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Book & eBook Writing & Publishing

    Everyone has a story to tell and telleing it in print can not only share the story with the world of readers but lead to the generation of new income.  Too many people tend to minimize the significance of their life experiences, the interest those experiences might have to readers, the importance of sharing a legacy with future generations and the potential to generate new income by becoming an author. 

    They also beleive that the writing of a book and having it published is too expensive and too difficult for them to accomplish.

    Today's Technology Makes Writing a Book and Havingt it Published Easy and Fun

    The age of computers, iphones, the Internet and electronic publising makes it possible for anyone with a computer and access to the Internet to become and author.  The only obstacle that a person must overcome to become an author is making the decision to take the relatively easy steps required to become and author and get published.  Those steps include:

    1. The selection of a topic to write about.  The topic can be anyting the author finds interesting and wishes to share with readers from life experiences, opinions about a topic, poetry, photography, music, a fantacy, a made up story, etc.

    2. The collection of information about the topic to be written about. 

      • The Internet can provide a wealth of informaton about almost any topic chosen as the subject of a book.

    3. The writing/recording of the infomation.

      • Writing does not have to be daunting task but should be done in spurts as time permits and as there is motivation to put thoughts into a written/recorded format

      • Sitting down at a computer for a short period of time and typing thoughts into a document and saving those thoughts into a file can lead to a collection of information over time that then can be organized into a more structured format.

    4. The organization of the written/recorded information into a logic format to make it easy to read.

      • Once a body of information has been written and saved into a file, the content can be reviewed, reorganized and set into a format that can become the chapters of a book.  As the process evolves this format and chapters can be reorganized as warranted to result in a book that is logically sequenced to enhance readablity.  

    5. The editing of the written document to correct basic errors.  It is not necessary for the book to be in compliance with any strict rules of publication other than those that will make it interesting and easy to read.

    6. Once the document is completed it can be read, edited and refined by having friends read it and make suggestions.

    In the past the publication of a book was both difficult and expensive.  Publishers were often selective and unwilling to get involved with an author unless their book was deemed extraordinary.  Even then the cost of proofing, editing and printing the book was beyond the capacity of most would be authors.

    Not today!  Free Internet based publication services such as make it possible for an author, with the development of some basic skill, to self-publish their book in either a traditional paperback, hardcover or eBook format FREE!   These books are made available to such outlets as Barnes and Nobel, and outhers Free and eBooks can get would wide distribution at no cost to the author and at a nominal purchase price to readers.

The Vernon Advocate provides guidance and support to potential authors who would like to havwe their life experiences or other topics of interest published.  The result can be the preservation of knowledge that can be of interest to future readers for years to come. 

For more information visit the Write a Book for Fun website.

    Those interested in learning more about the Vernon Advocate service can review the information on this web site, contact the founder and/or complete an Information form by clicking HERE.


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