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....Zachariah Thompson and Priscilla Albaugh came to Brush Creek or Arlington, Fayette County, Iowa, in 1865, following the lead of sons Samuel and Morris J.  who pioneered in the Taylorville/Brush Creek area in 1854. Sons William and Alex would soon remove to Fayette County .   The Thompson's were a true pioneer family in the southeast corner and central part of Fayette County, Iowa, in the early 1850's,  and in Harrison/Carroll County, Ohio in the 1820's.  All of  the other Thompson children would migrate to Fayette County, Iowa, and many descendents would move as pioneer farmers to the west as land opened up in the 1870's through the 1890's.
 ..... Priscilla Albaugh (1805-1879) would meet and marry Zachariah C. Thompson (1796-1880) on January 15, 1822, in New Rumley Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio. The Thompson's were of Scottish background, having immigrated to American as part of the Scotch-Irish movement in the early 1700's. The Thompson Story will be told on another page.  Zach Thompson had migrated at the age of 21 from Maryland to Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1817.  Zach and Priscilla would farm and have ten children in Harrison Co., Ohio. In 1854, two of their children Samuel and Morris Jackson Thompson would migrate and be very early settlers near Taylorsville, three miles to the N,NW of Brush Creek (later Arlington), Iowa.   Brush Creek however, would soon become the dominate village in the area for the Thompson Clan.  Other children would also migrate to Brush Creek with their siblings. 
.... Samuel (my gggrandfather) would die on the way back to Ohio in 1865, perhaps to get the parents, and be buried in Allen Cemetery in Harrison Co. Thus in 1865, Zach C, age 69, and Priscilla, age 60, would buy 120 acres of a government tract on the very southern edge of the tiny pioneer village of Brush Creek (the history of Brush Creek/Arlington is on other pages} and farm their until their deaths fifteen years later. The farm land was tall and wet grass prairie, located to the SE of the Six Corner Intersection at the south edge of Brush Creek. The old Mission Trail from Dubuque to Ft. Atkinson ran on the western edge of their land. Son Morris J. was farming two miles to the west of Brush Creek.  Son Samuel had been farming in the Grannis Canyon area six miles to the north, and apparently ( my gggrandmother) Samuel's wife Martha Sherman Thompson, with six children (ages 1-10) were still on that farm when Zach and Priscilla arrived from Ohio, in 1865. At least some of Samuel's and Martha's children were taken in by Morris J.  Martha would go on the marry John Little, a Brush Creek farmer and cooper a couple of miles NW of town.
.... Thus the Thompson/Albuagh Clan connection to Taylorsville, Brush Creek/Arlington, Fayette County, Iowa, began in 1854, with the migration of the sons, and of Zach Caleb I and Priscilla Albaugh Thompson in 1865, and the migration of several other children. Zach and Priscilla, Morris J. Eli, and William. are buried in Groat Cemetery, Arlington, Iowa, along with their spouses and some grandchildren.   Many of the grandchildren of Zach and Priscilla continued the pioneer migration to the west, during the last decades of the 1800's. The Clans were true American Pioneers.

Descendants of Zachariah I Caleb Thompson

1 Zachariah I Caleb Thompson b: February 20, 1796 in Hartford Co, Maryland d: November 15, 1880 in Brush Creek, later Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.. +Priscilla Albaugh b: December 15, 1805 in Farm near Kilgore, Carroll Co., Ohio d: November 06, 1879 in Brush Creek, later Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... 2 [1] William David Thompson b: January 12, 1823 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, Ohio d: August 02, 1894 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
........ +Eliza Jane Stewart b: 1829 d: April 14, 1848 in Carroll Co., Ohio
.... *2nd Wife of [1] William David Thompson:
........ +Jane Capper b: December 04, 1825 in Carroll Co., Ohio d: 1905 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... 2 Eli Isaac Thompson b: November 03, 1824 in Perryville, New Rumley Twp., Harrison Co, OH d: February 03, 1903 in Sargent, Custer Co., NE
........ +Eliza Kirby b: 1825 d: January 02, 1881
.... 2 Morris Thompson b: April 1826 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: July 01, 1826 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH
.... 2 Samuel Andrew Thompson I b: August 15, 1827 in Rumley Twp., Harrison County, Ohio d: April 07, 1865 in Trip to Harrison County, Ohio
........ +Martha Jane Sherman b: January 10, 1833 in Harrison County, Ohio d: January 25, 1921
.... 2 [2] Morris Jackson Thompson b: September 03, 1829 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1918 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
........ +Sarah Jane Brown b: 1832 d: 1870 in Brush Creek, Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... *2nd Wife of [2] Morris Jackson Thompson:
........ +Catherine H. Briney b: 1838 d: 1926 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... 2 Catherine Thompson b: September 26, 1831 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: May 02, 1914 in Custer, Custer Co., Nebraska
........ +John Mordecai Amos b: March 25, 1831 in Pennsylvania d: July 13, 1907 in Wescott, Custer Co., Nebraska
.... 2 Alexander Thompson b: November 09, 1834 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1894 in Carroll Co, Ohio
....... +Lavina Foster b: 1832 d: 1909
.... 2 Martha Thompson b: May 15, 1836 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1911 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa
........ +William J. Allen b: 1836 in Carroll Co, Ohio d: 1909
.... 2 [3] Allen C. Thompson b: January 30, 1838 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1913
........ +Helen Matilda Billings b: 1853 d: April 17, 1921
.... *2nd Wife of [3] Allen C. Thompson:
........ +Louisa Sell b: 1841 d: 1912
.... 2 Elizabeth Thompson b: May 05, 1842 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1908
........ +Willian Henry Moore b: 1840 d: 1904
.... 2 David B. Thompson b: May 01, 1845 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: July 13, 1932 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa
........ +Mary Ellen Hill b: 1848 d: 1933




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Data refreshed March 15, 2001

Alphabetical listing of all individuals posted on my FTM files for the Thompson Clan out of Brush Creek, Fayette County, Iowa


Name Birth date Birth location Death date Death location Spouse

Aden, Edna Maude 1895 1967 Thompson, Jay Leslie

Ahlbach, Adam April 01, 1633 Ahlback, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany June 03, 1715 Ahlback, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany Garhard, Agnes

Ahlbach, Antonius Thonges Thuness 1663 Flammersfeld, Germany Unknown Germany Schneider, Anna Margaretha

Ahlbach, Hans Theis Germany March 26, 1731 Schnieder, Anna Margaretha

Ahlbach, Zachariah 1698 Ahlback, Rhein-Pfalz, Germany Bef. April 07, 1776 Libertytown, Frederick Co., Maryland Schumann, Anna Dimeda

Albauch, Anna Margaretha 1726 Flammersfeld, Germany Bef. 1785 Frederick Co., Maryland Arnold, John

Albauch, Peter February 24, 1732/33 New Jersey Bef. September 09, 1811 Frederick Co., Maryland Schmidt, Gertraud Anna Charity

Albauch, Unknown April 20, 1721 Flammersfeld, Germany 1721

Albauch, William March 07, 1723/24 Flammersfeld, Germany January 13, 1794 Frederick Co., Maryland Unknown, Magdalena

Albauch, Zachariah II Abt. 1737 America, New Jersey 1782 Frederick Co., Maryland Unknown, Susanna

Albaugh, Adam 1805 Frederick Co., Maryland 1817 Kilogre, Carroll Co., Ohio

Albaugh, Adam October 19, 1845 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio April 22, 1903 Burrier, Elizabeth

Albaugh, Ann Maria Bef. 1763 Hunterdon Co., New Jersey Bef. 1820 Ohio Beamer, Henry

Albaugh, Anna Mary 1772 Frederick Co., Maryland Bef. 1820 Ohio Beamer, Adam

Albaugh, Catherine Abt. 1823 Unknown Pratt, Isaac

Albaugh, Catherine 1843 Unknown

Albaugh, Catherine B. May 16, 1798 Frederick Co., Maryland July 16, 1831 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio Stine, Solomon

Albaugh, Charity Aft. 1734 Aft. 1782 Frederick Co., Maryland Waltz, Reinhard

Albaugh, Charles December 08, 1851 April 20, 1864

Albaugh, Christian 1783 Frederick Co., Maryland January 24, 1862 Salem Twp., Jefferson Co., Ohio Reiner, Catherine

Albaugh, Daniel December 11, 1839 Carroll Co, Ohio October 28, 1919 Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa Glancy, Jane Elizabeth

Albaugh, Elias Unknown Capper, Sarah

Albaugh, Elizabeth May 09, 1779 Frederick Co., Maryland December 24, 1863 Van Wert Co., Ohio Beamer, Adam

Albaugh, Elizabeth 1781 Frederick Co., Maryland Unknown Springer, David

Albaugh, Elizabeth Christina March 13, 1858 Mechanicsville, Cedar Co., Iowa May 13, 1888 Mechanicsville, Cedar Co., Iowa Zerbe, John George

Albaugh, Eve Abt. 1744 New Jersey Unknown Danner, Phillip

Albaugh, Eve February 1770 Hunterdon Co., New Jersey Bef. 1820 Beamer, John Peter

Albaugh, George March 25, 1772 Frederick Co., Maryland September 03, 1813 Leavittsville, Carroll Co., Ohio Springer, Catherine

Albaugh, George June 13, 1789 Frederick Co., Maryland May 14, 1851 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio Springer, Nancy Ann

Albaugh, George Gerhard March 08, 1727/28 Flammersfeld, Germany February 13, 1789 Bedford, St. George Co., Maryland Pittenger, Anne Marie

Albaugh, Henry Commodore Perry Unknown

Albaugh, Herman September 16, 1900 Tu Co, OH September 13, 1959 Campe, Margaret

Albaugh, Hester C. September 04, 1831 January 15, 1898 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio

Albaugh, Jacob 1844 Ohio Unknown North Dakota Wrestler, Josephine

Albaugh, James M. July 27, 1837 Carroll Co., Ohio November 04, 1926 Jewett, Harrison Co., Ohio Wrikeman, Mary Elizatbeth

Albaugh, Jane Abt. 1756 Frederick Co., Ohio Unknown Beamer, Unknown

Albaugh, John July 27, 1835 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio October 08, 1891 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio Barnes, Martha Ann

Albaugh, John Peter 1767 Frederick Co., Maryland April 07, 1848 Carroll Co, Ohio Cook, Sarah Leah

Albaugh, John W. April 01, 1740 New Jersey 1811 Unknown, Mary Catherine

Albaugh, John William January 30, 1808 Carroll Co, Ohio July 08, 1889 Cedar Bluffs, Cedar County, Iowa

Albaugh, Jospeh October 03, 1849 Ohio January 16, 1913 Zerbe, Lavina

Albaugh, Leah 1847 Unknown

Albaugh, Margaret March 09, 1827 Unknown Sell, Anthonly

Albaugh, Margaret Ann 1838 Unknown Oregon Terwilleger, Cyrenus

Albaugh, Margaret Barbara March 19, 1796 Frederick Co., Maryland October 27, 1855 Carroll Co, Ohio Springer, Jacob, Jr.

