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Marketing Plan Development

    "Information is Power!" is a statemtent often heard in business and politics.  However information can only be powerful if it is properly transformed into an action plan that can leverage the information to help achieve the desired goals.

    While Market Research is essential to understanding who are the consumers of a given product or service, where they are located and what may be required to make them aware of the product to produce sales, unless that research data is transformed into a quality Marketing Plan that defines specific actions to benefit from the insights gained from the research it is unlikely that business will achieve optimum profitability.

    A quality Markeing Plan is based on a set of profiles that isolate the characteristics of the market and the consumers that makes it possible to develop actions to penetrate the market, achieve product or service awareness and generate new sales.  Those profiles include:

    1. A proflie of the market identifying geographical location, environmental characteristics, population demographics and other unique discriptors that will provide and objective profile of the target market's specific location;

    2. A profile of the consumer that identifies specific characteristics of the consumer, social economic factors, buying history, cultural characteristics, personal, business, social needs, expectations and dependencies;

    3. A profile of advantages and challenges associated with delivering and servicing consumers in that unique market.

    These profile provide the keys to the development of action stratagies with the highest probability of responding to the consumer's needs and generate awareness of the product or services value essential to the closing of a sale.

    The Vernon Advocate service assists clients in transforming Market Research data into operationally defined Marketing Plan to identify ROI based business investments and direct the business marketing and sales operation.

    Interested parities can provide information about their business needs by completing a Personal Information Form on this web site, consulting with Dr. Whiting to engage in the goal setting, strategic planning and action plan development process required to achieve the client's goals.


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