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 Amos Biographies

married John Mordecai Amos in Carroll County, Ohio,

duaghter of Zachariah 1 Caleb Thompson and Priscilla Albaugh,
and their descendents out of Brush Creek, Fayette County, Iowa


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....Zachariah Thompson and Priscilla Albaugh came to Brush Creek or Arlington, Fayette County, Iowa, in 1865, following the lead of sons Samuel and Morris J.  who pioneered in the Taylorville/Brush Creek area in 1854. Sons William and Alex would soon remove to Fayette County .   The Thompson's were a true pioneer family in the southeast corner and central part of Fayette County, Iowa, in the early 1850's,  and in Harrison/Carroll County, Ohio in the 1820's.  All of  the other Thompson children would migrate to Fayette County, Iowa, and many descendents would move as pioneer farmers to the west as land opened up in the 1870's through the 1890's.
 ..... Priscilla Albaugh (1805-1879) would meet and marry Zachariah C. Thompson (1796-1880) on January 15, 1822, in New Rumley Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio. The Thompson's were of Scottish background, having immigrated to American as part of the Scotch-Irish movement in the early 1700's. The Thompson Story will be told on another page.  Zach Thompson had migrated at the age of 21 from Maryland to Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1817.  Zach and Priscilla would farm and have ten children in Harrison Co., Ohio. In 1854, two of their children Samuel and Morris Jackson Thompson would migrate and be very early settlers near Taylorsville, three miles to the N,NW of Brush Creek (later Arlington), Iowa.   Brush Creek however, would soon become the dominate village in the area for the Thompson Clan.  Other children would also migrate to Brush Creek with their siblings. 
.... Samuel (my gggrandfather) would die on the way back to Ohio in 1865, perhaps to get the parents, and be buried in Allen Cemetery in Harrison Co. Thus in 1865, Zach C, age 69, and Priscilla, age 60, would buy 120 acres of a government tract on the very southern edge of the tiny pioneer village of Brush Creek (the history of Brush Creek/Arlington is on other pages} and farm their until their deaths fifteen years later. The farm land was tall and wet grass prairie, located to the SE of the Six Corner Intersection at the south edge of Brush Creek. The old Mission Trail from Dubuque to Ft. Atkinson ran on the western edge of their land. Son Morris J. was farming two miles to the west of Brush Creek.  Son Samuel had been farming in the Grannis Canyon area six miles to the north, and apparently ( my gggrandmother) Samuel's wife Martha Sherman Thompson, with six children (ages 1-10) were still on that farm when Zach and Priscilla arrived from Ohio, in 1865. At least some of Samuel's and Martha's children were taken in by Morris J.  Martha would go on the marry John Little, a Brush Creek farmer and cooper a couple of miles NW of town.
.... Thus the Thompson/Albuagh Clan connection to Taylorsville, Brush Creek/Arlington, Fayette County, Iowa, began in 1854, with the migration of the sons, and of Zach Caleb I and Priscilla Albaugh Thompson in 1865, and the migration of several other children. Zach and Priscilla, Morris J. Eli, and William. are buried in Groat Cemetery, Arlington, Iowa, along with their spouses and some grandchildren.   Many of the grandchildren of Zach and Priscilla continued the pioneer migration to the west, during the last decades of the 1800's. The Clans were true American Pioneers.

