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Sales Operations Planning

    Too often businesses focus too much attention on salespersonnel and closing new sales without having a quality Sales Operations Plan in place.

    The ability to optimize sales performance is as much dependent on having a quality sales plan in place based on valid and reliable market research data and a operationally defined Marketing Plan than the motivation and commitment of the sales personnel.  If the efforts of the sales force is not directed at consumers with a pre-deternined interest in the product or service it is not likely that optimum sales will be achieved.

    A quality Sales Operations Plan will be based on the following elements:


    Interested parities can provide information about their business needs by completing a Personal Information Form on this web site, consulting with Dr. Whiting to engage in the goal setting, strategic planning and action plan development process required to achieve the client's goals.


Background photo:  "Hole #1 Wild Turkey Golf Club at Crystal Springs" taken by Dr. John T. Whiting

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