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Public Relations Research

    Too oftern small businesses ignore the opportunity to create consumer awareness and market recognition through a public relations strategy.  In contrast they elect to spend money on advertisements that are not only expensive but are viewed by consumers as an "advertisement" rather than a communication of interest.

    A public relations strategy is intended to creat a relationship with concumers by sharing information that is intended to capture their interest and cause them to recognize the creator of the strategy as having something of interest to communicate.

    To assess the potential value of a public relations campaign it is necessary to ask a number of basic questions including:

    1. Are there media outlets in my tarket market that could be leveraged to get information about my product or service in front of my consumers?

    2. Is there a story i could tell about my product or service that would be of interest to my consumer and draw attention to my product or service?

    3. Can a public relations initiative be designed that will tell my story, create market awareness and capture the attention bnd buying interst of my consumers?

    4. Which media outlets can I create a relationship with that would lead to their publiction of my public relations initiatives?

The answers to these research questions can be readily obtained through a public relations research effort. 

The data derived from the public relations research can lead to a Public Relations Plan that will result in a significatn reduction in advertisement costs since the publication of newsreleases to the media are without cost, and a dramatic increase in consumer awareness based on their interest in the PR content.

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