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Cardinal pages
have moved


   As of Jan 2007, I will be moving all new and updated web pages to a new web host.
The new domain name and index page link for the new site is below. 
It will contain all new page links and old page links until they are transferred or deleted.


The links below are on the new domain/site and will be the most current updates.
Any pages loading from the old Angelfire site will be outdated or unedited after Dec 31, 2006.

2007 All-Cardinal Annual Gathering
Cardinal Classes 1885-1985+
Cardinal Email Addresses
Cardinal Update Page
Iowaz Photo Hosting Site
became operational for 2007 forward and

will  have some FHS Annuals and photo albums.  or


The Annual All-Cardinal Gathering in Fayette is always the third weekend in July.
The 13TH All-Cardinal is coming up Sat., July 21,  2007