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Fayette Iowa History 

including Fayette County 
& Personal Genealogy

Fayette Iowa History  SITEMAP
including Fayette County  & Personal Genealogy

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Page last uploaded: 2/15/2004

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NOTE:  If you attended FHS we would like your data. We have a nearly complete list of Cardinal addresses.  Contact me for information on the Cardinal database.

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All Fayette Co Cemetery Books
"The History of Fayette County, 1878"  
1875 Map of Fayette County
Hundreds of personal Fayette area pics.
Winneshiek Co, Iowa Atlas of maps
Winneshiek Co History and Bio's
Carroll Co, Ohio Cemeteries Vol IV, 1811-1995, Perry Twp
Hist of Carroll & Harrison Co's, Ohio Vol II, 1921, many surnames.
1874 Hist. Atlas of Carroll Co, Ohio





The lost villages of Lima and Albany
New material for 2003.  I have committed to working on this topic until I get the pages done that were started several years ago.  There will be information on these pages which applies to all of pioneer Fayette Co, Iowa. Send edits, text, pictures to add to these pages.

Lima Andrew Hensley and Pioneer History Andrew Hensley was one of the original pioneers into Fayette County along the Mission Trail in Westfield Township, buying the Nathaniel Wilcox claim in 1842 and relocating to the county in 1844, then to Lima, Albany for the remainder of his life in 1849.
"Pioneer Poem" by Reuben H. Hensley Reuben was a younger son of Andrew and farmed the Hensley farm on the north edge of Albany in the early 1900's.

Lima Railroad  A revolution of transportation and communication for an isolated farming 'community.'  The first train arrived late in 1882, the last in 1838. 

Mills, an introduction
Lima Mill (Mills started villages.  The old mill site can still be located. Large page; slow loading.)
Hiram Marvin's Albany Mill

Lima Country School (Includes Albany, Frog Hollow, Westfield Township and some early Fayette County, Iowa history. Large page; slow loading.)

Lima Cemetery Burials (Lists most burials up to about 1990 and is a faster loading text level page).
Lima Cemetery (Same burial list with numerous pics, but a huge page that may not load on dial-up modems without multiple refreshing)
Lima Community Church

Lima People the Carmichael cabin (a pioneer family's log cabin, and some early history)
Lima People the Crawford Monument
Lima People Sunday School in the 1920's

Lima People Church Picture in 1911
Lima People Church Horse Shed in 1911
Lima People Area Men at Pilkington's Store pre-1907

Lima People Oelberg Store Pictures and information on the Lima Store including area residents with names in front of the store.  Page is a general overview of the Lima area.
Lima People Threshing on the Jim Davis farm  A brief look at steam power in the valley.  Farming would start be become more mechanized in the late 1800's.

Lima Text 1878 History Biographies of Albany and Lima area.

Lima Text 1860 Census (The 1860 Census of Westfield Township list many of the early families.  Plats from 1868 show some names.)


NOTELinks to albums are gone as of May 1, 2001.  I lost 15,000+ pics, when they started charging then went under.  I  could not get them saved in time.  If you find any Photopoint links, they are dysfunctional. Important links to other's Fayette interests.
Fayette Co Rootsweb (a must)
Marjorie Fletcher's Genealogy (Dempster, Smith)
"Chats with Old Timers" by time

1850 Fayette Co. Census Info
Mission Trail to Ft. Atkinson

"Chats with Old Timers" by topics
Hunt's Furniture and Undertaking, 1875
1910 Main Street Fayette
1911 Main Street Fayette

Biographies of James E. Robertson and his father-in-law Robert Alexander, Fayette Pioneers
"History of Fayette County 1878"
In the Beginning, pp307-312

The First Settlement, the Wilcox Cabin, pp 315-317 (new 3/12/2002)
Railroads, pp 453-456
Albany, p 516
Fayette Occupations
Fayette Biographical, A-H
Fayette Biographical, H-W
Westfield Twp (Fayette)
Westfield Biographical
Westfield Occupations
Illyria Twp (Wadena)
Illyria Biographical
Center Twp (Randalia)
Center Twp Biographical A-M
Center Twp Biographical M-Z
Fairfield Twp. (Brush Creek)
Fairfield Biographical, A-L
Fairfield Biographical, M-W
Smithfield Twp. (S of Fayette)
Smithfield Biographical
Harlan Twp (Maynard)
Harlan Biographical
Pleasant Valley Twp Bios, A-I
Pleasant Valley Twp Bios, J-Z
Auburn Twp (Waucoma, Alpha)
Eden Twp 



Westfield "Pry" Quarry Line, 1850's
1860 Fayette County Census Data
Westfield Township 1860 Census
West Union Township 1860 Census
Fairfield Township 1860 Census, with history.


the Big Rocks area  updated 11/15/2001, very large page with graphics, if it time-outs, try hitting refresh and you browser should start where it left off loading the page.


Brush Creek/Arlington area
Brush Creek Time Line   
Pioneer Letter on 1800's Life in Ohio/Illinois
Solon W. Barnes, 1850's life around Taylorsville
Groat Cemetery 
(full page with graphics, slow loading)
Groat Cemetery (fast loading text page)
Garden Prairie Cemetery, Church and Genealogy (full page with graphics, slow loading)
Garden Prairie Cemetery, Church and Genealogy (faster loading with less graphics and text)
Fayette Surname Genealogy
Job Ashby Family Farm and Dunham Grove School
Strong, and Albert H. Strong Biography
Grandview Cemetery  
Sec A Burials, Years
Sec A Burials, Surnames 
Sec A  Burials, Lots and Pic Links
How Grandview Started
Hill Entrance & Some Fay. Hist.
My genealogy pages contain a lot of data gathered off internet resources and should not assumed correct for official genealogy work.  The information is made available for family use to piece together the possible lineage of several surnames before it is totally lost. If you have connections or data to post send it along. 