Albaugh, Maria Catrina August 27, 1774 Unknown Beamer, Johann

Albaugh, Mary Abt. 1838 Ohio Unknown

Albaugh, Mary September 1842 Carroll Co, Ohio Unknown Zollers, David

Albaugh, Morris May 17, 1762 New Jersey (per tombstone) May 16, 1833 Kilgore, Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio (per obit) Beamer, Mary Catherine

Albaugh, Morris, Jr. 1792 Frederick Co., Maryland 1855 Vinton Co., Ohio Stine, Betsy Elizabeth

Albaugh, Priscilla December 15, 1805 Farm near Kilgore, Carroll Co., Ohio November 06, 1879 Brush Creek, later Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Thompson, Zachariah I Caleb

Albaugh, Robert March 09, 1827 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio July 18, 1906 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio Lytle, Sarah Jane

Albaugh, Samuel Abt. 1835 Ohio Abt. 1895 Ohio Sell, Margaret

Albaugh, Sarah May 04, 1844 January 28, 1882 O'Brien Co., Iowa Hakeman, George

Albaugh, Soloman August 11, 1791 Walkerville, Frederick Co., Maryland December 12, 1863 Kilgore, Carroll Co, Ohio McKissen, Priscilla

Albaugh, Solomon Abt. 1833 Ohio Abt. 1895 Goff, Helen I.

Albaugh, William May 21, 1776 Frederick Co., Maryland January 12, 1844 Del Roy, Carroll Co., Ohio Weaver, Mary

Albaugh, William 1802 Harford County, Maryland November 06, 1879 Richland, Shawnee Co., Kansas DenbowThompson, Sarah

Albaugh, William J. 1821 Ohio October 16, 1915 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio Sell, Catherine

Allen, Asa C. Unknown

Allen, David B. Unknown

Allen, Eva Mae Unknown

Allen, Joseph Unknown Manchester, Sarah

Allen, Mary C. Unknown

Allen, Ora B. Unknown

Allen, Sarah P. Unknown

Allen, William J. 1836 Carroll Co, Ohio 1909 Thompson, Martha

Alta Private Amos, Robert

Ammons, Elizabeth Unknown Albaugh, George

Amos, Ada Private Hill, Roland

Amos, Ada Catherine Unknown

Amos, Ailsa Unknown

Amos, Alberta May Private

Amos, Alfred October 01, 1851 Carroll Co., Ohio December 10, 1933 Sargent, Custer Co., NE Carnall, Caroline

Amos, Alfred Glenn Unknown

Amos, Alvin N. Private

Amos, Angelina December 01, 1858 Carroll Co., Ohio July 27, 1888 Dry Valley, Custer, Nebraska Slates, John B.

Amos, Anita J. Private

Amos, Anna S. Unknown Copsey, Milton

Amos, Avis Private Arthur, John

Amos, Barbara 1959 1959

Amos, Barbara Jean Private Capper, Lionell J.

Amos, Bernard Private

Amos, Bernard G. Private

Amos, Bert S. Unknown

Amos, Bessie Private

Amos, Beulah Private Marsh, Bert

Amos, Bob Dean Private Anderson, Diane

Amos, Bonnie L. Private Plumb, John

Amos, Bryce 1920 1920

Amos, Charles Private

Amos, Christi Private

Amos, Cindy M. Private

Amos, Claris Private

Amos, Cora 1914 1917

Amos, Cora L. 1875 1877

Amos, Dale 1908 1908

Amos, Dean L. Private

Amos, Deana L. Private

Amos, Dennis Private

Amos, Dennis Private

Amos, Dick L. Private Ketner, Linda K.

Amos, Dolores A. Private

Amos, Donald Private Trendal, Della

Amos, Donald Private Hye, Marsha Lee

Amos, Donna D. Private

Amos, Edith Mildred Unknown

Amos, Edwin L. Private

Amos, Ellwyn D. Private

Amos, Elva M. Private

Amos, Emma R. February 05, 1865 Carroll Co., Ohio September 12, 1953 McEwan, Alexander

Amos, Erma Private Marsh, William

Amos, Espy L. Private Nelson, Estella

Amos, Eva Caroline Unknown

Amos, Evalyn Private Garris, Maurice

Amos, Fay E. Private Fitch, Irene

Amos, Fenton Private

Amos, Florence A. Private Marsh, Melvin

Amos, Franklin O. Private

Amos, Freida Unknown

Amos, Garley J. Private

Amos, Garley S. Private Cornforth, Helen

Amos, Gary L. Private

Amos, Gayle Private Lewis, Richard

Amos, Gaylene Private

Amos, Gayloard 1912 1912

Amos, Gaylord L. 1927 1952 Korean War

Amos, Gladys C. Private

Amos, Gordon L. Private Magaha, Shirley

Amos, Gordon V. Private

Amos, Guy G. Private

Amos, Hanford R. Private Miller, Irene

Amos, James Leland Unknown Bruner, Ida L.

Amos, Jerald D. Private Rose, Darlene

Amos, John Unknown Metsy

Amos, John Private

Amos, John F. Private

Amos, John G. 1943 1946

Amos, John M. 1880 1953 Brumbaugh, Bessie M.

Amos, John M. Jr. Private

Amos, John Mordecai March 25, 1831 Pennsylvania July 13, 1907 Wescott, Custer Co., Nebraska Thompson, Catherine

Amos, Joseph Ray 1886 Unknown Dasher, Katherine

Amos, Joyce Private McGee, Billie

Amos, Kalso F. Private Perkins, Eula M.

Amos, Karl L. Private Timm, Alice

Amos, Kenneth L. Private Gutbrod, Frances

Amos, Kerri Private

Amos, Kimberley Private

Amos, Lary Private

Amos, Lary D. Private

Amos, Laura B. February 20, 1863 Carroll Co., Ohio March 02, 1950 Westervelt, Eugene

Amos, Leo L. Private

Amos, Leone 1912 1912

Amos, LeRoy Private

Amos, Lilas E. Private Sargent, Howard L.

Amos, Linda Private

Amos, Linda Private

Amos, Lorne Private

Amos, Lycurgus February 13, 1853 Carroll Co., Ohio March 01, 1931 Meyers, Isabelle

Amos, Lycurgus Private Ash, Inez

Amos, Manford Private

Amos, Marie Private

Amos, Marvin Private

Amos, Mary A. Private

Amos, Mary M. September 11, 1855 Carroll Co., Ohio August 11, 1858 Carroll Co., Ohio

Amos, Maude Unknown

Amos, Maynard Private Nunn, Daisy

Amos, Merton S. 1873 1953 Reider, Ella

Amos, Michael Private

Amos, Midgie A. Private Nelson, Russell

Amos, Milford W. Private Turlong, Mary

Amos, Murl Private Petit, Fern

Amos, Nettie J. 1934 1934

Amos, Noel L. 1888 Unknown Draper, Minnie I.

Amos, Nora 1899 Unknown Smith, Howard

Amos, Nora Violoa December 26, 1868 Carroll Co., Ohio December 19, 1962 Armstrong, N. Eli

Amos, Norman J. 1938 1938 Ronnei, Bonnie J.

Amos, Opal G. Private Sargent, Leroy

Amos, Orton Otto 1878 Unknown Oliver, Edna

Amos, Otto Jr. Private Yonally, Joann

Amos, Paul L. Private McCray, Sandra

Amos, Phillip Private

Amos, Reta Private Lee, Charles

Amos, Rex Private

Amos, Richard Private Huckaby, Treva

Amos, Robert Private Alta

Amos, Ronald Private

Amos, Ronald G. Private

Amos, Rosalee Private

Amos, Sandra Private

Amos, Sarah B. Private Lempercht, Joe

Amos, Sheri L. Private

Amos, Sherry Private

Amos, Sonja F. Private

Amos, Steven F. Private

Amos, Ted 1891 1955 Mattox, Esther

Amos, Tina M. Private

Amos, Tommie Private

Amos, Unknown Bef. 1831 Unknown

Amos, Unknown Aft. 1833 Unknown

Amos, Unknown Unknown Unknown Infancy

Amos, Vera V. Private

Amos, Vernon Private Lemick, Mary

Amos, Virgil P. Private Hillyer, Shirley

Amos, Vivian Private Haner, Gale

Amos, Wayne L. 1884 Unknown Wooters, Esther

Amos, Wilbur G. Private

Amos, William Bef. 1830 Unknown

Amos, William Riley June 23, 1871 April 10, 1954 Campbell, Eva

Amos, Wilma W. Private

Amos, Yvonne M. Private

Amos, Zachariah January 24, 1861 Carroll Co., Ohio July 02, 1954 Love, Arabella

Amose, Charles Private

Anderson, Diane Private Amos, Bob Dean

Andrews, Shirley Private Thompson, Phillip Andrew

Armstrong, Clarence M. Unknown

Armstrong, N. Eli 1868 1962 Amos, Nora Violoa

Armstrong, W. Guy Unknown

Arnold, John Unknown Albauch, Anna Margaretha

Arthur, John 1904 Unknown Amos, Avis

Arthur, John Jr. Private Long, Diana

Arthur, Ounna Lee Private

Arthur, Ricky Dean Private

Ash, Inez Private Amos, Lycurgus

Baird, Thomas Private Seedorff, Linda

Barnes, Hannah Unknown Rider, John

Barnes, Martha Ann 1837 1921 Albaugh, John

Barnhill, Eda 1862 1958 Thompson, William A.

Barnhill, Ida 1862 1958

Barnhouse, David Samuel Unknown Carroll Co., Ohio Stewart, Susanna

Barnhouse, Jacob 1785 Hampshire, Virginia Aft. 1840 Union Twp. Carroll Co, Ohio Capper, Sarah

Barnhouse, Margaret Unknown Capper, Michael

Barnhouse, Maria Unknown Stewart, Ephriam Park

Barnhouse, Mariah 1820 Ohio Aft. 1853 Carroll Co., Ohio Stewart, Ephron Park

Barr, John Unknown Williams, Myrtle

Bartlett, Benjamin Unknown

Bartlett, Elizabeth Unknown

Bartlett, Joseph Unknown

Bartlett, Lydia Unknown

Bartlett, Mary Unknown

Bartlett, Mercy Unknown

Bartlett, Rebecca Unknown

Bartlett, Robert Unknown Warren, Mary

Bartlett, Sarah 1639 Plymouth, Mass. June 14, 1680 Plymouth, Mass. Rider, Samuel

Baxter, Cheryl Private Seedorff, Randall Lee

Bayles, Glenn Private Smith, Shirley

Bayles, Jackie Private

Bayles, Janine Private

Beamer, Adam Unknown Albaugh, Anna Mary

Beamer, Adam March 21, 1772 January 29, 1840 Albaugh, Elizabeth

Beamer, George Unknown Springer, Nancy

Beamer, Henry 1760 1828 Albaugh, Ann Maria

Beamer, Johann Unknown Albaugh, Maria Catrina

Beamer, John Unknown Pittenger, Anne Marie

Beamer, John Peter 1767 April 07, 1848 Albaugh, Eve

Beamer, Mary Catherine 1766 November 25, 1843 Kilgore, Carroll Co., Ohio Albaugh, Morris

Beamer, Unknown Unknown Albaugh, Jane

Bear, Sherman S. Unknown Sherman, Tacy Elizabeth

Bell, Virginia Private Thompson, Robert

Bihmer, Johan Unknown Albaugh, Eve

Billings, Helen Matilda 1853 April 17, 1921 Thompson, Allen C.

