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The Vernon Advocate

"Over 2 Decades of Award Winning Excellence in Marketing, Public Relations, Freelance News Reporting and Photojournalism"


The Mission of The Vernon Advocate

    The mission of the Vernon Advocate is to provide business decision making and problem solving support based on a methodology Dr. Whiting developed over a 40 year period as a management consultant based return on investment (ROI) and management by objectives (MBO) criteria. The delivery of services is derived from a hands-on relationship with clients based on mutual respect, the identification of valid and reliable business data and the design of actions that have a real potential to reduce costs, increase sales and widen profit margins.

    The success of all businesses are based on three important elements:

1. a quality product or service that can be of value to consumers

2. awareness of consumers of the product or service and the value it can provide

3. the ability to provide consumers with access to the product or service in a convenient manner and at a reasonable price that will cover the cost of producing the product with a margin for profitability.

There are many business owners who have invested in the development of a quality product or service but are not maximizing profitability potential due to a weak markeing, public relations or sales strategy, or because of an inability to leverage existing marketing resources to create consumer awarenbess and generate sales.

It is the mission of The Vernon Advocate to provide clients with the information they require to create market awareness, generate new business and maximize profitability.

Interested parities can provide information about their business needs by completing a Personal Information Form on this web site, consulting with Dr. Whiting to engage in the goal setting, strategic planning and action plan development process required to achieve the client's goals.


Background photo:  "Hole #1 Wild Turkey Golf Club at Crystal Springs" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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