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Developing Impacting Press Releases

Press releases can be an excellent way to promote a product or service, creat market awareness of your business or build business name recognition.  News releases can either be a routine component of a well conceived business Public Relations Plan or they can be developed to focus on a special accomplishment, award, event or business activity.

The news releas is a very cost effective way to build market awareness, increase name recognition and increase sales because, unlike advertisements, the news release is published by the media outlet without cost to the business.

A well concieved news release can also be far more effective in promoting the business than a paid advertisement because the paid advertisement is often relegated to the "advertisement section" of the media outlet and must compete with other advertisements while the news release is published in the section of the media outlet that includes other topics considered to be of special interest to readers or viewers.

The Vernon Advocate will assist clients in determining which media outlets might be most valuable in promoting a product or service, guide the news release development process and offer direction regarding how to share the release with media contacts in a way that will increase the liklihood that the release will be published.

    Those interested in learning more about the Vernon Advocate service can review the information on this web site, contact the founder and/or complete an Information form by clicking HERE.


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