Billingsly, Lawrence 1897 1967 Thompson, Alice M.

Blevins, Donna 1893 1924 Thompson, William G.

Blevins, Tina 1898 Unknown Thompson, Alfred E.

Bouman, Elizabeth 1900 Unknown Hunt, John Samuel

Bowley, Donals Private

Bowley, Hubert Private Marsh, Twyla

Boyd, Alice 1740 1791 Capper, John

Boyd, Elizabeth Figley Unknown Capper, David

Brackin, Ann Margaret Unknown Capper, Meredith

Brady, Lillian P. Private Thompson, Jack

Brets, Dora Colesbury, Delaware County, iowa Unknown Griffith, James

Briney, Catherine H. 1838 1926 Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Thompson, Morris Jackson

Britzon, Unknown Unknown Capper, Eliza

Brooks, Dorinda February 14, 1833 Carroll Co., Ohio December 25, 1893 Elgin Area, Fayette Co., IA Capper, John II

Brooks, John J. August 15, 1802 County Fermanagh, Ireland December 19, 1889 Carroll Co., Ohio Fawcett, Mary

Brown, Sarah Jane 1832 1870 Brush Creek, Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Thompson, Morris Jackson

Brumbaugh, Bessie M. 1895 Unknown Amos, John M.

Bruner, Ida L. March 30, 1911 Amos, James Leland

Brunner, Jacob Unknown Capper, Allie

Bulin, Norma Private Marsh, Robert

Burrier, Elizabeth 1852 1875 Albaugh, Adam

Butifkofer, Emily Private

Butifkofer, Eric Private

Butifkofer, Evonne Private

Butifkofer, Richard Private Hunt, Donna Ruth

Byars, Crockett Vernon Private Thompson, Melva Arlene

Byars, Eugen Unknown Loflin, Dovie

Byars, Mark Alton Byars Private

Byars, Thomas Edward Private

Byars, Timothy Vernon Private

Campbell, Eva 1871 1940 Amos, William Riley

Campe, Margaret Private Albaugh, Herman

Capper, Allie Unknown Brunner, Jacob

Capper, Amanda 1844 Unknown

Capper, Angeline 1828 Unknown

Capper, Ann December 29, 1853 Carroll Co., Ohio Kail, Adam

Capper, Boies Unknown

Capper, Cassius Henry June 23, 1861 Fayette Co., Iowa November 09, 1916 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN Fritz, Susan

Capper, Charles Unknown McVicker, Catherine

Capper, Charles L. Unknown

Capper, Dale Oscar Private Frerichs, Anne

Capper, David Unknown

Capper, David Unknown

Capper, David December 25, 1788 Hampshire Co., VA March 17, 1851 Killed at the Capper grist Mill, SW 1/4,Sec. 30, Union Twp., Carroll Co., OH Wingfield, Hannah

Capper, David February 22, 1821 Ohio February 17, 1894 Foster, Ann

Capper, David 1841 Unknown

Capper, David Edward May 20, 1864 Unknown Snyder, Helen

Capper, Delila 1827 Harrison Co., Ohio Hemry, Isaac

Capper, Deliliah Unknown

Capper, Dianne S. Private

Capper, Dorinda 1833 Ohio Unknown

Capper, Edward Clinton January 04, 1884 West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa November 15, 1946 Sac City, Iowa Griffith, Nella May

Capper, Eleanor February 12, 1801 Unknown Perry Co., Ohio Jr., John Jemry

Capper, Eliza 1857 Unknown Britzon, Unknown

Capper, Elizabeth March 22, 1823 Carroll Co., Ohio 1868 Van Wert, Ohio Stewart, Ebson

Capper, Elizabeth 1843 Unknown Larues, Unknown

Capper, Ellen 1839 Unknown

Capper, Ellsie Jane December 14, 1859 Pleasant Valley Twp., Fayette Co., Iowa Unknown Reidel, Gustave

Capper, Flossie M. Unknown

Capper, Frank L. Unknown Pfeifer, Nellie

Capper, Gabriel 1893 Harrison Co., Ohio Chamberline, Malinda

Capper, Hannah 1837 Unknown

Capper, Henrietta December 02, 1867 March 05, 1872

Capper, James November 17, 1848 December 09, 1861

Capper, James Boyd 1832 Unknown

Capper, James Chauncey December 23, 1874 Unknown

Capper, Jane December 04, 1825 Carroll Co., Ohio 1905 Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Thompson, William David

Capper, John Abt. 1725 Northern Ireland 1808 Frederick Co., Virginia Boyd, Alice

Capper, John November 07, 1809 Frederick Co., Virginia March 05, 1832 Carroll Co., Ohio Morrison, Susannah

Capper, John II October 08, 1832 Carroll Co., Ohio May 07, 1911 Brooks, Dorinda

Capper, Karen Private

Capper, Kenneth Cassius Private

Capper, Lionell J. Private Amos, Barbara Jean

Capper, Lydia 1801 Unknown Harrison, William J.

Capper, Lyle Clinton 1905 Unknown

Capper, Maggie Adwell January 12, 1870 September 01, 1926 Hills, Chauncey

Capper, Mahlon 1847 Unknown

Capper, Mark Private

Capper, Mary June 23, 1778 Abt. 1869 Carroll Co., Ohio Kail, Unkown

Capper, Mary December 18, 1811 Frederick Co., Virginia April 15, 1861 Saltsgiver, John

Capper, Meredith Unknown Carter, Eliza

Capper, Meredith January 11, 1816 Ohio February 05, 1868 Perryville, Carroll Co., Ohio Brackin, Ann Margaret

Capper, Michael Bet. 1754 - 1756 June 15, 1804 High View, West Virginia Stewart, Sarah

Capper, Michael September 17, 1813 Frederick Co., Virginia March 18, 1896 Barnhouse, Margaret

Capper, Michael Private

Capper, Michael Jr. Unknown Frederick Co., Virginia La Follette, Elizabeth

Capper, Oliver Cassius June 05, 1887 Unknown Potratz, Anna rose

Capper, Priscilla December 11, 1863 Hampshire Co., West Virginia Spaid, Frederick

Capper, Rebecca 1835 Unknown

Capper, Sarah 1781 Hampshire Co., VA Unknown Union Twp. Carroll Co, Ohio Barnhouse, Jacob

Capper, Sarah December 04, 1825 Carroll Co., Ohio Unknown Albaugh, Elias

Capper, Sidney P. Unknown Hampshire Co., West Virginia McKee, Joseph

Capper, Stephan Unknown Stewart, Ellen

Capper, Stephen June 01, 1818 Carroll Co., Ohio January 11, 1881 Van Wert Co., Ohio Stewart, Ellen

Capper, Susan 1830 Unknown

Capper, Susana Mary June 16, 1855 Pleasant Valley Twp., Fayette Co., Iowa July 31, 1875 Killed by runaway team of horses in Elgin, Iowa Patterson, Ezra

Capper, Susie Unknown

Capper, Thomas 1843 Unknown

Capper, Thomas November 19, 1850 November 05, 1861

Capper, Thomas John February 11, 1857 Pleasant Valley Twp., Fayette Co., Iowa October 16, 1931 Shaffer, Emeline L.

Capper, Unknown 1846 1846

Capper, Vernard Cleo May 03, 1914 June 07, 1941 Waterloo, Iowa

Capper, Wellington R. 1854 Unknown

Capper, William J. 1841 Unknown

Carnall, Anna D. 1859 1921

Carnall, Caroline 1861 1942 Amos, Alfred

Carnall, James 1825 Lincolnshire, England February 11, 1911 Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Nicholson, Caroline

Carnes, Edward 1900 Unknown Thompson, Florence M.

Carter, Eliza Unknown Capper, Meredith

Cather, Jane Unknown Mckee, Robert

Chamberline, Malinda Unknown Capper, Gabriel

Chapman, Joyce E. Private Grimes, Riley S.

Chittenden, Ada Beryl May 14, 1896 February 19, 1988 Thompson, Malry Steward

Christian, Byron Private Timm, Elizabeth

Church, Richard Unknown Warren, Elizabeth

Clara Unknown Swales, James

Clay, Susannah Unknown Stewart, Edward Hill

Clevenger, Brian Monroe Private Hunt, Anthom Joy

Coffman, Joyce Ann Private

Coffman, Judity Lynn Private

Coffman, Lynn Private Thompson, Wilma E.

Coker, Ann Private Thompson, William Ewald

Cole, Margaret A. 1844 1912 Sherman, Samuel William

Collins, Katherine Private Seedorff, Randall Lee

Cook, Sarah Leah 1771 Bef. 1816 Albaugh, John Peter

Cooke, John Unknown Warren, Sarah

Copsey, Milton Unknown Amos, Anna S.

Cordray, Austin E. Private Kline, Barbara L.

Cordray, Jax. Randall Private

Cordray, Richard L. Private

Cornforth, Helen Private Amos, Garley S.

Couch, Elton M. 1903 Unknown Kline, Mary M.

Couch, Elton M. 1936 1936

Couch, Mary B. Private Smith, James V.

Couch, Virginia M. Private Hogland, Gordon L.

Couchman, Careece Private Thompson, Kenneth Darrell

Coulter, Annie Elizabeth August 20, 1850 New Rumley, Ohio August 27, 1910 Arlington, Fayette Co., Iowa Swales, John G.

Coulter, Jeanna M. Private

Coulter, John Unknown Tomlinson, Mary

Coulter, Lloyd L. Private Davis, Sherry A.

Coulter, Lloyd N. Private

Coulter, Tony Private

Craft, Sarah Jane 1854 1936 Thompson, Stewart A.

Crist, Ona Merle January 20, 1899 November 1995 Thompson, Walter James

Cronk, Harold Unknown

Cronk, Janie 1862 1928 Thompson, David C.

Cronk, Martin E. 1866 1949 Williams, Minnie H.

Cronk, Mildred Private

Cushion, Albert 1854 1928 Thompson, Eliza A.

