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towns of Brush Creek, Taylorsville 
and area farms

names M through W

pp 611-616


Brush Creek in 1909

Sixth Annual Thompson Clan Reunion at Brush Creek Canyon, 1910.  The Thompson Clan has been meeting 
every year in Arlington, Iowa, on the second weekend in August since 1904 !!  The Offspring of Zach I Caleb and
Priscilla Albaugh Thompson have extensive genealogical pages linked into this site as they are my gggrandparents.

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View to the northeast from the edge of Taylorsville Cemetery.  Although many of the very early pioneers of Brush Creek are buried at Groat Cemetery two miles southwest of Main Street Arlington, the early pioneers of the Taylorsville area and the majority of the burials in Fairfield Township are buried in Taylorsville Cemetery.  Fairfield Township just to the  north of Brush Creek hilly woodland, untouched by the last glaciation.  The majority of the Fairfield was rolling hills of  wet grass and tall grass prairie, with small tree-lined streams meandering their way in the valleys, toward the Mississippi River 40 miles to the east.  The prairie land would turn out to be some of the most valuable modern agricultural land in the world with 20+ inches of  very black, fertile topsoil formed under the cold-grass prairies of the northern region of the Midwest.  Brush Creek was truly on the boundary of the hills and the prairie.  

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