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Website Development 

Internet based web site technology has revolutionized how the world communicates, socializes and engages in business.  A business that does not have a web site is denying itself access to the most powerful marketing and sales resource available today limiting the business market, access to customers and enabling competitors to capture market share based on their Internet presence.

The problem for some companies is that creating a web site and gaining a web based presence on the Internet can be a costly and complex task.  Major companies spend $100,000s to launch, host and maintain their web sites.  However the Vernon Advocate can assist any business in lauching a web site on the Internet at a nominal price that any business owner can afford.

Dr. Whiting, the founder of the Vernon Advocate is also the owner of the parent company E-BMC - E-Business Management Consulting, a pioneer in Internet technology, the design of business strategies that leverage today's technology and the design and lauch of web sites since 1994 that span all business categories from startups, service and manufacturing companies, non-profits, financial and recreation including some of the most respected Fortune 500.

The Vernon Advocate will assist clients in identifying web hosting services that can be used as a home for a web site FREE or at a nominal price, and design an interactive web presence that allows the business to attract customers by being listed on Internet search engines and giving visitors to contact the business via an information form or e-mail to purchase a product or service.

    Those interested in learning more about the Vernon Advocate service can review the information on this web site, contact the founder and/or complete an Information form by clicking HERE.


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