Descendants of Zachariah I Caleb Thompson

1 Zachariah I Caleb Thompson b: February 20, 1796 in Hartford Co, Maryland d: November 15, 1880 in Brush Creek, later Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.. +Priscilla Albaugh b: December 15, 1805 in Farm near Kilgore, Carroll Co., Ohio d: November 06, 1879 in Brush Creek, later Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... 2 [1] William David Thompson b: January 12, 1823 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, Ohio d: August 02, 1894 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
........ +Eliza Jane Stewart b: 1829 d: April 14, 1848 in Carroll Co., Ohio
.... *2nd Wife of [1] William David Thompson:
........ +Jane Capper b: December 04, 1825 in Carroll Co., Ohio d: 1905 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... 2 Eli Isaac Thompson b: November 03, 1824 in Perryville, New Rumley Twp., Harrison Co, OH d: February 03, 1903 in Sargent, Custer Co., NE
........ +Eliza Kirby b: 1825 d: January 02, 1881
.... 2 Morris Thompson b: April 1826 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: July 01, 1826 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH
.... 2 Samuel Andrew Thompson I b: August 15, 1827 in Rumley Twp., Harrison County, Ohio d: April 07, 1865 in Trip to Harrison County, Ohio
........ +Martha Jane Sherman b: January 10, 1833 in Harrison County, Ohio d: January 25, 1921
.... 2 [2] Morris Jackson Thompson b: September 03, 1829 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1918 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
........ +Sarah Jane Brown b: 1832 d: 1870 in Brush Creek, Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... *2nd Wife of [2] Morris Jackson Thompson:
........ +Catherine H. Briney b: 1838 d: 1926 in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa
.... 2 Catherine Thompson b: September 26, 1831 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: May 02, 1914 in Custer, Custer Co., Nebraska
........ +John Mordecai Amos b: March 25, 1831 in Pennsylvania d: July 13, 1907 in Wescott, Custer Co., Nebraska
.... 2 Alexander Thompson b: November 09, 1834 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1894 in Carroll Co, Ohio
....... +Lavina Foster b: 1832 d: 1909
.... 2 Martha Thompson b: May 15, 1836 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1911 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa
........ +William J. Allen b: 1836 in Carroll Co, Ohio d: 1909
.... 2 [3] Allen C. Thompson b: January 30, 1838 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1913
........ +Helen Matilda Billings b: 1853 d: April 17, 1921
.... *2nd Wife of [3] Allen C. Thompson:
........ +Louisa Sell b: 1841 d: 1912
.... 2 Elizabeth Thompson b: May 05, 1842 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: 1908
........ +Willian Henry Moore b: 1840 d: 1904
.... 2 David B. Thompson b: May 01, 1845 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, OH d: July 13, 1932 in Fayette, Fayette Co., Iowa
........ +Mary Ellen Hill b: 1848 d: 1933



Custer GenNet Title Page


The late John Mordecai Amos was one of the best known and highly respected citizens of Custer County. He was a public-spirited citizen interested in all pertaining to the general welfare and ready to do his share to promote the same. He was born in Pennsylvania, of English extraction, in March, 1831, third of the five children of John and Metsy Amos. He has two brothers living in Ohio, the only survivors of the family. When but a child Mr. Amos went with his brother, William, to Carroll County, Ohio, living on a farm and attending the district schools. He was there married, March 25, 1849, at the home of her parents, to Miss Catherine Thompson, daughter of Zechariah and Priscilla (Albaugh) Thompson, and a native of Ohio. Mr. Thompson was born in Maryland and was an early settler of Iowa, where he died. His wife was born in Ohio and died in Illinois. Mrs. Amos has three brothers in Iowa.
In the late seventies Mr. and Mrs. Amos went to Fayette County, Iowa, where they carried on farming until the spring of 1883, when they came to Custer County and took a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres on section twenty-one, township eighteen, range eighteen, and a tree claim of like size adjoining. This was the home place for a number of years, but in 1905, Mr. Amos retired from active life and purchased ten acres in Wescott, where he lived until the time of his death, July 13, 1907. He is survived by his wife and seven children: Alfred, of Custer County; Lycurgus, Zachariah and William, all married and living in Custer County; Mrs. N. E. Armstrong, of Broken Bow; Mrs. Emma McCuen, of Custer County; Mrs. Laura Westerville, of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.
Mr. Amos was always interested in the upbuilding of his locality and his wife likewise has identified herself with various measures for the public good. She is active and vigorous and still has the old home, although she spends considerable time visiting among her children. She enjoys the regard of a wide circle of friends and is well known in the community.
Zachariah D. Amos, third son of John M. and Catherine (Thompson) Amos, was born in Ohio, and when sixteen years of age accompanied his parents to Iowa. He came to Custer County in the spring of 1883 and took up a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres on section twenty-eight, township eighteen, range eighteen. He was married in Valley County, June 7, 1891, to Miss Arabella Love, who was born in Wisconsin, and for some time before her marriage had been a teacher in Nebraska schools. She had also homesteaded one hundred and sixty acres of land on section twenty-two, township eighteen, range eighteen, where she and her husband now reside. He has served for a number of years as moderator of the school board of district number two hundred and forty-two. Mr. and Mrs. Amos have three children living: Ailsa Bell, Maud L. and Frieda B., all at home. They also have in their household circle, Alice Emerson, whom they have reared since her infancy.