Cushion, Clause Private

Cushion, Vera Private

Cushion, Vonna Private

Cushion, William G. 1881 1945 Hardy, Della A.

Daniel, Yvonne Private Mathes, Harold

Danner, Phillip Unknown Albaugh, Eve

Darnell, Dirk A. Private

Darnell, Jill A. Private

Darnell, Lynn M. Private

Darnell, Ramona K Private

Darnell, Richard R. Private

Darnell, Vern W. Private Grimes, Evelyn A.

Darr, Emma C. 1855 1948

Dasher, Katherine 1889 Unknown Amos, Joseph Ray

Davis, Ben L. Private Kline, Marjorie M.

Davis, Jerry Dean Private

Davis, Karen Jean Private

Davis, Martha Ann Unknown Stewart, Edward

Davis, Sherry A. Private Coulter, Lloyd L.

Davis, William Unknown Unknown, Maria

Davis, William Perry Private

Decker, David George Private

Decker, George Phares Private Thompson, Velma Fern

Decker, Glenn A. Private

Decker, Pharlee Fern Private

Deems, Elizabeth Unknown Albaugh, William

Denbow, Ann 1792 Maryland Unknown

Denbow, Bazeleel 1795 Maryland Unknown

Denbow, Betsy Unknown

Denbow, Cassandra 1805 Maryland 1879 Thompson, Josiah

Denbow, Clemency Bef. 1790 Unknown

Denbow, Elijah Aft. 1785 Unknown

Denbow, Elizabeth 1774 Harford County, Maryland 1848 Harrison Co, Ohio Thompson, Andrew

Denbow, Gabriel 1809 Unknown

Denbow, John March 16, 1740/41 Unknown Unknown, Martha

Denbow, John 1797 Harford, Maryland Unknown

Denbow, John Jr. 1780 Unknown

Denbow, Levi 1801 Unknown

Denbow, Martha 1790 Maryland Unknown

Denbow, Sarah 1799 Maryland Unknown

Denbow, Thomas 1700 Unknown Elizabeth

Denbow, Thomas 1765 1826 Maryland

Denbow, Thomas 1807 Maryland Unknown

DenbowThompson, Sarah 1801 1878 Albaugh, William

Dennis, LeRoy Private Seedorff, Alice

Dickson, Bernice Private Hunt, Stephen Alan

Doggett, Sarah Unknown Sherman, Samuel

Douglas, Olive 1887 Unknown Hunt, John Samuel

Dowse, Dianne Private Marsh, Daniel

Draper, Minnie I. Private Amos, Noel L.

Drew, Josiah Unknown Sherman, Sarah

Elizabeth 1710 Unknown Denbow, Thomas

Elizabeth July 27, 1811 August 29, 1866 Thompson, Gabriel D.

Elliott, Mary Unknown Capper, David

Everson, Sandra Kay Private

Everson, Verne Private Mathes, Loraine Melba

Faulkner, David July 21, 1826 Unknown

Faulkner, John Unknown Heidy, Mary Ann

Faulkner, Mary Ann July 16, 1828 April 20, 1866 Unknown Yencel, John Adam

Fawcett, Mary August 26, 1801 County Fermanagh, Ireland May 22, 1825 Carroll Co., Ohio Brooks, John J.

Fink, Irwin Private Williams, Anita

Fitch, Irene Private Amos, Fay E.

Foster, Ann Unknown Capper, David

Foster, Lavina 1832 1909 Thompson, Alexander

Founce, Priscilla Unknown Warren, Joseph

Fox, Estella October 02, 1904 May 26, 1980 Thompson, Dewey William

Frame, Adeline Private Kline, Walter L.

Frerichs, Anne Private Capper, Dale Oscar

Fritz, Susan February 09, 1862 West Union, Fayette Co., Iowa June 27, 1928 Wintrhop, Iowa Capper, Cassius Henry

Galloway, Bessie M. 1900 Unknown Thompson, Reed S.

Garhard, Agnes 1722 Ahlbach, Adam

Garris, Craig G. Private

Garris, Judy 1947 1947

Garris, Maurice Private Amos, Evalyn

Geis, Douglas L. Private

Geis, Karl E. Private Kline, Rochelle

Glancy, Jane Elizabeth Unknown Albaugh, Daniel

Goff, Helen I. Unknown Albaugh, Solomon

Gregory, Bertha Unknown

Gregory, Caroline E. Unknown

Gregory, Horace M. 1857 1889 Thompson, Martha E.

Griffith, James Unknown Brets, Dora

Griffith, Nella May September 18, 1883 March 10, 1968 Capper, Edward Clinton

Grimes, Carrie E. 1903 1904

Grimes, Edwin B. 1878 1942 Thompson, Eliza R.

Grimes, Eva K. 1900 1902

Grimes, Evelyn A. Private Darnell, Vern W.

Grimes, Lillian I. Private Kohls, Richard

Grimes, Riley S. 1901 Unknown Chapman, Joyce E.

Grimes, Wilma M. Private

Grissinger, Elizabeth Unknown Yencel, John

Gutbrod, Frances Private Amos, Kenneth L.

Gwinn, Ida Liggett 1869 1958 Thompson, Samuel Andrew II

Gwinn, Lydia Kate 1939 Thompson, Zachariah II Caleb

Gwinn, William Unknown Liggett, Martha

Gwinn, William M. 1833 1908 Thompson, Mary Priscilla

Hakeman, George Unknown Albaugh, Sarah

Hall, Dorothy J. Private Thompson, Loren Walter

Hammond, Jerry Private Seedorff, Diana

Haner, Gale Private Amos, Vivian

Hardin, Luella Virginia Unknown Ohio Myers, Joseph

Hardy, Della A. Unknown Cushion, William G.

Harmon, Mary Private Smith, Dale

Harrison, William J. Unknown Capper, Lydia

Hathaway, Nellie Unknown Williams, Chester

Hatton, Mary Unknown Newell, Andrew

Haxton, Laura I. 1883 1953 Shambaugh, Cleveland J.

Hayner, Mariett Elizabeth September 10, 1848 Unknown Williams, Nathaniel L.

Heckathorne, Clifford Private Thompson, Mary Louise

Heckathorne, Karen L. Private

Heckathorne, Kevin D. Private

Heidy, Jacob 1803 Virginia Abt. March 1885 Carroll Co., Ohio

Heidy, Jane Abt. 1814 Unknown Rider, James

Heidy, John Abt. 1762 Brunswick, Germany January 08, 1839 Ohio Sterlings, Sarah Jane

Heidy, John May 11, 1801 Virginia January 29, 1886 Perry Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio

Heidy, Mary Ann March 20, 1809 Virginia May 09, 1851 Carroll Co, Ohio Sherman, Caleb J.

Heidy, Nancy September 27, 1803 July 06, 1850

Heidy, Samuel October 11, 1819 June 12, 1864

Heidy, Thomas October 17, 1810 May 13, 1894 Rumley Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio

Hemry, Isaac Unknown Capper, Delila

Hendricks, Emanuel Unknown Thompson, Eliza

Hettler, Frances Private

Hettler, Helena Private Yzerman, Anthony

Hettler, Henry March 1869 Germany 1959 Williams, Susan

Hettler, Marette 1901 1918

Hill, Mary Ellen 1848 1933 Thompson, David B.

Hill, Prudence Unknown Sherman, William

Hill, Roland Private Amos, Ada

Hills, Chauncey Unknown Capper, Maggie Adwell

Hillyer, Shirley Private Amos, Virgil P.

Hogland, Gordon L. Private Couch, Virginia M.

Hogland, Janet Private

Hogland, Jerry L. Private

Hogland, Joyce M. Private

Hopkins, Ruth Marguerite Unknown Capper, Edward Clinton

House, Mary E. 1866 1935

House, Mary E. 1867 1963 Thompson, Joseph G.

Hubbell, Archie L. Private

Hubbell, Bernice M. Private

Hubbell, Cecil E. Private

Hubbell, Edgar 1873 1961 Kline, Martha E.

Hubbell, Everett R. Private

Hubbell, Morton L. Private

Hubbell, Una I. Private

Huckaby, Treva Private Amos, Richard

Hughson, Clyde Allen Private Hunt, Marsha Lou

Hughson, Josef Micah Private

Hughson, Nels Andrew Private

Hulbert, Adrian D. Unknown

Hulbert, Ivan S. Unknown

Hulbert, Lawrence Ray 1857 1943 Thompson, Hanna Priscilla

Hulbert, William Ray Unknown

Hunt, Andrew David Private

Hunt, Anthom Joy Private Clevenger, Brian Monroe

Hunt, David Lee Private Kolosik, Janene

Hunt, Donald Reuben 1916 Fayette, Iowa 1990 Oelwein, Iowa Pfeiffer, Ruth Mettler

Hunt, Donna Ruth Private Butifkofer, Richard

Hunt, Eleanor Winnifred 1919 Fayette, Iowa 1965 Zbornik, Theo Marcus

Hunt, Elissa Christine Private

Hunt, Elizabeth Private

Hunt, Flora Belle 1882 Unknown Johnson, L. L.

Hunt, Henry Donald Private Pam

Hunt, John Douglas 1917 1958 Nellie

Hunt, John Samuel 1886 1961 Douglas, Olive

Hunt, Jonathan Alan Private

Hunt, LeAnn Susan Private

Hunt, Marsha Lou Private Hughson, Clyde Allen

Hunt, Martha 1895 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa 1965 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Noble, Glenn

Hunt, Nellie 1891 Unknown Timm, E. E.

Hunt, Paul Private Thompson, Mary Alta

Hunt, Paulette Ann Private Kress, Cary John

Hunt, Sam Private

Hunt, Stephen Alan Private Dickson, Bernice

Hunt, Steve Private

Hunt, Walter Eugene 1851 Banbury, England 1945 Fayette, Iowa Thompson, Amanda Katura

Hunt, Walter Reuben 1887 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa 1977 Manchester, Iowa Strayer, Winnifred Mary

Hutchinson, Minette I. 1860 1944 Thompson, William Henry

Hye, Marsha Lee Private Amos, Donald

Inslee, Mary E. 1889 1979 Robinson, Walter S.

Jacobs, Clinton 1902 1950 Kline, Vivian B.

James, Ada Unknown

James, Alga Unknown

James, Ellie D. Unknown

James, Flossie Unknown

James, Henry 1855 1946 Thompson, Mary E.

James, Inez Unknown

James, Thal Unknown

Johnson, L. L. 1869 1952 Hunt, Flora Belle

Johnson, Sarah E. 1882 Unknown Kline, Perry A.

Jones, Sarah A. July 08, 1908 Thompson, John Richard

Jr., John Jemry Unknown Capper, Eleanor

Kail, Adam Unknown Capper, Ann

Kail, Unkown Unknown Capper, Mary

Kearns, William L. Unknown Stewart, Rose Ella

Ketner, Linda K. Private Amos, Dick L.

