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(note: there is no Fayette Township, but the 1878 History listed the town as a township)
 Individuals living with the town of Fayette or immediate area.
pp 701-707

Fayette, Iowa, in the mid-1870's, looking south down Main Street.  College Hall is on the upper left.  
The Volga is much closer to town than in 2000.  The 1865 bridge would be located about where the 
present gas station sits at the north end of Main Street.  The Volga channel was the one directly behind 
flood houses that have been removed in 2000.  The channel that we know, running under the 1916, and
now the 1980's bridge was not present in the 1800's.  Businesses and craftsmen were located on 
Main Street and east/west on Water Street, and near the railroad area.  The road up College Hill can
be seen sweeping out to the southeast toward Brush Creek and not off to the right or southwest.


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