K) 08-08-99
Obi-Wan's perspective.

III. The Claiming ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (19K) 08-11-99
Qui-Gon claims his mate.


Dark Bonds ~ Angyl & Orithain

1. Boundaries ~ Obi-Wan/Xanatos, Adult-graphic, AU (62K) 08-31-02
What if Qui-Gon hadn't changed his mind and Obi-Wan decided he didn't like the Agri-Corps?

3. Hot and Cold ~ Xanatos/Obi-Wan, Adult-graphic (21K) 12-11-03
Xanatos and Obi-Wan prepare to attend Telos' midwinter celebration, the Festival of Lights.
Note: No, the number's not a typo. We're working on another story that takes place between these two chronologically, but this makes sense without it.


First Lessons ~ Angyl

1. What the Heart Desires ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (19K)
Obi-Wan remembers one particular mission with Qui-Gon

2. Touch ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (17K)
Qui-Gon gets new insight into his Padawan's thirst for knowledge.

3. Sound ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (24K)
A response to sockii's commlink challenge

4. Sight ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (22K)
Qui-Gon continues his lessons for Obi-Wan

5. Taste ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (25K)
The lessons continue.


Gladiator ~ Rina

An A/U story of a future in which Obi-Wan did not become Qui-Gon's apprentice.
Illustrations by Adalisa. Click on thumbnails for full-size views.

1.  In the Arena ~ Q/O, Adult (49K) 08-03-99

2.  On the Sands ~ Q/O, Adult (28K) 08-09-99
What lengths will Ben go to in order to get the antidote he needs?

3.  Blood Is Spilled ~ Q/O, Adult (25K) 08-17-99
Certain truths are revealed about both Ben and Jai Gonn

4.  Shattered Plans ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (41K) 08-31-99
Ben and Qui-Gon fight to make it off Golgatha alive

~The Sojourner~

5.  Pray for the Living ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (38K) Sept. 99
The trip to Coruscant brings with it revelations and a bit of understanding

6.  Mourn Those Who Die ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (39K) 10-14-99
Ben learns who he is and is offered the chance to have his memories returned - but does he want it?

7.  Fear Things Brought to Light ~ Q/O, Adult (43K) 10-27-99
Memories once locked behind the block are revealed, and relived.
WARNING: Violence, death, and rape - not graphic, but it's there, so be wary.

8.  The Sheltering Sky ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (25K) 12-05-99
Ben's memories have been restored, but at what price to Qui-Gon?

~The Prodigal~

9.  Rebirth ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (30K) 02-11-00
Ben and Qui-Gon finally get to talk about what has happened between them and what it means.

10. Renown ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (36K) 02-19-00
Ben's past catches up with him - and leads him to a new calling.

11. Reconciliation ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (24K) 
Can Ben and Bruck survive their confinement without killing each other?

12. Resolution ~ Q/O, Adult (18K) 02-08-01
Ben finds his place at the Temple and begins his new life.

~The Hunt~

13. The Hunter ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (16K) 10-04-04
Ben has settled into life at the Temple and with Qui-Gon, but a face from his past brings news and an opportunity for revenge.

14. The Hunted ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (15K) 10-18-04
Ben has found what he's looking for, but others are looking for him.

For an odd AU crossover spin on Rina's Gladiator universe, see Orithain's When Worlds Collide, featuring Ben, Qui-Gon, Fox Mulder and Alex Krycek.


The Lords of Heaven ~ Angyl

An alternate reality story where the epic battle with the Sith raged longer and with more casualties than expected. When it became apparent that the Jedi were losing, they sent off a ship full of Force-senisitve children in a last ditch effort to protect them, but disaster befell the ship, and it was never heard from again.

Centuries later the Jedi are a secret order in the known galaxy and are still searching for the lost children. One group of the outlawed brotherhood makes a leap of faith and follows a faint lead only to become victims of the same natural disaster that caused the first ship to go missing.

Little did the brave Jedi know, however, that they had been followed by an equally ambitious band of Sith. Both ships crashed on the planet that the descendents of the Ancient Jedi called home, and the war between dark and light started all over again. The stakes... the children of the ancient Jedi, innocent and trusting and full of light.

Chapter 1: The Time of Choosing ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (15K)

Chapter 2: The Choice ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (11K)

Chapter 3: Lord of Heaven, Lord of Hell ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (18K)

Chapter 4: Fallen Angels ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (15K)

Chapter 5: Deliver Us from Evil ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (19K)

Chapter 6: Epilogue - The Gates of Forever ~ AU, Q/O X/M, Adult-graphic (12K)


Stories ~ Angyl

A Bedtime Story ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (9K)
A request for a bedtime story lets Obi-Wan see into his Master's heart.

When Did You Know? ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (11K)
Obi-Wan comforts his master and shares an intimate memory.


Tangled Webs ~ Angyl

1. Prelude: Hurt ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (8K)

2. Opening Act: Choice ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (9K)

3. Act II: Aftershocks ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (19K)

4. Act III: Shadows ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (20K)

5. Act IV: Sorrow ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (19K)

6. Act V: Forgiveness ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (22K)

7. Curtain Call: Destiny ~ Q/O, A/A, Han/Leia, Luke/Wedge, Non-explicit (8K)


Twilight Burning ~ Rina & Destina Fortunato

A songfic cycle based on songs from the Depeche Mode album "Violator" - a darker version of the Q/O relationship as it might have been... 

1. Halo ~ Q/O, Adult (24 K) July 1999
What will it take to make a Jedi break a crucial tenet of the Code?  

2. Sweetest Perfection ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (37 K) July 1999
Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan give in to their darkest desires.

3. Policy of Truth ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (30 K) October 1999
The Jedi return to the Temple after a night of giving in to their desires and are called before the Council.


Tears in Heaven ~ Angyl

Tears in Heaven ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (8K)
A lover lost and a friend found try to comfort a heart-sore young Jedi Knight.

Tears in Heaven: Epilogue ~ Q/O, A/A, Han/Leia, Non-explicit (9K)
After the battle of Endor, lovers are reunited.



Attack of the Slash Bunnies (Angyl) ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (7K)
What happens when Q/O come to visit a writer's blocked artist - warning silliness and smut abound!

In the Stacks (Angyl) ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (12K) 06-22-02
Obi-Wan asks his master to meet him in the Temple Archives.
Response to Infernale fantasy challenge.

Sacred (Angyl) ~ Q/O, Non-explicit (17K)
Three years after the battle on Naboo, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan lifebond.
Illustration by Rogue

Sacrifices to the Ghods of Whytukay (Angyl) ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (15K)
PWP - silly smut really

Storm Front (Angyl) ~ Q/O, Adult-graphic (49K)
A Padawan suffers from unrequited love for his Master... or is it?

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