Kirby, Eliza 1825 January 02, 1881 Thompson, Eli Isaac

Klammer, Janine Private Thompson, Chris

Kline, Barbara L. Private Cordray, Austin E.

Kline, Charles D. Private

Kline, Cheryl K. 1955 1955

Kline, John L. 1852 1890 Thompson, Mary Priscilla

Kline, Johnson Private Smith, Mabel G.

Kline, Leroy Private Martin, Bonita

Kline, Leslie L. Private

Kline, Marjorie M. Private Davis, Ben L.

Kline, Martha E. Bet. 1883 - 1952 Unknown Hubbell, Edgar

Kline, Marvin Dean Private

Kline, Mary Elizabeth Private

Kline, Mary M. Private Couch, Elton M.

Kline, Patricia L. Private

Kline, Perry A. 1880 1951 Johnson, Sarah E.

Kline, Reba A. February 28, 1887 November 1976 LeCrone, Rass

Kline, Robert Private McNabb, Vala M.

Kline, Rochelle Private Geis, Karl E.

Kline, Vivian B. Private Jacobs, Clinton

Kline, Walter L. Private Frame, Adeline

Kline, William Perry Private

Knoerr, Donald Private

Knoerr, Kenneth Private

Knoerr, Rudolph R. 1892 1962 Shambaugh, Bertha May

Koehn, Bethel M. Private Kline, Leroy

Kohls, Donald E. Private

Kohls, Richard 1900 1966 Grimes, Lillian I.

Kohls, Ruth Ann Private

Kolosik, Janene Private Hunt, David Lee

Kress, Ann Marie Private

Kress, Cary John Private Hunt, Paulette Ann

Kress, Heathr Nicole Private

Kress, John Edward Private

La Follette, Elizabeth Unknown Capper, Michael Jr.

Larues, Unknown Unknown Capper, Elizabeth

Laverty, Bina L. Unknown Stewart, Eber

LeCrone, Helen Viola Private

LeCrone, Rass September 20, 1882 March 1969 Kline, Reba A.

Lee, Charles Private Amos, Reta

Lee, Charles Jr. Private

Lee, James E. 1900 Unknown Kline, Vivian B.

Lee, Jean L. Private

Lee, Lonnie Private

Lee, Michael Private

Lemick, Mary Private Amos, Vernon

Lempercht, Betty Jo Private

Lempercht, Boyd Bryce Private

Lempercht, Dolores Private Wills, Dick

Lempercht, Everett Private Loretta

Lempercht, Genevieve Private Teal, George

Lempercht, Joe Private Amos, Sarah B.

Lempercht, Judy Private

Lempercht, Rose Private Ridenhouse, Ronnie

Lempercht, Shirley Private

Lempercht, Violet Private

Lewis, Kathy Private

Lewis, Leon Private

Lewis, Richard Private Amos, Gayle

Lewis, Ricky Private

Liggett, Martha Unknown Gwinn, William

Linda Private Seedorff, John

Little, Clifford 1883 1890

Little, Cornelius D. 1850 1923 Thompson, Annie E.

Little, Cornelius D. 1863 1946 Thompson, Annie E.

Little, Georgia Unknown Brush Creek (Arlington), Fayette Co., Iowa

Little, Hattie J. 1859 1865 Brush Creek (Arlington), Fayette Co., Iowa

Little, Irma K. Private

Little, Joe W. Unknown

Little, M. E. Unknown Sherman, Martha Jane

Little, Morris J. Unknown

Little, Neomi E. Private

Little, Thomas Unknown Warren, Anne

Loflin, Dovie Unknown Byars, Eugen

Long, Diana Private Arthur, John Jr.

Loretta Private Lempercht, Everett

Love, Arabella 1860 Wisconsin 1908 Amos, Zachariah

Lundy, Gregory Private

Lundy, John J. Private Kline, Rochelle

Lundy, Patricia Private

Lytle, Sarah Jane August 19, 1843 Unknown Albaugh, Robert

Magaha, Shirley Private Amos, Gordon L.

Manchester, Sarah Unknown Allen, Joseph

Maria Private Timm, Philip

Marsh, Bert 1896 Unknown Amos, Beulah

Marsh, Billie Jr. Private Rousek, Jean

Marsh, Daniel Private Dowse, Dianne

Marsh, Gale Private

Marsh, Joan Private

Marsh, Juanita Private Russell, Wayne

Marsh, Melvin Private Amos, Florence A.

Marsh, Mitchell Private

Marsh, Myron Private

Marsh, Peggy Private

Marsh, Robert Private Bulin, Norma

Marsh, Robert Private

Marsh, Sally A. Private

Marsh, Twyla Private Bowley, Hubert

Marsh, Vangie Private

Marsh, Virginia Private Watts, Orlie

Marsh, William 1901 Unknown Amos, Erma

Martin, Bonita 1921 1946 Kline, Leroy

Martin, Dana Jo Private

Martin, Julia B. Private

Martin, Melinda Private

Martin, Phil A. Private Thompson, Jaquelin J.

Martin, Phil A. Private

Mary Unknown Sherman, Ring

Mathes, Aletha Ruth Private

Mathes, Harold Private Daniel, Yvonne

Mathes, John Barry Private

Mathes, Loraine Melba Private Everson, Verne

Mathes, Loren Ray Private Watkins, Shirley

Mathes, Lory R. 1892 Unknown Thompson, Alma M.

Mathes, Rand J. Private

Mathes, Shelly Ann Private

Mattox, Esther 1892 Unknown Amos, Ted

McCray, Sandra Private Amos, Paul L.

McEwan, Alexander 1854 1953 Amos, Emma R.

McEwan, Edith Unknown

McEwan, Fenton Unknown

McEwan, Orville Unknown

McGee, Billie Private Amos, Joyce

McGee, Billie Gene Private

McKee, Joseph Unknown Capper, Sidney P.

Mckee, Robert Unknown Cather, Jane

McKissen, Priscilla March 31, 1798 September 15, 1843 Ohio Albaugh, Soloman

McNabb, Vala M. 1909 1951 Kline, Robert

McVicker, Catherine Unknown Capper, Charles

Mears, Virginia 1893 Unknown Robinson, James L.

Meires, Jacquline Private Seedorff, Dean

Melvin, Minnie F. 1889 1976 Thompson, Caleb Ray

Metsy Unknown Amos, John

Meyers, Isabelle 1854 Carroll Co., Ohio 1941 Amos, Lycurgus

Meyers, Unknown Unknown

Meyers, Unknown Unknown

Meyers, Unknown Unknown

Meyers, Unknown Unknown

Meyers, Unknown Unknown

Miller, Irene Private Amos, Hanford R.

Moats, Sheldon Private Tripp, Cecil Fern

Moore, Diana Private Seedorff, Dean

Moore, Willian Henry 1840 1904 Thompson, Elizabeth

Morrison, Susannah March 08, 1812 County Fermanagh, Ireland February 24, 1880 ?Iowa Capper, John

Myers, Joseph Unknown Ohio Hardin, Luella

Nace, Myra 1877 1972 Thompson, Morris E.

Nellie Private Hunt, John Douglas

Nelson, Estella Private Amos, Espy L.

Nelson, Gerald Private

Nelson, James 1962 Hunt, Nellie

Nelson, Russell Private Amos, Midgie A.

Nelson, Sharon S. Private

Newel, Verla Marie 1898 Unknown Thompson, Harry Gwinn

Newell, Andrew Unknown Hatton, Mary

Newman, Gordon 1886 1964 Robinson, Mary Ethel

Newman, Gordon II Private

Nicholson, Caroline 1829 Essex, England Unknown Carnall, James

Noble, Glenn 1898 1958 Hunt, Martha

Noble, Lois Adeline 1914 1940

Northrup, Algie Private

Northrup, Genevieve Private

Northrup, Mildred Private Wilson, Lyle

Northrup, Ollie 1890 Unknown T.Cushion, Vier

Nunn, Daisy Private Amos, Maynard

Oliver, Edna Private Amos, Orton Otto

Owen, Daniel Private Thompson, Martha Nell

Owen, Daniel William Private

Owen, Virginia B. Private

Pam Private Hunt, Henry Donald

Park, Adam Unknown Unknown, Eve

Park, Elizabeth Unknown Stewart, Maholon

Park, Elizabeth Unknown Stewart, Mahlon

Park, Elizabeth Unknown Stewart, Mahlon

Park, Elizabeth Abt. 1787 1871 Stewart, Mahlon

Patterson, Ezra Unknown Capper, Susana Mary

Perkins, Eula M. Private Amos, Kalso F.

Perkins, Goldie Private Thompson, Roy

Petit, Fern Private Amos, Murl

Petty, C. Edward Private Thompson, Melba E.

Petty, Carl Private

Petty, James Private

Petty, Lora Private

Petty, Paul Private

Petty, Ralph Private

Pfeifer, Nellie Private Capper, Frank L.

Pfeiffer, Ruth Mettler May 16, 1914 Oelwein, Iowa September 25, 1998 Oelwein, Iowa Hunt, Donald Reuben

Phillips, Pauline Private Thompson, John M.

Pinney, Lillie May Unknown Capper, Edward Clinton

Pittenger, Anne Marie 1728 1802 Route from Penn. to Ohio Albaugh, George Gerhard

Plumb, John Private Amos, Bonnie L.

Plumb, John Jr. Private

Pollom, Majol L. Private Thompson, Raymond Allen

Potratz, Anna rose Unknown Capper, Oliver Cassius

Pratt, Isaac 1817 Unknown Albaugh, Catherine

Pryse, Lizzie December 08, 1888 Thompson, John Richard

Ramey, Ellen A. Private Thompson, Don A.

Ray, Darrell Private Seedorff, Brenda

Reidel, Gustave Unknown Capper, Ellsie Jane

Reider, Ella 1878 Unknown Amos, Merton S.

Reiner, Catherine Unknown Albaugh, Christian

Ridenhouse, Rhonda Private

Ridenhouse, Ronnie Private Lempercht, Rose

Rider, Charles 1718 Unknown

Rider, Elizabeth 1714 Unknown

Rider, Hannah 1707 Unknown

Rider, James Unknown Heidy, Jane

Rider, Jerusa 1721 Unknown

Rider, John 1663 Plymouth Colony Unknown Southworth, Mary

Rider, John 1712 Unknown

Rider, Mary 1716 Unknown

Rider, Mercy Abt. 1659 Unknown

Rider, Rebecca 1722 March 14, 1792 Plymouth, Mass. Sherman, Caleb

Rider, Samuel Unknown Bartlett, Sarah

Rider, Samuel Unknown Unknown, Ann

Rider, Samuel 1657 Unknown

Rider, Sarah 1711 Unknown

Ring, Deborah Unknown Sherman, Caleb

Rittenhouse, Eva 1864 Unknown Thompson, Edward

Robinson, Carl G. 1912 1919

Robinson, Cecil R. Private

Robinson, Inez L. 1888 Unknown Torrence, Walter B.