Alfred Amos is a member of a representative family of Custer County, Nebraska, one whose members have identified themselves with various measures for advancing the public welfare and prosperity. They are prominent in social circles and held in high respect and esteem. Mr. Amos was one of the very early settlers of the County and in his first years there met and overcame various discouragements and trials incident to pioneer life. He was born in Carroll County, Ohio, the eldest of seven children of John Mordecai and Catherine (Thompson) Amos. A sketch of the father also appears in this work. Mr. Amos first saw the light of day October 1, 1851, and grew to manhood on the farm in Ohio, being educated in nearby schools. He engaged in farming as a young man and has since followed that occupation. In 1882 he came west looking for a suitable place to locate permanently, and settled in Custer County, homesteading one hundred and sixty acres of land on section twenty-one, township eighteen, range eighteen.
Mr. Amos then returned to Iowa and on March 1, 1883, was united in marriage with Miss Carrie Carnall, who was born in Iowa. She is a daughter of James and Caroline (Nicholson) Carnall, natives of England, the father born in Lincolnshire and the mother in Essex. Mr. Carnall was educated in his native country and married in London, he and his wife coming to America in 1851 and locating in Fayette County, Iowa. He died in Arlington, Iowa, February 11, 1911, at the age of eighty-six years, and his widow now lives in the old home in Arlington, being now (1911) eighty-two years of age. Mrs. Amos has two brothers and a sister in Iowa; one brother in Mansfield, Missouri; one brother in California, and one brother in Colorado Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos established their first home on the Custer County homestead, soon after marriage, remaining there twenty years. He and his wife each served several years as director of the school board of district number ten, she filling the office ten years. In 1903 they purchased three hundred and twenty acres of land on section twenty-one, township eighteen, range eighteen, which is still the home place. They have a well improved and equipped stock and grain farm and are successful and prosperous to a gratifying degree. They have eight children: Wayne L., of Custer County, married Esther Wooters, and they have one child; James Leland, also of Custer County, married Ida L. Bruner, who died March 30, 1911; Anna S., wife of Milton Copsey, lives near Westerville and has three children; Glenn A., Bert S., Catherine, Caroline and Edith Mildred, all at home. Catherine and Caroline are twins.

The Amos family have long been known in Custer County as representatives of the best interests of the region and have taken their part in promoting the general welfare and prosperity. Lycurgus Amos, the second son of John M. and Catherine (Thompson) Amos, was born in Carrol County, Ohio, February 13, 1853. A sketch of his father, to be found in this work, gives a full account of the family. Lycurgus (generally Kirk) Amos grew to manhood on the Ohio Farm, was educated in local schools, and as a young man engaged in farming. He was married in Carrol County, December 14, 1871, Isabelle Myers, also of Ohio birth, and daughter of Joseph and Luella (Hardin) Myers, the father of German descent and a native of Ohio, and the mother probably born in Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Myers died in Ohio, where three of their daughters and three of their sons now live.
In the fall of 1880 Mr. and Mrs. Amos came with their three children west as far as Fayette County, Iowa, carrying on farming there until the spring of 1883, when they came to Custer County. They secured a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres of land in section twenty-one, township eighteen, range eighteen, which is still the home place, and which has been improved and developed to a fine grain and stock farm.
Seven children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Amos: Merton S., of Custer County, is married and has six children; Cora I., died in 1877, at the age of two years; Otto O., is at home; John M., of Custer County, is married and has one child; Joseph Raymond, of Custer County, is married and has three children; Noel L. and Ted, at home.
Mr. Amos is one of the very early settlers of Custer County, and one of the very few to retain possession of the original homestead for so long a period. He is prosperous and successful and is widely known as a man of high character and integrity, a substantial and useful citizen. He has the confidence and esteem of a large number of friends


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