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The Vernon Advocate

"Over 2 Decades of Award Winning Excellence in Marketing, Public Relations, Freelance News Reporting and Photojournalism"


About The Vernon Advocate

    Dr. John T. Whiting, the founder of The Vernon Advocate has been an advocate of business in the Vernon area for over 30 years and has assisted many local businesses in immproving the efficiency and profitablity of their companies based on his over 40 years in management consulting as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the full service management consulting firm, E-BMC - E-Business Management Consulting whose clients have included some of the nation's most prominate businesses such as AT&T, Computer Associates, General Electric, and IBM.

    Dr. Whiting has made a commitment to give back to the community by providing FREE marketing, public relations, and sales improvement support to local businesses based on the methodology he developed in serving past clients.

    Interested parties can provide information about their business needs by completing a Personal Information Form on this web site, consulting with Dr. Whiting to engage in the goal setting, strategic planning and action plan development process required to achieve the client's goals.


Background photo:  "Hole #1 Wild Turkey Golf Club at Crystal Springs" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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