Robinson, James L. 1891 Unknown Mears, Virginia

Robinson, LeRoy Private

Robinson, Mary Ethel 1887 Unknown Newman, Gordon

Robinson, Preston 1920 1927

Robinson, Ralph R. Private

Robinson, Russel Private

Robinson, Walter S. 1885 1963 Inslee, Mary E.

Robinson, Walter S. II Private

Robinson, William 1857 1929 Thompson, Annis E.

Robinson, Wilma H. Private

Rodgers, Ross Unknown Hunt, Flora Belle

Ronnei, Bonnie J. Private Amos, Norman J.

Rose, Darlene Private Amos, Jerald D.

Ross, Darl Morten Private

Ross, Frank M. 1881 1914 Shambaugh, Elma Jane

Rousek, Jean Private Marsh, Billie Jr.

Roys, Mildred M. August 07, 1892 April 1981 Shambaugh, Arthur L.

Ruschlein, Catherine Private Seedorff, Dean

Ruse, Elizabeth Unknown Slates, John

Russell, Diane Private

Russell, Wayne Private Marsh, Juanita

S.Thompson, George Unknown

Saltsgiver, John Unknown Capper, Mary

Sampson, John Unknown Sherman, Hannah

Sargent, Carol Lea Private

Sargent, Darrel Private

Sargent, Dennis E. Private

Sargent, Gary L. 1938 1938

Sargent, Howard L. 1907 1955 Amos, Lilas E.

Sargent, Leroy Private Amos, Opal G.

Schleyer, Jon Mark Private

Schleyer, Karen Ann Private

Schleyer, William Private Thompson, Katherine A.

Schmidt, Gertraud Anna Charity Unknown Albauch, Peter

Schneider, Anna Margaretha 1663 Flammersfeld, Germany Unknown Ahlbach, Antonius Thonges Thuness

Schnieder, Anna Margaretha Unknown Ahlbach, Hans Theis

Schuchmann, Nolgen Unknown Unknown, Agness

Schumann, Anna Dimeda September 14, 1698 Eychen, Germany 1773 Frederick Co., Maryland Ahlbach, Zachariah

Scott, Henry Unknown Thompson, Ellen P.

Scott, Leland H. Unknown

Scott, Wilfred D. Unknown

Seedorff, Alice Private Ward, Gary

Seedorff, Brenda Private Ray, Darrell

Seedorff, Dean Private Meires, Jacquline

Seedorff, Diana Private Hammond, Jerry

Seedorff, John Private Linda

Seedorff, Leslie Private Thompson, Genevieve

Seedorff, Linda Private Baird, Thomas

Seedorff, Randall Lee Private Baxter, Cheryl

Seedorff, Vonna Private

Sell, Anthonly 1827 Unknown Albaugh, Margaret

Sell, Catherine February 28, 1820 November 15, 1882 Albaugh, William J.

Sell, Louisa 1841 1912 Thompson, Allen C.

Sell, Margaret Unknown Albaugh, Samuel

Shaffer, Emeline L. Unknown Capper, Thomas John

Shaffer, J.D. Private

Shambaugh, Arthur L. 1892 1947 Roys, Mildred M.

Shambaugh, Bertha May November 28, 1894 June 27, 1989 Knoerr, Rudolph R.

Shambaugh, Cleveland J. 1885 1918 Haxton, Laura I.

Shambaugh, Dale B. Private

Shambaugh, Elma Jane October 08, 1881 March 1980 Ross, Frank M.

Shambaugh, Francis 1917 1917

Shambaugh, Frank James Private

Shambaugh, Harley B. Private

Shambaugh, James T. 1854 1907 Thompson, Frances A.

Shambaugh, Jas. W. 1925 1925

Shambaugh, Leroy J. 1913 1929

Shambaugh, Marie J. Private

Shambaugh, Velma A. 1883 1945 Titus, Carl

Shearer, Catherine Slates August 18, 1812 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio February 23, 1882 Louden Twp., Carroll Co., Ohio Albaugh, Soloman

Sherman, Andrew Jackson Geo. Wash. February 01, 1836 1863 Wood, Matilda

Sherman, Caleb April 1703 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Mass. Bef. 1786 Westmoreland county, New Brunswick, Canada Rider, Rebecca

Sherman, Caleb J. February 14, 1785 Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada March 18, 1842 Heidy, Mary Ann

Sherman, Desire October 1695 Unknown

Sherman, Elizabeth July 01, 1755 Unknown Wooten, John

Sherman, Gershom 1707 Unknown

Sherman, Hannah 1636 Unknown

Sherman, Hannah February 20, 1686/87 Unknown

Sherman, Hannah October 27, 1751 Unknown Sampson, John

Sherman, James Unknown

Sherman, John 1646 Unknown

Sherman, John A. Unknown

Sherman, John Patterson November 08, 1840 August 08, 1848

Sherman, Joshia Martin Van Buren June 01, 1838 October 16, 1921

Sherman, Joshua January 1692/93 Unknown

Sherman, Josiah 1802 Unknown

Sherman, Martha Jane January 10, 1833 Harrison County, Ohio January 25, 1921 Thompson, Samuel Andrew I

Sherman, Mercy October 1691 Unknown

Sherman, Patience March 1696/97 Unknown

Sherman, Ring December 17, 1749 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Mass. 1812 Salisbury, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada Mary

Sherman, Ring 1799 Unknown

Sherman, Samuel Abt. 1641 Plymouth Colony April 22, 1718 Marshfield, Plymouth County, Mass. Unknown, Hannah

Sherman, Samuel November 16, 1689 Unknown

Sherman, Samuel William November 08, 1840 October 09, 1916 Dennison, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio Cole, Margaret A.

Sherman, Sarah June 27, 1753 Unknown Drew, Josiah

Sherman, Tacy Elizabeth April 02, 1872 November 19, 1956 Bear, Sherman S.

Sherman, Unknown Unknown

Sherman, Unknown Unknown

Sherman, Unknown Unknown

Sherman, Uriah McCoy November 08, 1840 January 22, 1916 Lemoyne, PA Yencel, Tacy Elizabeth

Sherman, William 1613 Dedham, Sussex, England October 25, 1679 Plymouth Colony Hill, Prudence

Sherman, William 1639 Unknown

Sherman, William June 1699 Unknown

Sherman, William Caleb Unknown

Sherman, Young June 06, 1746 Unknown

Sherman, Young 1800 Unknown

Shidler, Hildreth A. Private Thompson, Samuel Arch

Short, Clarice Howard Private

Short, Clarice P. January 04, 1900 August 06, 1992 Thompson, Martha E.

Short, Robert Roy Private

Slates, Ada Unknown

Slates, Clyde Unknown

Slates, Cora V. Unknown

Slates, John Unknown Ruse, Elizabeth

Slates, John B. 1857 Ohio, first of three children. 1931 Amos, Angelina

Slates, Laura D. Unknown

Slates, Lena Unknown

Smith, Dale Private Thomas, Joby

Smith, Dennie Private

Smith, Gary Private

Smith, Gerald Private Travis, Doroty

Smith, Howard 1896 1953 Amos, Nora

Smith, James Private

Smith, James V. Private Couch, Mary B.

Smith, James V. Private

Smith, Janis K. Private

Smith, Jerry L. Private

Smith, Linda Private

Smith, Lori Private

Smith, Mabel G. Private Kline, Johnson

Smith, Peter Unknown Albaugh, Elizabeth

Smith, Robert James Private

Smith, Sarah E. Private

Smith, Shirley Private Zachow, Lary D.

Smith, Steven Private

Snot, Antony Unknown Warren, Abigail

Snyder, Helen Unknown Capper, David Edward

Southworth, Mary Unknown Rider, John

Spaid, Frederick Unknown Capper, Priscilla

Springer, Catherine Unknown Albaugh, George

Springer, David Unknown Albaugh, Elizabeth

Springer, Jacob, Jr. 1791 September 06, 1826 Albaugh, Margaret Barbara

Springer, Nancy Unknown Beamer, George

Springer, Nancy Ann February 04, 1795 August 18, 1826 Albaugh, George

Sterlings, Sarah Jane Abt. 1776 July 14, 1850 Carroll Co., Ohio Heidy, John

Sternberg, David May 18, 1922 Brooklyn, New York December 21, 1995 Thompson, Merle Maxine

Stewart, Alonzo November 06, 1858 Van Wert Co., Ohio November 13, 1859 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, Amanda 1859 Van Wert Co., Ohio Unknown

Stewart, Charles F. March 24, 1858 Clover Hill, Van Wert Co., Ohio March 07, 1927 Rainer, Columbia Co., Oregon

Stewart, David February 25, 1849 Van Wert Co., Ohio Unknown

Stewart, Eber Unknown Laverty, Bina L.

Stewart, Ebson 1818 Unknown Capper, Elizabeth

Stewart, Ebzon March 06, 1818 Carroll Co., Ohio January 28, 1887 Van Wert Co., Ohio Capper, Elizabeth

Stewart, Edward February 21, 1826 Maryland Unknown Davis, Martha Ann

Stewart, Edward 1843 Van Wert Co., Ohio Unknown

Stewart, Edward Hill Unknown Clay, Susannah

Stewart, Eliza Jane 1829 April 14, 1848 Carroll Co., Ohio Thompson, William David

Stewart, Ellen 1821 Unknown Capper, Stephen

Stewart, Ellen April 25, 1846 Van Wert Co., Ohio January 11, 1901 Ohio

Stewart, Elmer Park March 21, 1861 Bakersville, Coshocton Co., Ohio January 27, 1903 Bucks Twp., Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

Stewart, Ephriam Park Abt. 1812 Unknown Barnhouse, Maria

Stewart, Ephron Park July 08, 1812 Carroll Co., Ohio Bet. 1862 - 1904 Bakersville, Coshocton Co., Ohio Barnhouse, Mariah

Stewart, Hannah A. 1852 Van Wert Co., Ohio Unknown

Stewart, Ida I. Unknown

Stewart, Isaac Newton December 15, 1865 Van Wert Co., Ohio February 17, 1908 Shepherd, Michigan

Stewart, Jane July 26, 1847 Van Wert Co., Ohio December 18, 1875 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, John W. March 09, 1854 Van Wert Co., Ohio November 25, 1859 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, Mahlon Unknown Park, Elizabeth

Stewart, Mahlon Unknown Park, Elizabeth

Stewart, Mahlon Abt. 1787 Maryland January 27, 1879 Perryville, New Rumley Twp., Harrison Co, OH Park, Elizabeth

Stewart, Mahlon October 23, 1850 Van Wert Co., Ohio October 09, 1878 Ohio

Stewart, Maholon Unknown Park, Elizabeth

Stewart, Martha 1844 Van Wert Co., Ohio 1916 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, Mary November 06, 1841 Van Wert Co., Ohio May 02, 1886 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, Millian August 04, 1868 Van Wert Co., Ohio August 18, 1868 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, Milton January 1862 Van Wert Co., Ohio Unknown

Stewart, Olliebelle August 04, 1868 Van Wert Co., Ohio August 15, 1868 Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stewart, Rose Ella Unknown Kearns, William L.

