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Public Relations Implementation

    Once a quality Public Relations Research study has been completed the data derived from the process will help identify which media outlets might best be included in the Public Relations Inplementation Plan, the types of PR to be included and who to contact to submitt newsreleases for publication.

    The implementation of a Public Relations Plan includes a number of basic elements:

  1. A routine effort to collect information and photographs of topics of interest that relate to the product or service;

  2. The drafting of a public relations release that whenever possible include photographs.  Photographs have been proven to attract far more attention than releases that just include print and text;

  3. The inclusiong in the press release information about the product or service and where more information can be obtained about purchasing it;

  4. The testing of the press release with a focus group to determine if it produces the desired impact and response;

  5. The submission of the press release to a specific contact, usually the editor or manager who is the decision maker regarding media content selection (avoid submitting content to a generic contact);

  6. Evaluate the success of the submission of a press release for publication (e.g. was the press release published?, was it published as submitted?, was there a response from consumers after the press releas was published, etc.);

  7. If press releases submitted to a media outlet are not being published contact the editor or manager that received the publication and ask for information about why it may not have been published, how the submission format might be differentlhy formated to be more acceptable for for publication or other advice that can be used to upgrade the public relations implementation process.

Not all press releases get published, but persistence and the development of a positive working relationship with the editor/manager contact at the media outlet can have a significant impact on increasing the number or releases that get published.  However in the final analysis the press release must include content and photographs that will be of interest to the readers.

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