I am doing some major work on the Thompson surname that came through Harford Co, Maryland to Harrison/Carroll Co, Ohio, to Fayette Co, Iowa.  There are many related Ohio surnames involve.  It will be quite sometime before all of the work is done.

Thompson Photos
1910 Thompson Reunion

Alphabetical Listing of Surnames


Albaugh Descendent Tree
Albaugh Genealogy Report

Samuel I Andrew Thomspon Line
My line. I also have considerable Hunt data)
Sherman Descendent Tree
Sherman Genealogy Report
Warren Descendent Tree
Warren Descendent Report

Catherine Thomspon Amos Line
Amos Descendent Tree
Amos Genealogy Report
Amos Biographical Articles

Thompson Cemeteries of Interest
Allen Cemetery, Carroll Co, Ohio
  High graphics, slow loading.
Allen Cemetery Text, Ohio
  Faster loading text version.
Thompson and Ohio relatives, find the links to Groat and Garden Prairie Cemeteries just above and on the right side as they contain some of the surnames from Allen Cem.


The Denbow Family 
Denbow History
Denbow Tree
Denbow Report

Hunt--England>NY>Fayette, IA

Hunt Full Descendent Tree
Hunt Full Report
Hunt's Furniture and Undertaking, 1875

Thompson--Scotland>Ireland>Bush River Lower Hundred, Harford/BaltimoreCo, Maryland>Harrison/Carroll Co, Ohio>Fayette Co. Iowa
Thompson Genealogy Index page
(plus links to Brush Creek/Arlington info)
Thompson Descendent Tree
Thompson Genealogy Report
Thompson Biographical Article
Thompson Land Records in Fayette Co

Hartley Tree
Tomlinson Tree

The Denbow Family 
Denbow History
Denbow Tree
Denbow Report

Capper---OH>Fay. Co, IA
Capper Descendent Tree
Capper Information to date


Strayer--Germany>PA>Fay. Co, IA
Strayer Descendent Tree
Strayer Complete Information to date
The mill at Clinton/Jonesburg, MO (coming soon)

Heckart--Germany>PA>NE MO>IA&CA
Heckart Descendent Tree
Heckart Complete Information to date
The Gold Rush from NE MO
Old Clinton Cemetery, Monroe Co, MO

Parsons--Eng.>New Eng>Ill>Fay. Co. IA
Parsons Descendent Tree

Parsons Complete Information to date

NE Missouri History/Genealogy
The Gold Rush from NE MO
Old Clinton (St. Peters' Catholic) Cemetery, Monroe Co, MO
  PERSONAL GENEALOGY, father's side 
I am working on a "ton" of Zbornik and Siglin data but it is a long way from uploading. 
Other Surnames of interest: Copet, Schuler, Forsman, Reimler

Zbornik--Prague area, Bohemia>NY>Winn. & Fay. Co. IA (coming)

Siglin--Germany > PA > Fayette Co, IA (coming)

Neuenschwander--Switz>New Eng>Elgin, Fay. Co. IA
Neuenschwander Descendent  Tree
Neuenschwander Information to date

At present I have ALL of the  Fayette County Cemetery booklets in my possession.  If you need Surname referenced email me the information.
Fayette County Townships:
Auburn---Eden, Oak Ridge-Auburn, St. Luke's Catholic, Sawyer Family.
Banks---Sumner Union
Bethel---Bethel, Richfield, Pitts Family
Center---Center Grove, Dunhan Grove
Clermont---St. Peter's Catholic
Dover---Bethay Lutheran, Dover Public, George, Nutting, St. Peter's Lutheran-Eldorado.
Eden---Alpah, Eden, Oak Lawn, St. Mary's Catholic, St. Rose Catholic, Waucoma.
Fairfield---Brooks, Groat Cemetery Database (Brush Creek or Arlington), Taylorville, McAlavey.
Fremont----Greenwood, Calvary Catholic, St. Peter Lutheran
Harlan---Long Grove
Illyria---Illyria-Highland, Old Pioneer in Wadena, St. Jospeh's Catholic, Wadena.
Jefferson---(I do not have this twp, but indent to order)
Oran---Fairban Protestan, Immaculate Conception, Oran
Pleasant Valley---Brainard, God's Acres, Elgin.
Smithfield--- Garden Prairie Cemetery, Church and Genealogy
---Lippincott Family, Mr. Calvary Catholic (Holy Name), Mt. Pleasant, Pleasant Grove, West Union

Westfield---Fayette (Grandview, original book), County Farm, Lima, Pleasant Hill, St. Francis Catholic. 
Grandview, Sec A Burials, Years
---Boales, Hawkeye, North Windsor, South Windsor

Reference Sites Personal Sites with Fayette Co. Iowa Connections  Robert and Marjorie Fletcher's site mentions surnames Dempster, Templeton, Smith, Voshell in Fairfield Twp. 



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All of my direct surnames were very early pioneers into Fayette Co, generally in the mid 1850's.  Growing up in Fayette and trekking the hills, prairies, streams throughout the county when the small villages and farms were so active and functional before the 1960's, the now lost history and memories of the pioneer generations and lifestyles from 1840-1960 continue to hold my interests.

Barry Zbornik
625 N. Section
Hannibal, MO  63401