Stewart, Sarah Abt. 1760 Ireland 1840 Capper, Michael

Stewart, Sarah Emma September 1862 Van Wert Co., Ohio Unknown

Stewart, Susanna 1823 Unknown Barnhouse, David Samuel

Stewart, Thomas Unknown

Stewart, Wiliam P. Abt. 1815 Unknown Van Wert Co., Ohio

Stine, Betsy Elizabeth 1794 Unknown Albaugh, Morris, Jr.

Stine, Solomon July 17, 1791 October 04, 1862 Albaugh, Margaret Barbara

Stine, Solomon July 17, 1797 October 04, 1862 Albaugh, Catherine B.

Stone, Katharine 1897 Unknown Thompson, Zachariah III Caleb

Strayer, Winnifred Mary 1890 Calmar, Winneshiek Co., Iowa 1977 Manchester, Iowa Hunt, Walter Reuben

Strewart, Ellen February 15, 1821 Carroll Co., Ohio September 28, 1900 Van Wert Co., Ohio Capper, Stephen

Swales, Clara Ellen November 22, 1879 September 07, 1880

Swales, Edna Unknown

Swales, Florence Evelyn February 24, 1892 Arlington, Fayette Co., Iowa October 04, 1977 Mr. Carroll, Illinois

Swales, James June 28, 1850 June 10, 1913 Iowa Clara

Swales, John G. June 30, 1849 Carroll Co., Ohio March 13, 1922 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Coulter, Annie Elizabeth

Swales, John Richard February 1887 Arlington, Fayette Co., Iowa April 12, 1972 Oelwein, Fayette Co., Iowa

Swales, Mary Unknown

Swales, Mary Olive August 09, 1877 June 29, 1933 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa

Swales, Richard Abt. 1807 England May 08, 1851 Carroll Co., Ohio Heidy, Mary Ann

Swales, Ruth November 18, 1890 December 1890 Unknown

Swales, William August 02, 1883 January 1943 Huntington, Indiana

Swales, Zelma Abigail August 06, 1881 December 25, 1965

T.Cushion, Howard Private

T.Cushion, Ivan Vier 1921 1923

T.Cushion, Leslie Private

T.Cushion, Vier 1890 Unknown Northrup, Ollie

Taylor, Blanche Unknown

Taylor, Frank E. 1864 1930 Thompson, Martha Jane

Taylor, Inez Unknown

Taylor, Rodney F. 1902 1903

Taylor, Zelda Unknown

Teal, Arnold Private

Teal, George Private Lempercht, Genevieve

Teal, Robin Private

Teal, Ronald Private

Terwilleger, Cyrenus Unknown Albaugh, Margaret Ann

Thomas, Joby Private Smith, Dale

Thompson, Abby L. Private

Thompson, Alexander November 09, 1834 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH 1894 Carroll Co, Ohio Foster, Lavina

Thompson, Alfred E. 1896 Unknown Blevins, Tina

Thompson, Alice G. Unknown

Thompson, Alice L. Private

Thompson, Alice M. Private Billingsly, Lawrence

Thompson, Allen C. January 30, 1838 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH 1913 Sell, Louisa

Thompson, Alma E. 1860 Unknown

Thompson, Alma M. 1895 Unknown Mathes, Lory R.

Thompson, Amanda Katura September 13, 1856 Grannis Hollow, Iowa 1942 Fayette, Iowa Hunt, Walter Eugene

Thompson, Amy L. Private

Thompson, Andrew 1769 Harford County, Maryland April 10, 1835 Carroll Co, Ohio Denbow, Elizabeth

Thompson, Andrew 1832 1870

Thompson, Andrew II Unknown

Thompson, Anita Mae Private

Thompson, Ann Susanna 1772 Unknown

Thompson, Anna Grayce Unknown

Thompson, Anna Jerusha Unknown

Thompson, Annie E. 1863 1946 Little, Cornelius D.

Thompson, Annis E. 1858 Grannis Canyon area of Fayette Co., Iowa 1930 Kingman Co., Kansas Robinson, William

Thompson, Archie Unknown

Thompson, Arthur H. Unknown

Thompson, Arthur H. Unknown

Thompson, Arthur H. Unknown

Thompson, Arthur H. Unknown

Thompson, Basil 1813 Unknown

Thompson, Benjamine H. Unknown

Thompson, Beth Private

Thompson, Beulah C. Unknown

Thompson, Billy J. 1923 1945 WW II, Italy, ArmyAirForce Pilot, killed in combat.

Thompson, Blanche M. Unknown

Thompson, Caleb Ray 1886 1947 Melvin, Minnie F.

Thompson, Callie E. Unknown

Thompson, Candie A. Private

Thompson, Carrie S. 1887 1892

Thompson, Catherine September 26, 1831 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH May 02, 1914 Custer, Custer Co., Nebraska Amos, John Mordecai

Thompson, Catherine 1859 1876

Thompson, Chad Private

Thompson, Charles S. 1858 Unknown

Thompson, Chris Private Klammer, Janine

Thompson, Clemency August 04, 1810 Unknown

Thompson, Cleta Mae Private Vobach, Melvin

Thompson, Clyde Unknown

Thompson, Cora A. Unknown

Thompson, Dale Alton Private

Thompson, Daughter? 1806 Unknown

Thompson, David A. Unknown

Thompson, David B. May 01, 1845 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH July 13, 1932 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Hill, Mary Ellen

Thompson, David C. 1852 Carroll Co., Ohio 1924 Cronk, Janie

Thompson, Debbie K. Private

Thompson, Dewey William January 30, 1898 December 05, 1974 Fox, Estella

Thompson, Don A. 1921 1961 Ramey, Ellen A.

Thompson, Don Clinton Private

Thompson, Edith L. Unknown

Thompson, Edith M 1877 1904

Thompson, Edward 1860 1938 Rittenhouse, Eva

Thompson, Edwin H. Private

Thompson, Eli Isaac November 03, 1824 Perryville, New Rumley Twp., Harrison Co, OH February 03, 1903 Sargent, Custer Co., NE Kirby, Eliza

Thompson, Eli M. 1798 Unknown

Thompson, Eliza 1808 Unknown Hendricks, Emanuel

Thompson, Eliza A. 1851 Carroll Co, Ohio 1919 Cushion, Albert

Thompson, Eliza R. 1878 Unknown Grimes, Edwin B.

Thompson, Elizabeth 1771 Unknown

Thompson, Elizabeth May 05, 1842 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH 1908 Moore, Willian Henry

Thompson, Elizabeth Inez Unknown

Thompson, Ellen P. 1856 1889 Scott, Henry

Thompson, Elma P. 1888 1971 Tripp, Clarence

Thompson, Elmer E. 1860 Unknown

Thompson, Elsie B. Unknown

Thompson, Fay H. 1901 1914

Thompson, Florence I. 1863 1870

Thompson, Florence J. Unknown

Thompson, Florence M. Private Carnes, Edward

Thompson, Foy Nelson Private Tolle, Kathlene

Thompson, Frances A. 1862 1933 Shambaugh, James T.

Thompson, Fremont W. Unknown

Thompson, Fremont W. Unknown

Thompson, Gabriel D. April 28, 1803 February 09, 1879 Elizabeth

Thompson, Genevieve Private Seedorff, Leslie

Thompson, George S. Unknown

Thompson, Geraldine G Private

Thompson, Gladys G. Unknown

Thompson, Glendon S. Private

Thompson, Glenna Dean Private

Thompson, Grace A. Unknown

Thompson, Grover Unknown

Thompson, Gwynn A. Unknown

Thompson, Gwynn A. Unknown

Thompson, Hanna Priscilla 1857 North of Wadena, Fayette County, Iowa 1922 Hulbert, Lawrence Ray

Thompson, Harlan Gwinn Private

Thompson, Harry Gwinn 1893 Harper, Kansas 1953 Harper, Kansas Newel, Verla Marie

Thompson, Harry L. Private

Thompson, Ida M. Private

Thompson, Irma R. 1917 1918

Thompson, Isaac Ross 1866 1942 Walker, Emma

Thompson, Jack Private Brady, Lillian P.

Thompson, James Private

Thompson, James A. 1903 1977 Valentine, Ruby

Thompson, James M. Unknown

Thompson, James R. Private

Thompson, Jaquelin J. Private Martin, Phil A.

Thompson, Jay Private

Thompson, Jay Leslie May 25, 1895 Harper, Harper Co., Kansas May 1979 Aden, Edna Maude

Thompson, Jessie M. 1880 1937 Weiler, Jesse

Thompson, John A. 1854 1914 Carnall, Anna D.

Thompson, John M. Private Phillips, Pauline

Thompson, John P. Unknown

Thompson, John Richard August 06, 1850 Perryville, Carroll Co., Ohio September 29, 1915 Cameron Twp., Hall Co., NB Pryse, Lizzie

Thompson, Joseph G. Unknown

Thompson, Joseph G. 1866 1935 House, Mary E.

Thompson, Josiah 1795 Unknown Denbow, Cassandra

Thompson, Joyce E. 1913 1960

Thompson, Karen A. 1946 1947

Thompson, Katherine A. Private Schleyer, William

Thompson, Keith Private Yeager, Beatrice

Thompson, Kenneth Darrell Private Couchman, Careece

Thompson, Kody Ryan Private

Thompson, Lillian H. Unknown

Thompson, Lloyd G. Unknown

Thompson, Loren Walter Private Hall, Dorothy J.

Thompson, Lou Ann Private

Thompson, Lyda C. 1905 1905

Thompson, Malry Steward October 02, 1894 March 22, 1921 Chittenden, Ada Beryl

Thompson, Manerva 1848 1925 Wood, Lemeul L.

Thompson, Margaret 1856 1922 Walrath, Marvin

Thompson, Margaret V. Private

Thompson, Marjorie Private Wilson, Gene

Thompson, Martha 1776 Unknown

Thompson, Martha May 15, 1836 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH 1911 Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa Allen, William J.

Thompson, Martha 1884 1884

Thompson, Martha E. 1857 1889 Gregory, Horace M.

Thompson, Martha E. 1900 1900

Thompson, Martha E. 1903 1963 Short, Clarice P.

Thompson, Martha Jane 1866 1926 Taylor, Frank E.

Thompson, Martha Nell Private Owen, Daniel

Thompson, Martha R. Private

Thompson, Mary 1773 Unknown

Thompson, Mary Alta Private Hunt, Paul

Thompson, Mary E. 1863 1935 James, Henry

Thompson, Mary L. Private

Thompson, Mary Louise Private Heckathorne, Clifford

Thompson, Mary Priscilla 1855 1908 Kline, John L.

Thompson, Maurice N. 1898 1933 Wilson, Winnie

Thompson, Melba E. Private Petty, C. Edward

Thompson, Melissa 1846 1873 Wood, Lemuel L.

Thompson, Melva Arlene September 16, 1922 Harper, Kansas September 24, 1995 Porterville, California Byars, Crockett Vernon

Thompson, Melville O. Unknown

Thompson, Merle Maxine Private Sternberg, David

Thompson, Michael Loren Private

Thompson, Morris April 1826 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH July 01, 1826 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH

Thompson, Morris E. 1873 1949 Nace, Myra

Thompson, Morris Jackson September 03, 1829 New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH 1918 Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Briney, Catherine H.

Thompson, Nedra M. Private

Thompson, Norman L. Private

Thompson, Orlando E. Unknown

Thompson, Othello D. 1852 1924 Darr, Emma C.

Thompson, Patricia Private

Thompson, Paul Private

Thompson, Phillip Andrew Private Andrews, Shirley

Thompson, Priscilla Unknown

Thompson, Raymond Allen Private Pollom, Majol L.

Thompson, Raymond M. Unknown

Thompson, Reed S. March 21, 1897 October 1975 Galloway, Bessie M.

Thompson, Richard Private

Thompson, Rickey Private

Thompson, Robert Private Bell, Virginia

Thompson, Roy Private Perkins, Goldie

Thompson, Ruth E. Unknown

Thompson, Samuel Andrew I August 15, 1827 Rumley Twp., Harrison County, Ohio April 07, 1865 Trip to Harrison County, Ohio Sherman, Martha Jane

Thompson, Samuel Andrew II 1864 Grannis Hollow area, Fayette Co., Iowa 1942 Gwinn, Ida Liggett

Thompson, Samuel Arch 1901 Unknown Shidler, Hildreth A.

Thompson, Samuel Elmer Private

Thompson, Sarah Denbow 1801 1878 Osage, Allen Co., Kansas Albaugh, William

Thompson, Sarah M. Unknown

Thompson, Son Private

Thompson, Sophia 1861 1880

Thompson, Steven Gwinn Private

Thompson, Stewart A. 1848 Carroll Co., Ohio 1894 Craft, Sarah Jane

Thompson, Sue Ann Private

Thompson, Thomas 1746 Scottland Unknown Unknown, Sarah

Thompson, Unknown Unknown

Thompson, Unknown 1907 Stillborn 1907

Thompson, Velma Fern Private Decker, George Phares

Thompson, Vera M. Unknown

Thompson, Walter James 1899 Unknown Crist, Ona Merle

Thompson, Warren H. Private

Thompson, William A. 1859 Unknown Barnhill, Eda

Thompson, William David January 12, 1823 New Rumley, Harrison Co, Ohio August 02, 1894 Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Capper, Jane

Thompson, William Ewald Private Coker, Ann

Thompson, William F. Unknown

Thompson, William G. 1891 1950 Blevins, Donna

Thompson, William Henry December 14, 1853 Perryville, Carroll Co., Ohio June 06, 1937 Grand Island, Buffalo Co., NB Hutchinson, Minette I.

Thompson, William Lee Private

Thompson, William T. Unknown

Thompson, Wilma E. Private Coffman, Lynn

Thompson, Winifred I. Unknown

Thompson, Zachariah D. August 21, 1861 April 15, 1927 Taylorville Cemetery, Arlington, Iowa Williams, Alta May

Thompson, Zachariah I Caleb February 20, 1796 Hartford Co, Maryland November 15, 1880 Brush Creek, later Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa Albaugh, Priscilla

Thompson, Zachariah II Caleb 1860 1943 Gwinn, Lydia Kate

Thompson, Zachariah III Caleb 1893 Unknown Stone, Katharine

Timm, Alice Private Amos, Karl L.

Timm, Colin Private

Timm, E. E. 1882 1956 Hunt, Nellie

Timm, Elizabeth Private Christian, Byron

Timm, Glenn Private

Timm, Philip Private Maria

Titus, Carl 1879 1949 Shambaugh, Velma A.

Tolle, Kathlene Private Thompson, Foy Nelson

Tomlinson, Mary Unknown Coulter, John

Torrence, Calvin Private

Torrence, Hale E. Private

Torrence, James G. Private

Torrence, Walter B. 1885 1961 Robinson, Inez L.

Travis, Doroty Private Smith, Gerald

Trendal, Della Private Amos, Donald

Tripp, Cecil Fern 1909 1943 Moats, Sheldon

Tripp, Clarence 1884 1966 Thompson, Elma P.

Tripp, Corrine Fern Private

Trotter, Orven Private Amos, Avis

Turlong, Mary Private Amos, Milford W.

Unknown, Agness Unknown Schuchmann, Nolgen

Unknown, Ann Unknown Rider, Samuel

Unknown, B. F. Unknown Little, M. E.

Unknown, Elizabeth 1583 October 02, 1673 Plymouth Colony Warren, Richard

Unknown, Eve Unknown Park, Adam

Unknown, Hannah Unknown Sherman, Samuel

Unknown, Jane Unknown Unknown, Samuel

Unknown, Magdalena Unknown Albauch, William

Unknown, Maria Unknown Davis, William

Unknown, Marie Private Williams, Harvard

Unknown, Martha 1750 Maryland Unknown Denbow, John

Unknown, Mary Catherine Unknown Albaugh, John W.

Unknown, Paula Private Valenti, Theodore

Unknown, Samuel Unknown Unknown, Jane

Unknown, Sarah 1746 Scottland (?Harford Co, MD Unknown Thompson, Thomas

Unknown, Susanna Unknown Albauch, Zachariah II

Valenti, Salvatore N. 1939 1989

Valenti, Theodore 1999 Unknown, Paula

Valenti, Unknown Private Williams, Anita

Valentine, Ruby Private Thompson, James A.

Veeley, Bessie L. H. Private Kline, Walter L.

Vobach, Melvin Private Thompson, Cleta Mae

Walker, Emma Unknown Thompson, Isaac Ross

Walker, Sarah Unknown Warren, Nathaniel

Walker, W.U. Private Yzerman, Margaret

Walrath, Bertha Unknown

Walrath, Edward Unknown

Walrath, Lilly Unknown

Walrath, Marvin 1849 1918

Waltz, Reinhard Unknown Albaugh, Charity

Ward, Gary Private Seedorff, Alice

Warren, Abigail 1618 Unknown Snot, Antony

Warren, Anne 1612 Unknown Little, Thomas

Warren, Elizabeth 1616 Unknown Church, Richard

Warren, Joseph 1627 Unknown Founce, Priscilla

Warren, Mary 1608 Unknown Bartlett, Robert

Warren, Nathaniel 1624 Unknown Walker, Sarah

Warren, Richard Aft. 1580 London or Kent, England 1628 Plymouth Colony Unknown, Elizabeth

Warren, Sarah 1614 Unknown Cooke, John

Watkins, Shirley Private Mathes, Loren Ray

Watts, Dennis Private

Watts, Gary Private

Watts, Judith Private

Watts, Linda 1943 1943

Watts, Orlie Private Marsh, Virginia

Weaver, Mary 1778 May 02, 1845 Albaugh, William

Weiler, Jesse 1874 Unknown Thompson, Jessie M.

Westervelt, Catherine Unknown

Westervelt, Dessie 1889 1915

Westervelt, Ethel 1887 1887

Westervelt, Eugene 1865 1950 Amos, Laura B.

Westervelt, Forence Unknown Infancy at one year, twin to Lawrence. Unknown

Westervelt, John M. Unknown

Westervelt, Lawrence Unknown Infancy at one year, twin to Lawrence.

Westervelt, Mendell E. Unknown

Westervelt, Muriel 1893 1955

Westervelt, William Unknown

Williams, Alta May March 27, 1868 February 12, 1945 Thompson, Zachariah D.

Williams, Anita Private Valenti, Unknown

Williams, Chester August 17, 1883 1950 Hathaway, Nellie

Williams, Donald Private

Williams, Harvard Private Unknown, Marie

Williams, Infant Private

Williams, John P. Unknown

Williams, Minnie H. 1871 1947 Cronk, Martin E.

Williams, Myrtle Unknown Barr, John

Williams, Nathan Private

Williams, Nathaniel L. Unknown Hayner, Mariett Elizabeth

Williams, Nathlia Unknown

Williams, Ruby Unknown

Williams, Susan 1874 1959 Hettler, Henry

Wills, Dick Private Lempercht, Dolores

Wills, Roxie Lee Private

Wilson, Barbar Ann Private

Wilson, Bobbie Private

Wilson, Gene Private Thompson, Marjorie

Wilson, James L. 1929 1960

Wilson, Lyle 1904 1960 Northrup, Mildred

Wilson, Winnie Private Thompson, Maurice N.

Wingfield, Hannah February 03, 1784 Carroll Co., Ohio July 22, 1827 Carroll Co., Ohio Capper, David

Wood, Amos L. Unknown

Wood, Eli M. Unknown

Wood, Ella M. Unknown

Wood, Lemeul L. 1846 1916 Thompson, Manerva

Wood, Lemeul R. Unknown

Wood, Lemuel L. 1846 1916 Thompson, Melissa

Wood, Luella Allona Unknown

Wood, Matilda 1863 Sherman, Andrew Jackson Geo. Wash.

Wood, William H. Unknown

Wood, Zella M. Unknown

Wooten, John Unknown Sherman, Elizabeth

Wooters, Esther 1888 Unknown Amos, Wayne L.

Wrestler, Josephine Unknown Albaugh, Jacob

Wrikeman, Mary Elizatbeth 1840 1908 Albaugh, James M.

Yeager, Beatrice 1937 February 20, 1977 Thompson, Keith

Yencel, John Unknown Grissinger, Elizabeth

Yencel, John Adam March 03, 1823 Harrison Co., Ohio Unknown Faulkner, Mary Ann

Yencel, John Adam Private

Yencel, Tacy Elizabeth June 05, 1833 Unknown Sherman, Uriah McCoy

Yonally, Joann Private Amos, Otto Jr.

Yzerman, Anthony Private Hettler, Helena

Yzerman, Margaret Private Walker, W.U.

Zachow, Lary D. Private Smith, Shirley

Zachow, Lary D. Jr. Private

Zbornik, Barry Marcus Private

Zbornik, Theo Marcus 1919 1986 Hunt, Eleanor Winnifred

Zbornik, Winnie Mae Private

Zerbe, John George Unknown Albaugh, Elizabeth Christina

Zerbe, Lavina Unknown Albaugh, Jospeh

Zollers, David Unknown Albaugh, Mary


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